Skip And Loafer – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Heat and Complications

Mitsumi requests her aunt’s advice in picking an outfit as episode 8 of Skip and Loafer begins. Nao-chan displays significant suspicion once she finds out that Mitsumi is going to spend time with Shima at the zoo.

We then skip forward to Shima and Mitsumi meeting at the zoo, where Mika is amusingly tailing the duo. Additionally, she comes across Nao-chan who is also following them. Mika and Nao Chan get to know one another, and they watch Shima and Mitsumi closely as they enjoy their time together.

Due to Mitsumi’s exhaustion, brought on by the high temperature, she and Shima decide to return home as they have set up another meeting. As a result of this, Mika feels guilty about following them around.

A few days later, Mitsumi and her friends decide to have a pajama party. Nao-chan asks the girls to stay at her flat when Mitsumi’s friend’s place suddenly becomes unavailable to ensure Mitsumi can enjoy herself.

Shima enrolls in a summer cram class, and he meets Mukai. Shima invites Mukai to join him for dinner after finishing, so Mukai pulls out his cell phone to notify his mother. Shima, however, receives a message on his cell phone. He then simply leaves without justifying his actions much. We soon learn that he had gotten a text from Ririka.

Shima revealed to Mitsumi and Mika previously in this episode that Ririka is merely a friend of his. Well, Ririka has been looking forward to spending some alone time with Shima. When she says that she only wanted to go for a stroll with him and that she has no additional plans, her controlling behavior comes to light.

When Ririka enquires about Shima’s favorite girl, Mistumi, he explains that they are just friends. However, Ririka is not convinced. Ririka becomes furious and asserts that Shima is to blame for the issue at hand when he notices, and tells her that she seems to be behaving strangely.

Ririka tells Shima not to assume everything’s fine simply because the drinking incident occurred four years before. Moreover, Ririka believes Shima doesn’t have the right to enjoy high school because of the drinking scandal, as it is a stain on her image. Shima doesn’t say anything to her, bringing the episode to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode is without a doubt among the most endearing and tragic episodes in the entire season. One of the show’s best qualities is its warmth, which is beautifully shown here.

The animated series continues to derive strength from softness by extending a level of empathy to every single one of the show’s characters, even those who don’t strike viewers as likable.

Shima remains a mysterious figure throughout the episode, growing more isolated in contrast to Mitsumi. The discussion between Shima and Ririka towards the end makes it clear that the two are not romantically involved.

Even though the specifics of the drinking incident are still unknown, it appears as though Ririka still harbors resentment towards Shima and is opposed to him enjoying life.

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