SixTONES releases ACMA:GAME rocker, GONG: Single PREVIEW, Release Date & What to Expect


Award-winning Japanese pop group SixTONES (pronounced ‘stones’) releases ‘GONG,’ a single from Prime/NTV drama ACMA:GAME. The weekly drop stars SixTONES’ own Juri Tanaka who will speak to us in an interview this month about his ongoing drama, group and aspirations.

‘GONG’ is described as a fast paced, wild ride through the streets of Tokyo with a video featuring a performance showcasing SixTONES’ signature sexy style. The single was released alongside love song ‘Koko ni Kaettekite’ (Come Back Here). 

Who is Juri Tanaka?

Soon-to-be 29-year-old Japanese entertainer, Juri Tanaka is part of SixTONES, a group referred to as the bad boys of J-pop. Active since 2008, he performed with a number of groups before collaborating with the members that would eventually form SixTONES. A gifted rapper, singer and dancer, Tanaka is a master at mixing sensuality with comedic timing. You can also find him in dramas Tanshin Hanabi and film Shonentachi among others. 

Fun additional fact – an avid reader, just before Tanaka was offered the script for ACMA:GAME he’d finished its 22-volume manga and was more than thrilled to gain the opportunity to live it out. For more detail, watch for our interview story to drop on his birthday, June 15th.

What do we like about ‘GONG’?

Referred to as an ‘insert’ song, if you’re watching the live action drama, the catchy tune pops up a lot – whenever there’s a high-impact moment. The hard-rocking, energy-fuelled vibe matches the touched-by-demons fun and drama of the fight-for-your-life storyline.

What other SixTONES tunes might I recognize?

While SixTONES have released a number of albums, the songs you may find most familiar include ‘KOKKARA’ meaning ‘from here.’ It was released in 2023 as part of the soundtrack for Passion for Punchlines a drama that stars SixTONES member, Shintaro Morimoto. Or ‘CREAK,’ a tune paired with 2023 drama Knockin’ on Locked Door led by SixTONES’ Hokuto Matsumura (Liar x Liar, All the Long Nights) and Naniwa Danshi’s Daigo Nishihata (Kotaro Lives Alone). While ‘Special Order’ is part of a live performance from 2021 providing a glimpse of SixTONES in high-energy action.

When will SixTONES album release?

The next album, likely to include ‘GONG,’ should release early next year. While the CD single for ‘GONG,’ including bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes will be available from July 10th. 

What does Juri Tanaka say about ‘GONG’?

“As an insert song to ACMA:GAME, ‘GONG’ is, of course, primarily meant to enliven the drama, but it also contains the rebellious, aggressive energy of SixTONES. The music video features an empty warehouse that’s transformed into a live venue by the power of music. The images reflect the musicality that we value so much as a group – it’s what we want to deliver to everyone who hears it. I think the song and music video capture this really well, so please check it out!”

Where can I catch news about Juri Tanaka and SixTONES?

Of course, in our upcoming interview on TRG. But also on SixTONES social media channels:

YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | X

Where can I listen to the single?

You can find ‘GONG’ on YouTube or check it out above, rent-free.


Click to catch more on ACMA:GAME or to hear more from Juri Tanaka, keeps your eyes peeled for our soon-to-come interview story.

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