Sita Ramam (2022) Movie Review – A simple tale of love that suffers the consequence of destiny

An emotional tale of two star-crossed lovers

Romance has become inorganic in the present day which is why there is hardly any authentic present-time storytelling that tugs at your heartstrings. Bringing calm to the storm in people’s hearts about romantic movies comes Sita Ramam, a simple and emotional love story.

Sita Ramam stars Dulquer Salmaan, the it-boy of the Indian Entertainment Industry as the main lead. Alongside we see Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Madanna in a story that narrates a simple yet complicated love story of Sita, Ram, and a little girl who changed the lives of these two star-crossed lovers.

Sita Ramam tells the story of Ram, an orphan soldier who is doing his duty and serving the country to the best of his ability. After it becomes national knowledge that Ram has no one who writes letters to him, the soldier starts getting letters from all around the world. Overwhelmed by his new-found family members, Ram religiously responds to all letters but one.

Among the many letters, he has received is one from Sita, a woman who claims to be Ram’s wife. With no return address in the consistent letters, Ram writes his responses to Sita with the goal of finding her someday and delivering them to her himself.

Meanwhile, 20 years later, a young and bratty Pakistani girl named Afreen is tasked with the responsibility to deliver one letter from Ram to Sita in India. Monetarily motivated, she sets out on a mission to deliver the letter to Sita.

However, throughout the journey, Afreen discovers her key role in the love story of Ram and Sita and how she changed the fate of multiple lives around her. The story of Sita Ramam is not larger than life or overwhelming with intricate twists and turns. It is the simple story of a simple man who really wanted and deserved love.

When he found that love in a young girl, he went for her in all honesty. Sita’s secrets were her own to keep but after living around with Ram and his ever-so-selfless being, she realises what kind of person he is. The story starts off slowly, perhaps too slowly for the liking of many but eventually picks up pace.

Mrunal Thakur as Sita is very graceful and floaty but it was a bold and bratty Afreen (played by Rashmika Madanna) getting her perfect redemption arc by the end of the movie was what made it for me. The character of Vishnu (played by Sumanth) has to confuse the viewers and it seems to do the trick as his true motives are left concealed until the very end of the movie.

Being a Dulquer Salmaan fan, there is absolutely nothing wrong I can find in his portrayal of Ram, a simple, righteous and honest soldier. Ram is a man with no flaws and that is perhaps his biggest weakness.

The movie moves various settings and the scenes in Kashmir make you want to travel to the warfare state. The movie takes its time with many of the romantic moments between Sita and Ram but the story falls a bit short when it comes to the intense war scenes between the soldiers and the “terrorists”.

Having the Indian Army win always is a rich choice for the makers keeping in mind that the main theme of the movie is romance. However, a lit more realistic storyline would have been way more interesting. The movie has a melodious OST, one that resonates with the listeners.

The romantic songs from Sita Ramam make viewers go through an array of emotions ranging from the feeling of having butterflies to feeling Sita’s guilt for lying to Ram to a state of passion that both lovers are feeling for each other and finally a state of unrest after being kept away from one’s lover.

I wish Ram and Sita would have had more time to learn about each other and I wish that Sita told Ram who she really was before he left for his mission but come to think of it, the story would not be that of Sita-Ramam then.

The chemistry between Ram and Sita was palpable and it is commendable that without having any kissing scenes, the two actors, Dulquer and Mrunal were able to make viewers feel their emotions with their intensity.

The dialogues in the movie are straightforward and to the point where there does not seem much dragging and beating around the bush. The final plot twist with Afreen’s character is something that I did not see coming from a mile away and I laud the makers of the film for adequately executing that.

Calling Sita Ramam a masterpiece may seem biased but the movie definitely is one that will go down in the history of war-themed romantic movies to be made.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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