Skip And Loafer – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Tingling And Scraping

Episode 4 of Skip and Loafer begins with Mitsumi walking to school, excited about her day. When Mitsumi arrives, she meets Kanechika, the playwright who had previously pestered Shima to join the drama club. Senpai speaks to Mitsumi and tells her everything about Shima’s past as a child actor. He requests that she persuade him to join the drama club.

Mitsumi’s day has not been going well. Her English quiz doesn’t go well because she is terrified of discussing Shima’s childhood career with him. She is then hit by a ball while playing sports thanks to her being distracted. She isn’t feeling well and is sent to rest in the school’s medical room.

Shima appears when Mitsumi looks out the window, and they have a conversation. Shima inquires as to what is wrong with her, and she tells him what Senpai asked her to do after a little while. She sympathizes with Senpai, though, and advises Shima not to lash out at him because he is doing what is in the best interests of his club.

Shima then has a heartfelt conversation with her, telling the girl that he no longer wants to act. He assures Mitsumi that she should pursue her dreams. As for Mitsumi, she promises him that she will be there for him whenever he needs her. Mitsumi informs Senpai that Shima does not wish to join the drama club and leaves.

When Mitsumi returns to school after the holiday week, she discovers that some of her classmates were studying for exams while she was enjoying her vacation. She panics and approaches a professor, who advises her to speak with Takamine, a student council member who is extremely disciplined.

Takamine spends an entire day teaching Mitsumi how to make the most of every minute and be as disciplined as possible. Inspired by Takamine, Mitsumi makes a schedule and decides not to waste her time doing unimportant things, so she doesn’t have any regrets.

Shima sees Mitsumi’s strict schedule the following morning and points out that she’s losing sleep as a result of sticking to it. Thereafter, Takamine approaches Mitsumi and tells her to do things her own way.

Takamine admits her errors and advises Mitsumi not to follow in her footsteps. Takamine tells her that one doesn’t realize how important it is to use their time in a certain way until much later. Shima tells her that she should go at her own pace and Mitsumi agrees.

The Episode Review

The primary theme of this episode revolves around the fact that you must act in a manner that is most beneficial to you, and it is presented in a delicate, subtle and wholesome way. It’s a great show, and this episode holds onto the show’s mellow, uplifting charisma that shines through in every character interaction.

Mitsumi realizes that Shima genuinely does not wish to talk about his past as a child actor once she finds out about it. In this episode, her capacity for empathy really shines through, and the way she handles the situation is truly admirable.

Although Fumi doesn’t have a big role on screen, her impact on Mitsumi is clearly her guiding light. Once Mitsumi and Shima discuss the latter’s past, Fumi’s past actions enable Mitsumi to support Shima as she needs her to.

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