Skull Island – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Last Blank Space On The Map

In Skull Island episode 2, Hiro and his kid Mike once negotiated with a man to travel to a foreign island. The man had claimed that Skull Island was home to some strange things. Mike later questioned whether his dad had made up the island.

Mike is hurt and Charlie is worn out in the present day. They get targeted by a swarm of enormous crabs, but they escape. However, Annie unexpectedly intervenes and saves Charlie just as a crab begins to trample him.

They hear an odd sound when they are killing the crabs that are present. Later, a group of armed guards surround them. In actuality, they’re looking for Annie. A large dog-like being charges up and tramples those guards after Annie makes a noise.

Cap awakens to find himself sitting on top of a large rock. Soon after, he looks for his kid. Following that, he spots an unknown girl and begins pursuing her. She introduces herself as Irene and questions Cap about his journey and whether he came across any sea monsters. When they both find smoke, they pursue it. Thereafter, Irene claims she boarded a ship to go to Singapore.

They both notice a strangely pretty tortoise. Following that, Cap realizes that Irene is looking for a girl that turns out to be Annie. Thereafter, they also come across some men carrying guns.

The Episode Review

Entertaining adventures can be found throughout episode 2 of Skull Island. We see a bunch of survivors fighting Skull Island’s dangers shortly after being swept away at sea.

We also learn that Irene is on the hunt for Annie as the episode comes to a close. It will be intriguing to see how things develop moving forward.

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