Sisyphus: The Myth – K-Drama Episode 16 (Finale) Recap & Review


Episode 16 of Sisyphus: The Myth sees this long, laborious journey come to a contrived end. CEO Park heads back home with a gun in hand. Only, Bingbing is there to stop him.

She encourages her boss to follow her, but he refuses to listen. Instead, he heads upstairs to face his younger-self who’s currently in a fight with his wife. Only, it turns out Bingbing is actually Park’s daughter, Ji-Eun. She pleads with him not to go inside, claiming nothing happens this day.

And true to her word, little Ji-Eun shows up and sees Park standing with a knife. This is enough for him to stop and let her partner go. Outside the door, Park starts to glitch out, telling Ji-Eun he’s sorry and that everything has changed now.

Back at the church, Sigma lets Tae-Sul go and allows him to hold Seo-Hae’s hand while they face him. Sigma chuckles, telling them he’s won again. Although the events leading here have changed slightly – especially given there’s no wedding – they’ve still ended up in the same place. Tae-Sul claims to have a plan though and tells Seo-Hae to trust him going forward.

With a laptop in hand, Sigma asks for the Uploader code. Tae-Sul however, begins glitching out and claiming the future can actually change. That change comes in the form of a phone call. It’s Sigma’s phone.

He answers and in doing so, sees the entire Uploader shut down. This small act causes Sigma to begin glitching out. The other soldiers all disappear from view, as Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae both wrestle for control against Sigma. Only, Sigma begins glitching out too.

A figure up in the rafters, bathed in brilliant white light, suddenly fires a shot and hits Sigma. He’s dead, and the world is seemingly saved.

With the figure up in the rafters gone, Tae-Sul works with Seo-Hae to find the Uploader for themselves. Once there, they evade Eddie Kim and begin playing around on the computer, determined to send themselves back through time.

Park shows with his group too, having seemingly not glitched out after all. With several syringe shots (and a dollop of completely misplaced humour) Seo-Hae and Tae-Sul are transported using the Uploader to the date Tae-Sul locked Seo-Hae in the bunker.

First up, the pair make it to the police station where they find Seo-Hae’s father. They hand over a slip of paper and tell him to phone when they capture Gil-Bok. Next up, they visit Park where it turns out the Tae-Sul we saw there before is a different version, one that whispered to Park that his daughter is close by.

Next up, Seo-Hae and Tae-Sul visit Sun who’s still very much alive. It turns out he was actually wearing a bulletproof vest all this time. Tae-Sul found him earlier in the day and handed over the vest. He also told him to show up at Asiamart that night at 8pm. Well, this scene then plays out again within the church, this time with Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae standing up on the rafters.

This time though, the scene changes thanks to an act of kindness, as Dong-Gi doesn’t force Sigma to run away, but instead prompts him to put a jacket on.

The shots from the sniper come in from before, this time with Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae actually the ones up above. They watch this scene play out and effectively kill Sigma. Only, Seo-Hae doesn’t disappear.

Instead, a figure comes bursting in through the front door and shoots Seo-Hae in the stomach. It’s Eddie! He drops off the laptop and demands Tae-Sul make the Uploader. Eddie has been blinded by jealousy all this time, deciding he wants everything that Tae-Sul has.

After everything they’ve been through, Tae-Sul decides they should start over and takes up Eddie’s offer to make the Uploader for him. Midway through though, Seo-Hae pleads with him to stop. Eventually Tae-Sul hands over the laptop and holds Eddie up at gunpoint.

Tae-Sul realizes what he needs to do and tells Seo-Hae to come and find him. He turns the gun on himself and fires, rewriting time and preventing any of this from happening. Tae-Sul, dude, you could have done that 15 episodes ago and saved us the aggravation.

Anyway, everything changes and the world is saved. No one bats an eyelid at these missiles disappearing in the sky while Tae-San awakens and finds himself alone with glitching computer screens. Seo-Hae eventually disappears too, while Eddie drops to his knees and sees all of this take place.

Tae-Sul eventually awakens to find himself on the plane ready for his meeting at Quantum & Time. This is the same plane that crash-landed earlier this season. This time though, it’s flying fine. Seo-Hae is with him as we leave this pair in presumed purgatory.

Meanwhile, we cut to Sigma who’s now an artist, doing portraits out in the park for different patrons. When he heads home to his gallery, he checks through his diary and sees the numerous different notes about this future that’s not come to pass.

Putting glasses on, he looks in the mirror – and at a Forbes magazine showing Tae-Sul on the cover. Smirking, this series comes stumbles over the finish line.

The Episode Review

The visual effects, soundtrack and general action scenes have actually been pretty good throughout Sisyphus: The Myth. The moments in our post-apocalyptic future have been fascinating to watch and the team have done a great job bringing everything to life. It really has been enjoyable to watch at times. However, the writing has been very, very poor.

In fact, unanswered questions are the key ingredient here and I genuinely can’t believe how many there are.

What’s the deal with the diary? Why was it abandoned midway through the show? Is Sigma’s real motivation just that he hates Tae-Sul and wants his life? If that’s the case then why not kill him earlier on and just take his place at the company? The end scenes show him trying to adopt Tae-Sul’s persona so it’s clear that he’s still got an evil streak about him.

How did Sigma survive a nuclear blast by sealing up his windows? How did Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae not get stuck in a time paradox at the end by shooting Sigma dead?

Why waste so much time with The Control Bureau, Hyun-Seung and Hyeon-Gi if none of these characters get their comeuppance? Why have we been told nothing can change when time is literally rewritten right in front of our eyes? Would the new and improved bunker not have changed time already? After all, if Seo-Hae’s Mother survived, Seo-Hae herself wouldn’t have had the motivation to go back and stop Tae-Sul.

The biggest problem through all of this comes from the big noble sacrifice of Tae-Sul at the end. For the last 15 episodes we’ve all had to watch him fight off numerous goons with lots of casualties and contrivances along the way, refusing to let anyone kill him.

Only, at the last minute he decides to be noble and sacrifice himself – but only after Seo-Hae pleads with him not to give in to Eddie’s wishes. While it makes for a heroic, grand statement to close out the plot, it also feels like a messy way to wrap everything up.

Still, we could be here all day talking about the issues but for those who have followed along, what did you think of this one? Did you like the ending? Or are you also exasperated at the plot issues? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading out recaps!

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54 thoughts on “Sisyphus: The Myth – K-Drama Episode 16 (Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. The ending was very messy. Particularly relying on their future actions which hadn’t been written yet to save them in the current period in the church when confronting Sigma.

    The ending could have been written better.

    Perhaps a nice ending would have been for when Seo-Hai started to disappear whilst they were hugging, the writers should have let her vanish. Then Tai-Sul to use the uploader one last time to go 15 years in to the future when Seo-Hai is the same age and meet her again

  2. I was engaged until the last episode. What a mess, and a total disservice to the audience and the stellar actors. To the producers hire better writers and redo episode 16.

  3. Gang Seo-Hae is doomed to repeat a task she will always fail at, she is the Sisyphus character. Her task is to save Han Tae-Sul and prevent the war. The series covered just one of these cycles, as stated by many characters during the series. In this cycle the war was prevented but Tae-Sul dies and so the cycle is reset (the rock rolls down again). From that point on everything starts again, only this time she first meets Tae-Sul on the plane, or before. The Sigma and other characters that we see are different alternative versions to the ones before. We’ve already been shown that elements of the cycle can be changed but Seo-Hae is always doomed to fail.
    This would mean that the final scenes in episode 16 were just the start of another cycle.
    This is how it makes sense to me anyway.

  4. I had seen something slightly like this ending in different series may be there can be a possibility of making two timeline realities by changing the future in one of which the war had taken place every one dies including old self of tae sul and seo hae and in other realty with happy ending.
    I think this theory may slightly fit with the ending of series.

  5. For me, they were after Han Tae Sul bcoz he’s the blueprint. Remember when his brother and Seo Ho met in the chairman’s party? He plead the girl to stay away from his brother to keep him safe knowing he knows that Seo Ho would still protect Tae Sul. I just sense from previous episodes the story would just keep rolling. Sigma was still alive in the future so there’s a possibility that he can make changes on what the two heroes done in time traveling. So, there would be season 2 🤣😁

  6. That was one of the worst wrap ups to series I’ve seen. The last two episodes were pretty bad, and the last one had so many just odd choices that made no sense. I thought the writing for most of the series was pretty good…I liked when they went back and showed things from different perspectives, fleshed out characters with back stories and flashbacks etc. Then the last 2-3 episodes it was like someone just making random stuff up.

    A different younger Sigma still in the future in episode 15 before the girl travels back? Two versions of themselves at the end but they never make it back to the uploader due to his old college wingman showing up. All this time with Sigma to defeat him and just randomly right Then Eddy pops in to shoot the girl? Like everyone has trouble pulling triggers this entire show except this guy who likely never shot a gun before comes in and shoots her? Because he’s jealous? And he just randomly says “The girl or the world?” like Sigma when he wasn’t even planning on wiping out everyone with bombs…he just wanted to go back and take Tae Sul’s place….why “the girl or the WORLD?”

  7. This whole thing stands or falls on whether you’ll swallow that wonderful concept Predestination Paradox.(Sarcasm)

    Some examples Sigma is interrupted in his suicide attempt by the nuclear explosion which he himself started. Predestination Paradox is that if he was dead how did he start a nuclear war.

    In the church our heroes are saved from Sigma by their future selves coming back and shooting him. Another PP.

    This bit of magical timey wimey is the only explanation for the plane scene and the final Sigma scene. We just didn’t see the whole thing played out.

  8. Sisyphus continues. With Han Tae San as the new Sigma and Quantum & Time (which HT San would inherit) as the new Control. All to guarantee that a future Seo Hae would travel back to meet Han Tae Sul before stepping on the plane. It was the final plane scene that established that Sigma’s “paradox” had been finally resolved. That both Sigma and Eddie Kim would present no threat to the future.

    The show did leave quite a few holes and unresolved lines – such as what happened to Eddie Kim? Possibly resolved by Han Tae San (see below).

    All so that Seo Hae and Tae Sul would meet each other again.

    The beginning of the time bubble is the scene in the plane. Probably also when either Han Tae San or Seo Hae arrived before waking up.

    Everyone was after the plans for the uploader they thought was locked in the safe by Han Tae San . Yet, Eddie Kim built the uploader as seen in the last episode. Eddie did not need the plans. What was needed always the code.

    What Han Tae San did have? That was hidden? The plans of the uploader with the code. Or just the code itself. Han Tae San was shown to be unconscious, traveling through time while a prisoner of Sigma. Just as when Han Tae Sul went after Seo Hae when Seo Hae was trapped in time. Han Tae San was able to watch his brother and Seo Hae the entire time. And Sigma and probably everyone else.

    The uploader exists, as built by Eddie Kim. Han Tae San finds Seo Hae in the new future established after Han Tae Sul shot himself… and lays the bread crumbs for Sao Hae to travel back in time to meet and fall in love with Han Tae Sul. With bread crumbs just as when Sigma left the bread crumbs with Han Tae Sul & Seo Hae to meet and fall in love.

    The scene on the plane is confusing. The camera never pulls back far enough to show the other passengers, as the scene closes with the sun shining through. There is a blonde passenger in the row behind them. Yet the camera never pulled back far enough to show her. The other passengers still exist. They are simply never shown on camera again, instead the focus being on the happy couple.

    It was Han Tae San who made that possible. After he woke up. Completed the uploader with code. And simply waited for Seo Hae to grow up. Obviously, Seo Hae was sent by Han Tae San well before the scene on the plane. However, the original time bubble (or paradox) – as mentioned above – began at that point. It was the presence of Seo Hae on the plan with Han Tae Sul that confirmed that the paradox had been resolved. By establishing a new time flow from that point on. A future, from that point on, that would not even see Eddie shoot Seo Hae; where Han Tae Sul would never shoot himself.

    Han Tae San would also know about Sigma & Eddie Kim after the time bubble had been dealt with. Both antagonists would not present a threat again. By Han Tae San waiting until Seo Hae grew up and then sending Seo Hae to the past – remember that HT San has both a uploader and code, Seo Hae would perhaps be one of only two copies in existence in the final scene on the plane – herself and Han Tae San.

    They would always “find” each other. Thanks to Han Tae San.

    Who was the “Sisyphus” of the show? Sigma? Han Tae Sul? Seo Hae? All three? Seo Hae’s presence did change the future. Sigma had to keep laying the bread crumbs. Han Tae Sul did not have to “push the boulder up the hill” after he shot himself. Perhaps it was Sigma – the boulder being having to lay the “bread crumbs” for HTS and Seo Hae. Sigma wanted an Eternity to repeat – to cheat. And failed. HTS & Seo Hae’s relationship was always the boulder Sigma was pushing. Without which he would fail.

  9. There’s the explanation to the ending. When Tae – sool shot himself he really killed himself. After he died he woke up in the airplane with Seo – hae next to him. He did not know if he was hallucinating or if it’s really is her so he did not take the meds. Was she really Seo -hae? Maybe, when she disappeared Tae – stool asked her to look for him. After he died the uploader was never made so the war did not happened. So this time he and Seo – hae saved Korea. That’s why you see the missiles disappeared and everyone that went to the uploader also disappeared. Seo – hae went back multiple times and this time (the series) she really saved Korea because Tae – sool choose to shoot himself instead of saving Seo- hae. If he would build the uploader and save Seo – hae, Seo – hae would have come back from the future again to stop the war and there would be part two. As for Sigma, he become a better person because the cop (Seo- hae’s father) saved him from the park but he still hates Tae – sool because he thinks he’s an arrogant jerk. He took out the notebook from Seo – hae’s father jacket and read it. There isn’t much he can do because Tae – stool is died.

  10. It has serious plot holes. Especially the backstory of Sigma. He wouldn’t have gotten to that point because he would have committed suicide already if HTS didn’t look for him (bought Sigma’s painting which made him stop). Time loop has a beginning. How would Sigma get to time travel if he already committed suicide at the start?

    Next huge plot hole is the church scene. HTS was waiting for the time to pass then they heard the uploader was operated, which means someone time traveled at the same time. If that was HTS and SH, then that means 2 of them existed at the same time? If that was the first time they time traveled, then how tf another HTS and SH was talking to Sigma in the church?

  11. @Verlyn

    That’s the biggest plot hole in the show. If they were able to beat Sigma once, there is no need to go back in time to the church again. But how did they do it anyways?

  12. This is totally bad
    They wasted our time with this drama
    Doesn’t make sense!!!! Wish I didn’t watch it
    I feel so stupid

  13. I think the notebook that sigma had was not the problem, sigma at episode 16 had the notebook from Seo-Hae’s father’s jacket when he gave it to him so this is not the problem. sigma has no idea what’s going on he is just chasing Tae-Sul. I think we can understand this part but the other part is what I cant understand, which is the plane one, he is alive with Seo-Hae, and he touches her so here is the problem. Tae-sul has his medicine and some people say he didnt take it and he is crazy and Seo-Hae is just in his mind, but if this was the case then why does he see Seo-Hae not his brother? he didnt know Seo-Hae when he was in the plane remember? it was the first episode so if he was crazy and didnt take his medicine then Seo-Hae shouldnt be there. Back to another idea, the code at the church, he didnt write it and died so there was no way he could’ve meet Seo-Hae on the plane no way she could’ve gone back again and saved him. I tried to think of every solution but there’s nothing that makes sense at the end. they should’ve changed the church seen, after all Tae-sul saw the future. The writers missed up here, same as the Game of Thrones did. The Drama was amazing when it comes to fight scenes and story i really loved it, but those guys destroyed everything at the end which makes it feel like I shouldnt watch it. I dont care if the ending was sad or happy it should’ve been “An Ending” not like that we got.

  14. Tae-Sul’s brother is still alive with the uploader blueprint. Sigma left his younger-self a diary in case there was a possibility that Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae defeated him. The loop continues because if Sigma can get his hands on the blueprint – he’ll be able to go back in time and restart the whole process with even more accuracy.

  15. The series had some holes but did make sense to me for most part, other then the last two scenes. If we write of the plane as being the afterlife or whatever, I still have no idea what the scene with Sigma means.

    @iona, my understanding is that he ‘got hold of’ the uploader by being part of the first designated group to go back in time. He saw the possibility of this, and left himself notes on what would happen to help him maximise his success – both in life in general and also agains TaeSul. Same as SeoHae’s dairy. Except, he has looped so many times and is so meticulous about it he eventually got the Control Bureau started which is a very OTT version of a diary that exists solely to optimise Sigmas plans for each loop by gathering data. And so, when Sigma ‘wins’ on a loop and makes TaeSul create the uploader, he essentially controls the uploader once the war starts and enjoys the high life at his underground pool.

    @Mikayla, Sigma didn’t commit suicide in any timeline version. He was interrupted by the bombs originally, and the SeoHae’s dad arrested him so he didn’t get a chance to try and suicide – hence why he started flickering. Regarding @Verlyn’s comment, time loops don’t really work like that – they got onto the second floor because they were saved (by themselves) and then went back to save themselves after. The same logic is applied to a lot of other scenarios in the series, like SeoHae only went back in time because she had already gone back in time and left herself the diary (and she wrote the diary because she had already found the diary). If they were prevented from going back in the loop somehow, and Sigma succeeded in killing them because nobody was on the 2nd floor, the versions of them in the loop would glitch out and just the dead versions would remain.

    @dev8 – the uploader can only send you back. There is no travelling to the future – this is mentioned a few times. The Uploader sends you and the Downloader receives you, it doesn’t work the other way. Sigma goes to the past as part of the first test group sent through – he has a plan on what to do there to ensure TaeSul creates the Uploader AND get revenge on him. Over many many loops of time, Sigma refines the data about what happens so he can ‘win’ effectively.

  16. There were so many loopholes that it made the quality of the series fall through. Given with stellar cast, good cgi, and interesting premise, it can’t still be denied how messy it was. Some scenes were even laughable that I can’t even take it seriously (e.g. TaeSul and SoeHae sliding on the roof, fridge door blocking bullets lol! Seo hae from future hid on top of the train and gets unnoticed, Seo Hae was said to be in a dehydrated state but still fighting the goons with agility.Lol. Sigma survived nuclear war bec of a taped window!hahaha. I can go on and on with the list) Yes it’s sci-fi, turns out Fiction being more of the operative word. It’s fake, unrealistic and I can’t come up to terms with how they executed the idea of time loop. To me, for a sci-fi genre to succeed is for it to make the viewer somehow “believe” the fiction part. The work of art has to shake our beliefs and norms to a certain point. That’s the challenge of coming up with anything sci-fi or fantasy. Sisyphus had a great concept. It just totally fell short on the writing, editing probably, and execution of the idea. I stayed on till ep 16 and I can’t actually believe that I did, given that I have seen flaws even on the early part. I guess I was looking forward to it redeeming itself but it never happened.

    So with all the loose ends, I would like to know this Sigma(the guy who survived the nuclear), on that timeline, how did he manage to get a hold of the uploader? Or when is the actual initial moment where Sigma successfully get hold of the uploader? Did they even establish this? I hope someone can enlighten me with this one as I find this very crucial. TIA

  17. Conclusion- He was mentally ill and delusional all along and repeated outcomes in his head after taking his medication until he finally created his own winning outcome. He started the series “seeing” his brother on the plane and ended with seeing her on the plane, where she didn’t acknowledge the pills he got out.

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  18. On the whole, it was a great entertainment. Confusing and lots of holes in the plot, but so what, it’s fiction. Loved the two lead actor/actress. Great show!

  19. I’m rather new to K dramas so I’m not really familiar with their tropes. I will say that I’m a huge fan of Stranger, especially the first season. Just incredible. The lead is a fantastic actor IMO. I did quite enjoy this series, but I notice in general there are a lot of plot issues and great heaps of suspended belief when it comes to time travel storylines. I think this series has those issues too. To me, I saw this as more a romance dressed as a sci-fi thriller, which is ok. The acting and chemistry is great with some likable characters, and the future world visuals with the top notch action quite entertained me. I would like to think the 2 leads did end up finding each other again, even if it’s possibly in the afterlife. Thumbs up for me.

  20. I like the cut scenes at the beginning of each episode. This is OK for me unlike Alice..

    Park Shin Hye can be the Korean version of Ellie from Last of Us.

  21. Why did they need to snipe Sigma from the church balcony if he was already disappearing because his past self committed suicide? Why did his disappearing take so long and his minions disappeared in a second? And then when they went back to the past, he didn’t commit suicide but her dad was nice to him? but he still started to disappear? @Verlyn had a good point about this scene also.
    Overall fun to watch though. Despite the confusion and illogical-ness I didn’t have to force myself to finish, I was just hooked.

  22. Great series. Ok ending. Never understood why the govt leadership was allied with Sigma considering his nefarious goals.

  23. I cannot believe I didn’t drop this drama early on when the control bureau were worse shots than stormtroopers, fridges stopped bullets while clear shots were almost never taken and the male lead was extremely annoying. By the end of the series, taping your windows protected you from nuclear bombs and the fallout. Horrible script, mediocre at best CGI, embarrassingly bad overall.

  24. After seeing DARK (German series), i can understand most of the things which many people are seeing as plot holes in Kdrama Sisyphus : The Myth .
    1. How can Tae sul & Seo hae travel through uploader ? it means it’s coding is completed even before eddy shot seo hae?
    Ans. When the were going through uploader Han Tae sul said that he is completing the coding such that it can be used only once. That is why in front of eddy he had to complete the coding again
    2. How come Tae sul’s future self came and rescued eveyone ? if it had happned before than why it was not in anyone’s memory ?
    Ans. It’s because of parallel universe. The universe seperated when Seo hae was loacked in buker by Tae sul. so, in one universe Sigma killed Seo Hae and in other Sigma was killed.
    3. Why was original sigma was shown like that in the last scene ?
    Ans . As the name suggests Sisyphus which never ending cycle (acc. to tale of sisyphus he again and again had to push the Rock and so his punishment never ended). So, now the original sigma will again find a way to destroy him but to his news Tae sul is already dead.
    4. Tae sul saw Seo hae on plane
    Ans. it was his hallucination and he dropped the medicine coz he wanted to live that moment although he was dead . Means he was in afterlife thinking this as he is dead in his timeline ie dead forever.
    5. Seo hae saw her past self in church and then also didn’t disappear
    Ans. She was disappearing a little bit and was also feeling unstable

  25. Feeling lost at the last episode. I could not give it a good rating just because of the last episode.

  26. Just glad it’s over, whew! It’s confusing what time frame the leads were on? Sorry guys but I’ll not waste.time trying to figure out all the plot holes.

  27. if we would get rid of our thinking cap while watching this, maybe we can just enjoy the show because of great CGI, acting, directing, etc..

    but in terms of story development and scientific considerations, we can say the writing is not that good at all.

    i had also questions as i see loopholes in this kdrama

    1) how could tae sul know that he should go back to past to fix the problem. I could have accepted if his past self went to the future to stop sigma (considering the uploader can also let you travel to the future, not just the past). His future self would have met his past self and tell him about his plan.

    2) there was no story how the other sigma (the poor suicidal one) could have planned to go the past. I could have accepted also if the second sigma (the rich one) met with him and told him his plans that the poor one should travel the past and fix everything so the cycle must go on.

  28. I am not a k-drama follower, but this and Sweet Home were the ones that I’ve watched from start to end and got hooked from the story and the characters. As much as I expect the outcome of this story to be as it is in parallel with the greek mythology of sisyphus, I was got a bit confused initially at the ending and at the airplane scene. But I realized it also should be. There are also move styles that it is intended for to leave questions and self-interpretations for viewers such as Inception, and this one got it as well. – the end scene with the “good” sigma. For me, the airplane can simply be interpreted as “heaven” or temporary waiting place when someone dies without or less guilt of sin apart from good and heroic acts to bring goodness to humanity. On that place, we believe we are truly free, and our desires to be reconciled back to our loved ones and everyone will come into full fruition there. It is like a hallucination on which is not, but whatever good we can imagine or long for can become real, and without the restrictions of time and space and anymore – like souls. HTS longs for GSH on that moment without time and space, and she is his heart’s desire to be with.

    Whenever I watch a series or a movie, this is the most important aspect that gets me hooked until the end – the valuable message and lessons/values the film wants to relay or address to its audience. The message was simple, yet these are the stuffs our world really needs from time immemorial until the end of our time. And this is selfless love, forgiveness, act of kindness. This drama reminds us that we ourselves create our own monsters because of our arrogance, pride, selfishness, bitterness, anger that up to the point we cannot control it anymore. We don’t know what other people goes through on their lives – the sufferings, hardships, longingness and so on – yet we continue to ignore them, bash them, belittle them, being harsh to them, judge them so quickly, not even trying to understand where they are coming from. And ironacially, some commentors shows signs of those here. We humans are wired to be loved, and to love. And love is not to be romanticized, for it is an act, a selfless act. Love is not romantic to be love itself, but love is whole and acts kindly towards everyone else. As mentioned earlier, sisyphus comes from a greek myth, right? Well guess what, Love in greek, has 4 kinds of it. Research about the 4 kinds of love and you guys will know a tidbit of connection with this. Second, forgiveness can heal anything regardless of time, regardless of the past and the present, and moved forward with a better future. And this is clearly shown on this series, how it changed people especially that guy who lost his mother believing on the lies that GSH killed her. Together with the act of kindness, it can create ripples that will affect the very fabric of time and space themselves, and this act of kindness, no matter how little or big it is, was shown clearly with sigma at the last episode.

    So after this quite long comment, how I wish viewers who watched this drama from start to end, got the timely message, rather than type comments that says “It’s a waste of my time.”, because it was not.

  29. Paradox upon parodox! There are literally more questions than answers. Only endured to watch it til the end because of Shin Hye to be honest!

  30. Ending is a bit confused. But for the actors who did a great job by portraiting characters in such a good way and the crew who did a great job and specially the CGI team, I think they must be awarded with our love.
    So let’s just thank them.
    Also this is a fiction. So anything is possible.
    As for @Verlyn 08/04/2021 at 5:16 pm , I think it’s because there are different timelines. Timelines are independent like parallel universes. Timelines crossed at the point where seo hee locked in the bunker. The ones who shot sigma, they are from a different timeline. Their starting point is that ; in my point of view.
    Because they in the timeline where they belong. The present tae sul and seo hee went back to make that happens in this timeline too. That’s how the missiles disappeared from this timeline. Just like sigma did to make war happens again and again in every timeline.
    As tae sul and seo hee stopped a war in one timeline it won’t happen ever again until tae sul code the uploader.
    I think the drama is pretty good. Just because it’s hard to figure out it doesn’t make a drama bad. There’s a really good message also. We shouldn’t let the fate decide the future.We should decide it. I don’t think there’s another kdrama which gives a meaning like this.

    P.S.:This is my point of view. Ignore it if you don’t agree.

  31. I agree with Rebecca comment. Most of you who watched the series are either the real scientists who work with logic or for some reason completely disregard the hidden meaning behind the story. First of all, it is a fiction. Second, if Han Tae Sul decided to let himself killed from the first episode than there will be no story. Third…of course the story line would come out with an effort to save the world first….failed and restart again. the last episode where Han Tae Sul do realize that the bad people are always everywhere no matter how hard he try to save the world..or no matter how many “times” repeat itself. There will always be a loser and bad people like Eddie Kim and Sigma who choose to blame other people for their misery rather than just decided to part way with the person that annoyed them (Han Tae Sul)…and go somewhere to start off his own technology start-up or do something better than what Han Tae Sul did. But no way is it? for a story…there must be antagonist and protagonist…I do agree on the lack of development for other character but alas…isn’t the objective of the drama is to answer the question of what if time machine exist? and what will the bad and crazy people do with it? And what are the condition of other human being in the story and what they were doing at that time? And last but not least…the scene where Han Tae Sul..sitting…in the aeroplane…. with Seo Hee….is somewhat an imagination of his death self where this is the part where no human being can reach even the director of this drama itself. The potrayal of him…sitting beside Gang Seo Hee (who is not yet grow up at this point) tells that Gang Seo Hee existed in his memory as adult woman…at least this is what some people would imagine what will happen after death? I would want to be reconcile again with my loved one…(maybe generally people wish like this?). Still confused?

  32. Thanks for all the timely recaps on this crazy quilt show. Your droll comments on the loopy logic flaws were enjoyable throughout the show’s run. Obviously lots of viewers really wanted the drama to end with some slightly satisfying falling action. Your final recap and the comments posted here made me laugh while watching. Honestly, the best part of the finale were the brief shots of the crew hard at work making interesting visuals. Sad but true, “Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” even with lots of hard work and dedication from the cast and crew.

  33. here are my thoughts:

    Tae-sul really died and the last part where he met Seo-hae was somewhere in the waiting-after-life. Thus, the light at the front door of the plane. No more hallucinations for Tae-sul.

    It can never be a happy ever after because based on the story, Seo-hae just returned to fixed the past to avoid the war. If the war will not take place, there is no existing revengeful Seo-hae.

    Sysypus in Greek myth shows how something happens again and again. I give credit to that.

    I just can’t comprehend the following:
    1. how can Seo-hae see her past self in a tomb when she clearly still exist in the future?
    2. they went on the uploader to go the the past, it means, the uploader is already fully functional even before eddy kim sees the both of them
    3. what happened to the storyline of the sniper? this is hanging

  34. Probably one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen in terms of writing. I have never experienced tv that had consistently bad comedy and a complete disregard for time travel logic

  35. Since reality was left out from the very beginning and we just accept time travel and the universe as it is shown, the fact that there were some big logical holes doesn’t disturb me too much. It’s fiction. A vehicle for displaying the interactions between people. The good guy seems to win in the end and get the girl. Yea! Unlike some others I have watched where the good guy is killed at the end and doesn’t get the girl. So, did I enjoy the series? Sure. Not enough to want a season 2, but it was generally good enough for me.

  36. tae sul is sigma i guess
    or else why will sigma have the diary of something that only tae sul remembers, every thing about the parallel universe? idk i am not getting the last part..

  37. Rebecca @7:56 pm comment: You are ABSOLUTELY right about the airplane scene. That had really bothered me (future Seo Hae meeting present Tae Sul) which is how I ended up on this page. It has to be Tae Sul’s hallucination as you explained. I just rewatched the original plane scene from Episode 1, and you are spot on. Thank you for your insight!

    The REAL Eddy Kim 😉

  38. Wtf happened!!!!? I mean seriously , what was that , the ending!! Are these guys serious!!!! I’m happy for Jae sun and Mr. Park but tae sul died and seo hae disappears!!??? And why was tae sul even seeing seo hae before he met her!!? And Eddy Kim,that was not really necessary!!!!, I’m more confused than ever now. Tf was that!!

  39. The plane scene was basically just a memory of Tae Sul and an imagination that he is with Seo Hae. Remember when he was about to take the pills to stop his hallucination since she was seeing Seo Hae but eventually, he decided to not take it and dropped it instead because he just wants to enjoy that moment where he can be with Seo Hae even it was just on his mind. This is the same scene in Episode 1 where he was hallucinating of his brother. How come y’all did not get this.

    Lol Tae Sul did not kill himself since the beginning because who would want to be dead though? Especially that Seo Hae entered his life and told him that she was going to save him to change the future. So why would you kill yourself lol, he just decided to noble at the end after all the efforts beating sigma and realizing that there will always be someone who will go after him because of the uploader.

  40. Okay so i have a few things i would like to point out about this series. Firstly, i think that they had a very cool concept going on with the asia mart, naming the travellers as ‘immigrants with suitcases’ honestly the whole shabang. It’s fresh.

    But for such a cool concept, it can be difficult to hit the high notes… Which i feel the series lacked, making it feel like you’re watching it to quench your thirst for a good ending and not truly loving the characters and the script behind it.

    Look if you could make the bad guy some sort of seer who can see the future, and make a tech genius a victim magnet for being an asshole, you could at least give the side characters some more love. The hot poor guy being infatuated with Gang so hae because she made him rich was abit much.

    It would be nice to see more of what his daily life had changed and give him more personality instead of just having him swoon over her exoticness. Maybe some cuts where he is just overthinking stuff, negotiating with himself about whether or not it is right to keep the lottery cash just like that, or show more about his new rich life and still feeling out of place with what’s been going on.

    That could be a better basis of why he wants to join the fight, and how he can play a part to solve small problems along the way. Even if he is a coward. Better than have him pop up just in time to save her or help the main characters along to prevent a nuclear war.

    Then there were the other two boys at the asia mart with zero insight on their relationship with each other or history whatsoever. They really deserved more lines, especially when their entire livelihood is built at the back of a random store…

    And then there is the continued betrayal of tae sul’s ex gf and his best friend who then claims he has been a selfish jerk to him too. We ALL know that he is a selfish jerk, but what then makes him likeable enough that it can carry the show?

    Especially the scene where the bad guy tells him how neglected he feels and yet neither him nor the girl was moved just a little, saddened or even curious at all about the extent the world treated him which made him this way. All this guy has is his quick problem thinking skills and his regret for his brother. Why don’t he feel anything for mistreating the rest of the people around him and not just his brother?

    I get that the whole story is build upond a shroud of mystery and the romance that bloomed with adversity and they’ve really done a good job on that. But it could be better if they can jinggle the contents abit and make it more enticing and lovable. Having everyone in the cloud and branding the story with their romance makes me think that the story is really just trying to sell us more on their sad romance story then the actual world they’ve built.

    In the end the unsympathetic jerk dies, the girl disappears and the crazy seer dude is suddenly seen taking out a notebook where he writes all the stuff that happens before it does. Planned from beginning to the end, made up in his head, who wouldn’t be satisfied with that ending? It’s not even chilling, just meta.

  41. I watched it just for seung woo ssi. have been in love with him since I watched Inside Men and Stranger. The finale just made me cry and wish I could time travel and erase it. The script is said to be in the works since 2016 and what crap they have presented. Such a disservice to us fans and the cast. They all did their best with such a shitty script. I am gonna binge watch Stranger to cleanse my mind.

  42. If the war did not happen, then Seo Hae is still a young girl about 9-10 yrs old and not a grown uin in the plane scene sitting beside Tae Sul.

  43. I can’t get pass this anti-logic, if anyone can help me unravel this:

    For their future selves to be up there on the second floor to shoot dead sigma, they have to kill sigma first, take the uploader, then go back up the church. Which means there must be a starting point where they manage to get past sigma *without* their future selves on the second floor for the whole loop to be able to happen, isn’t it?

  44. I couldn’t have survived this series without the reviews to tell me what had happened. Even so I am pretty lost. There were some great characters and ideas. Just difficult to.keep track of what was going on.

  45. Why Seo-Hae will be at the plane? If the future her are not suffered and no need to back to the past, she won’t know that she love Tae-Sul also XD

  46. Thanks for your work on each episode. I stick with Cho Seung Woo’s great acting and charisma. For him I saw the drama and for him I have finished it. Seung Woo is the soul of this whole mess.

  47. wth is with this ending Im so confused. I was so happy han tae sul is with gang seo hae, but what happened to seo gil bok? Is he still gonna become the evil person we know? Im so mad, sad and confused.

  48. Still, an enjoyable sci-fi drama to watch with the top notch acting, Bond-like scenes, and other things other than the logic of the story.

  49. Still, an enjoyable sci-fi drama to watch with the top notch acting, Bond-like scenes, and other things besides the logic of the story.

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