Skip And Loafer – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Fidgeting And Wandering

Episode 2 of Skip and Loafer begins with Mitsumi and her classmates introducing themselves to the class. Following that, we are transported back in time to see Nao Chan dropping Mitsumi off at school by the metro while having a conversation about the self-introduction scheduled to take place at her school.

Mitsumi appears to be confident, and she tells her aunt that she will keep things light. Following that, we learn that Nao Chan is transgender because someone on the train mocks her; however, Mitsumi makes her feel at ease.

When it is Mitsumi’s turn to introduce herself, she does so confidently. She talks about her ambitions to become a government official so she can make significant changes in society. When it’s Shima’s turn to speak, he comes across as more laid-back than Mitsumi, and he keeps his introduction short and fun. Shima, we learn, reminds Mitsumi of her dog. Mitsumi then volunteers to be a class officer and is chosen, while Shima becomes a class officer as well.

Mitsumi’s classmate suggests that their class go to karaoke later that day, and everyone agrees, including Mitsumi, Shima, and Yuzuki. Shima expresses his attraction for Mitsumi openly quite often, and a classmate of Mitsumi’s tells her that she shouldn’t believe everything Shima says because he’s nice to everyone. As a result, Mitsumi becomes more skeptical of him and his intentions.

Mitsumi learns from Yuzuki that her classmate lied to her about Shima so that the classmate could get close to him. He keeps making fun of Mitsumi’s accent, which Yuzuki points out to her. Mitsumi is upset by her classmates’ actions, but a phone call from her best friend Fumi cheers her up.

Mitsumi returns to karaoke and concludes that it is pointless to overthink things. She confidently sings a nostalgic song instead, to which everyone, including Shima, cheers for. Yuzuki asks Mitsumi to add her as a friend on social media after the karaoke. Following that, Mitsumi and Shima walk home and have a good time together.

Mitsumi’s classmates are joining various clubs the following day, so she tries to decide as well. Shima joins her as she goes to see a drama performance in an effort to see if she wants to join that club. Mitsumi notices Shima appears to be sad at times.

Shima, who comes from a famous background, does not wish to reveal his true identity because he wants to live a normal life. However, it upsets him when a playwright recognizes him and treats him differently. Shima tells him that he does not want to be known as a famous person and later that day, Mitsumi decides to join the student council after a lot of thought and she tells her aunt all about it.

The Episode Review

Given that the show romanticizes ordinary events, this slice-of-life anime has a comforting quality that makes life seem a little bit warmer. In what they have accomplished to this point, the anime adopts an air of elegance that could be interpreted as bland or even basic, however that is what draws people to it so quickly.

The episode discovers beauty in conversations between characters along with a deeper comprehension of what draws people to each other. Shima and Mitsumi have entirely distinct personalities. This is another exceptionally clever turn in a show that could have easily fallen victim to stale tropes and stereotyped characters. Shima has a cool boy persona, but Mitsumi notices that sometimes Shima appears slightly sad despite this.

The beautiful score by composer Takatsugu Wakabayashi, the gentle and fuzzy animation design, as well as the tranquil lines all work together to create a warm and nostalgic show for young viewers. Roll on the next episode!

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