Skull Island – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

What’s Up, Croc?

In episode 3 of Skull Island, the canine-like creature chases Charlie and Mike. A huge crocodile creature targets them after they get caught in the sticky soil while running. They move with the flow of water and leave the spot by doing so. But sadly, they end up crossing a waterfall. However, the croc continues to chase after them when they reach the bottom. Unexpectedly, a huge monkey steps in to save them from this dangerous predicament.

The dog beast and Annie are there when they arrive on land. Following this, Charlie says he is desperate to get off the island. He speaks with Annie just before sunset, and she confirms the fact that a woman along with her squad is following her. She then says that she assisted Cap and ultimately saved his life. We learn that the incident involving the ship started when Irene murdered Annie’s loved ones while Annie was attempting to stop them.

Cap and Irene locate the man who was harmed by Annie’s dog. Irene approaches Cap with a gun and grills him with all the questions she can think of. Thereafter, they keep moving down the river’s edge.

Irene discloses that they discovered an incredibly violent girl Annie close to Skull Island and that she has a huge man-eating dog for a best friend. Irene as well as her group are pursuing her as a consequence. As they continue forward, they soon come across a huge bird, but they manage to get away.

One of their teammates fixes the tracking device in the interim. Cap, however, is curious as to what they’re truly tracking. Later, a rescue helicopter shows up to help, but a tentacle eats it. Irene then has the brilliant idea of using Annie’s dog as bait, luring the bird to approach and eat the dog so they are able to take the girl along.

The Episode Review

We’ve only seen three episodes of Skull Island, but at the most basic level, most of the Kong films feature people being devoured while they wander around in the forest. This show, on the other hand, may be playing things a little too safe, despite its charming and enjoyable appeal.

Up until this point, Annie is a refreshing, badass female lead, and Charlie and Mike are fairly decent with their amusing buddy film banter. As the adventure is at its peak, it’ll be interesting to see the way things unfold in the upcoming episodes.

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