Skip And Loafer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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After giving it some thought, Mitsumi goes to the Student Council Meeting in the hopes of being accepted there. However, she runs into Sousuke as well as Yuzuki. When she eventually makes her way in the room’s direction, a student is seen on the premises. Makoto appears startled and nervous once she recognizes the trio. She is familiar with rumors stating that Mitsumi is the school’s hidden boss.

Once Yuzuki walks away, they head towards the student council’s room to see if there is a position available. Unfortunately, they learn that the student government isn’t actively looking for new members. The girl in charge of finances Takamine as well as President Yamamoto of the student council then present themselves to the group. Following that, they say that Yuzuki and Mitsumi could join them as members of a support crew to help them plan various events.

Takamine tells Mitsumi that although the duties can occasionally be stressful, they aren’t so bad that they’ll harm her academic performance. Mitsumi is worried about managing her time.

Mitsumi approaches Makoto and tells her she wishes to go to the Starmax coffeehouse and wants Makoto to go with her and Shima. Despite the fact that she is anxious at first, Makoto quickly feels at ease with her new friends.

After Mitsumi arrives at school the next day, Makoto is there to greet her. She asks if she would like to accompany her to a movie. Makoto was not expecting other kids in the classroom to overhear their discussion but they arrive all the same.

Before heading to the theatre, Mitsumi and her companions stop by an eatery. When it comes to the theater’s popcorn, nearly everybody disagrees with Yuzuki, who prefers the salted kinds. Makoto, on the other hand, shares the same preference. Yuzuki attempts to high-five her, but she leaves her hanging.

Yuzuki informs Makoto shortly after leaving that she is aware that she only intended to invite Mitsumi to the movie. Yuzuki asks her to relax and not pressurize herself to speak to her if she isn’t comfortable in order to ensure that Makoto is at ease. As Mitsumi follows the two of them, she realizes that she has failed disastrously in her role as the class representative since she overlooked the traits of those who were invited to the film, so she failed to encourage harmonious social interaction.

Mitsumi desperately ponders ways she can make things work between Makoto and Yuzuki as they watch the movie together. She also asks Sousuke for guidance at one point. He ultimately passes the salted popcorn because, sadly for her, he doesn’t understand her nonverbal cues.

Makoto texts Yuzuki to let her know that she had been right regarding her observation. She then continues by saying that she is still keen to know more about her. Although she lacks the confidence to look Yuzuki in the eye, Yuzuki appears to be pleased.

Mitsumi seems content as the group makes their way home. She realizes that the memories of the different places one visits are in actuality the memories of those whom one visits there with.

The Episode Review

The pleasant and wholesome tone of the show is amplified in this episode. In just three episodes, Skip & Loafer has built an impressive ensemble.

It is explicitly stated to Mitsumi and Shima that their connection is unexpected given how dissimilar they are. Shima and Mitsumi don’t understand how they get together so nicely, but he expresses why he might have a soft spot for her. His fondness for Mitsumi is evident in his casual compliments about how relaxed she makes other people feel and in his description of her as a person who enjoys a meal more when it is shared.

In this episode, the two most significant character additions have been Yuzuki Murashige and Makoto Kurume. Kurume seems to be reserved and socially awkward, while Murashige is the stereotypically attractive and popular girl.

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