Skull Island – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

You’re Not A King, You’re Just A Stupid Animal

Episode 7 of Skull Island begins with a girl running through the woods while being pursued by a skull-like monster seen in the distant past. Kong slaughters the monster after it unexpectedly shows up. We learn that Kong and the girl share a home above a mountain. The girl and Kong see an animal being murdered and its carcass on the ground one day, which shows that there is evil nearby.

On the island, some residents revere Kong. He occasionally dismisses the girl while at other times he pays close attention to her. On one occasion, despite the girl asking him not to, Kong goes to slaughter a pack of chameleon creatures who are devouring some animals. The girl is attacked by a chameleon, who knocks her off balance. Kong makes every effort to protect her, but he falls short.

The girl is saved by the bird. Thereafter, the girl is attacked by a different chameleon monster who tries to steal her away, but she escapes. Following the event, the girl confronts King Kong and scolds him, saying, “You are not a king; you are just a stupid animal,” before stomping away. Later, we witness Kong bleeding and cleaning his blood inside the river, fueling the squid beast.

Thereafter, the beast rises and devours anybody who enters the water. Shortly after, Kong witnesses the squid beast murder the girl. The enormous creature looks at her with an expression of grief and pain as she says, “My king.” In this manner, the girl passes away, leaving behind the piece of jewelry she was wearing, which Kong keeps for himself.

In the present timeline, Charlie intends to steal the piece of jewelry and toss it into the water. After hearing his suggestion, Annie beams.

The Episode Review

In episode 7 of Skull Island, Kong’s past connection with the girl is explained. Things start to make sense as we learn more about the necklace. Unquestionably, this episode is the best one so far. It is extremely moving, and you find yourself empathizing deeply with Kong.

Charlie plans to steal the girl’s necklace from Kong as the episode comes to a close. It will be interesting to watch how things develop from here, given how much the necklace means to Kong.

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