Sita Ramam (2022) Ending Explained – What was written in Ram’s letter to Sita?

Sita Ramam Ending Explained 

After first being released in theatres in Telugu and dubbed versions in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi, Sita Ramam has released on Amazon Prime Video. The movie was also released in many countries across the world and the romance of two star-crossed lovers is something that will go down in the books.

Sita Ramam Plot Synopsis

With a run-time of 163 minutes, Sita Ramam tells the story of Afreen who is a bratty teen from Pakistan who lands in trouble after she vandalizes the car of a rich man. She moves back to Pakistan to seek monetary help from her grandfather, Brigadier Abu Tariq but he has just passed away.

In order for Afreen to get the money, she is tasked to deliver a letter to a woman named Sita Mahalaxmi from her neighbouring, rival country – India.

She is initially pissed but eventually gives in and set on to find Sita and give her the letter from Major Ram. The letter was written in 1965, almost two decades ago. Afreen’s quest to find a non-existent Sita helps her learn that Ram was an orphan soldier who was a righteous man. After an activist reveals on National radio that Ram does not have a family of his own, the soldier starts receiving letters from people all around the world.

Ram is initially overwhelmed but diligently responds to every letter. One such sender is Sita Mahalaxmi who claims to be Ram’s wife. She sends her letters to him with no return address. Ram is determined to find Sita and writes back letters to her with the promise of delivering them to her by hand.

Did Sita tell Ram who she really is?

Ram finally has someone he can call his own in Sita. He sets out to find her, only to learn that Sita Mahalaxmi is someone who works in a Royal Mansion as a dance teacher. He tries to win Sita over and the soldier’s charm somehow works out well. Sita has fallen in love with him but cannot tell Ram the truth about her identity.

Sita actually is Princess Noor Jahan who in fact is the heir to the Royal Mansion. Unaware of her true identity, Ram waits for Sita to meet her at the train station before he departs for Kashmir. However, due to a financial crisis, Princess Noor Jahan’s brother sets her up to marry a Mughal Prince.

Unwilling to let Ram go, Princess Noor Jahan aka Sita turns down the wedding proposal and leaves for Kashmir to find Ram. The two unite but not long after, Ram is sent on a top-secret mission to Pakistan.

What mission is Ram on?

Ram and his crew’s mission is to kill Ansari, the man behind Pakistani citizens’ rage towards the Indian Army. The crew is informed that in case they are unable to kill Ansari, the soldiers will be left on their own in Pakistan. Sita (Princess Noon Jahan) bids Ram farewell as he leaves for his mission and asks him to return as soon as he can.

Ram successfully kills Ansari and his crew is about to leave. However, Ram hears a child wailing inside Ansari’s burning hut. He runs in to save her when the rest of the soldiers flee away. Captain Vishnu stays behind to help Ram save the little girl Waheeda.

Ram hands Waheeda over to Captain Abu Tariq. Pakistani Army arrests Ram and Vishnu and puts them both in solitary confinement where the two Indian soldiers are tortured for months.

What does Sita (Noor Jahan) do to bring Ram back?

When Sita gets frustrated about Ram not returning from his mission, she confronts the Army Brigadiers. When she finally learns that Ram had been captured by the Pakistani Army, she begs her brother to bring Ram back. Her brother knows the higher-ups in Pakistan and they strike a deal to return Ram and Vishnu back to India in exchange for a Pakistani soldier that was taken hostage by the Indian Army.

However, the Pakistani Brigadier changes his mind and reveals that either Ram or Vishnu will be allowed to go back to India. He asks both Ram and Vishnu to reveal the coordinates. Ram spits on the Pakistani soldier’s face refusing to betray his country but Captain Vishnu fears for the safety of his family members and reveals the coordinates.

Why is Brigadier Vishnu chasing Afreen?

Since her grandfather, Brigadier (formerly Captain) Abu Tariq had asked Afreen to deliver Ram’s letter to Sita Mahalaxmi, she is on a quest to find Sita. Afreen learns that Sita was actually Princess Noor Jahan and that Ram was sent on a mission away from her, she is further determined to find either of the two parties.

It is also revealed that Ram betrayed the Indian Army by delivering the coordinates to the Pakistani Army which ended up killing many Indian soldiers. Afreen also learns that Sita is presently in Kashmir and she often visits the region for a month ever so often.

However, Brigadier Vishnu wants to stop Afreen from meeting Sita and she is apprehended by the Indian Army as soon as she gets off her flight with her friend Balaji.

Who is Afreen?

Since Balaji was left behind, the Indian Army only captures Afreen. Balaji eventually finds Sita aka Princess Noor Jahan and hands her the letter Ram had written to her almost 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Vishnu tells Afreen that she was the one to blame for Ram’s exile from Sita. Vishnu states that Afreen actually was Waheeda, the little girl whose cries Ram had heard before being captured by the Pakistani Army.

Afreen is shocked and finally understands why her grandfather had tasked her to personally deliver Ram’s letter to Sita. Afraid that she will learn about his betrayal of the country and make the information public, Brigadier Vishnu wants to stop Afreen from delivering the letter to Sita. Afreen states that the letter was in fact with Balaji.

What was written in Ram’s letter to Sita? Does Afreen meet Sita?

Sita reads the letter from Ram where he details the hardships he and then, Captain Vishnu went through during their exile in Pakistan. Ram mentions how he wants Sita to move on now. In the letter, Ram asks Sita to take it easy on Captain Vishnu as he was only overwhelmed because he is worried about his family.

Sita is in tears reading Ram’s final words to her. With his letter, Ram attached a news article about Sita being Princess Noor Jahan and praises her for giving up her royal life for love. He calls her Princess Noor Jahan in the letter making her further emotional.

Afreen rushes to Sita’s house in Kashmir and apologises to her for what happened to Ram. She asks Sita if Ram was alive and Sita tells her that he was killed in Pakistan. Afreen learns that Ram handed the letter to Brigadier Abu Tariq asking him to deliver it to Sita only minutes before he was hanged to death.

Does Sita Ramam have a happy ending?

After reading the letter, Sita makes Ram’s words public and reveals how Ram was not the one who betrayed the nation. Ram is felicitated with a badge of honour and Sita accepts the title of his wife. The truth about Brigadier Vishnu is made public and he is stripped of his title.

Afreen realizes her mistake and apologizes to the rich man whose car she had vandalized at the beginning of the movie. She then pledges to work to help more war prisoners like Ram.


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