Skip And Loafer – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


In episode 12 of Skip And Loafer, Ririka and Shima’s mom cross paths. While speaking gently, Mrs. Shima asks how Ririka is doing. Unsurprisingly, Ririka displays some very unfriendly behavior towards Mrs. Shima and doesn’t seem all that excited to have met her.

Shima is occupied trying to lighten Keiri’s mood. His classmates from middle school then come over to see him. Shima’s acting profession has been kept hidden from his high school acquaintances, which they are unaware of. Everybody is surprised to find out that Shima is acquainted with such a well-known model when Ririka shows up at the spot.

What happens after Shima confronts Ririka?

Shima’s performance doesn’t go smoothly. He then observes Ririka going away. He confronts her and informs her that he truly wishes to feel happy and that he endured enough and doesn’t want to bear the burden of the past any longer.

Following this, Ririka sobs in her car and acknowledges that Shima isn’t really to blame for anything. On the contrary, she is just envious of his situation as he is now leading an ordinary high school life and she isn’t.

Why does Mitsumi refuse to go out with her friends?

After the school event is over, Mitsumi runs into some of her friends as they head to a close-by eatery for lunch. Naturally, they ask her to accompany them. Despite the fact that Mitsumi is also very worn out, she informs her companions that she has something else planned. The Student Council is scheduled to meet to talk about the clean-up strategy. She is unable to leave with her friends as a result.

Does the show have a happy ending?

Shima stops Mitsumi after listening to the conversation in silence. He then inquires whether she requires help during the clean-up. Mitsumi assures him that she will manage the situation. Shima then informs her that if tomorrow’s class cleaning is completed earlier than expected, he will accompany her.

Mitsumi instructs Shima to get in touch with her over a call. Shima stares at her as she makes a move to leave. He stops her once more. She turns around, and he says, very affectionately, “It’s nothing,” and they part ways. As she stares at him, she wonders how she managed to meet somebody as nice and considerate as him.

The Episode Review

It would be far too simple to label Ririka as a vicious being and stop there. It is tempting too given that she’s truly terrible, particularly after learning that she knew Shima was being tormented over her own sick satisfaction from the beginning. However, doing so would be overlooking the whole purpose of Skip And Loafer.

This serves as a tale that the anime not only values its characters but also makes an effort to show us who they are as people rather than just as characters. Ririka may be terrible, but she has a good reason for it. She is afraid of losing Shima, and the only strategy her frustrated self can think of to keep him on her side is by tormenting him.

Shima is taken aback by Mitsumi’s capacity for self-awareness. Given that it’s something he lacks the courage to do, he appreciates it. The fact that he has been concealing what he desires behind a wall of fear and a façade of friendliness is finally acknowledged, though he refrains from saying that he wished for his mum to stay behind and look at his school play.

During episode 12, Shima has the confidence to genuinely consider himself and his goals because of Mitsumi. At the end of the day, while he runs off to catch up with his classmates, he appears to be an innocent kid attempting to figure things out. He is aware that Mitsumi has assisted him in discovering that.

The spotlight moves from Mitsumi to Shima throughout the final episode’s story arc. Despite this, she continues to be the series’ heart. Even though she doesn’t realize it, Mitsumi’s greatest strength is her unwavering ability to simply be herself. She’s excellent at picking herself back up and moving on, as the closing theme indicates. That is a fantastic recipe for growth.

The series ended on an encouraging note, leaving us with the assurance that the characters will carry on. Of course, they’re going to make mistakes, and Shima still has a lot to work out, but at least he now has Mitsumi to shield him from his demons. Additionally, he has a better idea of who he truly is as well as what he would like to accomplish.

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