Sisyphus: The Myth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Bunker Door

Episode 14 of Sisyphus: The Myth begins with the gunshot piercing Sigma’s shoulder as he bolts from the apartment block and hurries away. Sigma is eventually picked up by a car and rushes out of view, as Seo-Hae watches him leave.

When he does, Sigma (from the future) rings Tae-Sul and thanks him for helping time continue on like it always has. Tae-Sul eventually loses control, throwing the phone on the ground. When he does, he notices the room was bugged all along. This obviously explains why Sigma was able to see what was happening.

Back at the Control Bureau, Eddie talks to Sigma about the Uploader, convincing Eddie to keep making the contraption. Sigma tells him that the Uploader saves many people in the future, and what Tae-Sul is saying is complete fiction. Well, Eddie eventually does agree, and sets out to try and find Tae-Sul’s code in order to make the machine work.

Eddie heads back to see the scientists and engineers, telling them they need to increase the capacity and handing snacks over to keep them all appeased.

Meanwhile, Seo-Hae mopes around and cries, thinking back to her Father’s words in the future timeline. Eventually she drop-calls Sun, who races out with his car to try and find her. He’s not the only one though, as Tae-Sul examines the metal tin Bong-Seon gave him. His words about this being a last resort pave way for some strange white powder inside.

When Tae-Sul holds it in his fingers, he begins to see visions for the future. Eventually he starts glitching out, experiencing more flashes of Seo-Hae being shot. As he stands back, Tae-Sul realizes that he’s now remembering a lot more of what’s happened.

This brings him to the bunker where Seo-Hae happens to be, reminiscing on moments from her past. In fact, she holds Tae-Sul up at gunpoint until he encourages her to look around. He’s not only fixed the bunker door, but he’s also stocked the place up with a lot of food, meaning they don’t really need to leave.

Seo-Hae hugs Tae-Sul from behind, as he awkwardly holds her hands. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, they decide to keep the lights on and lie in bed together. After, Tae-Sul questions what happens if they lose.

Tae-Sul starts glitching out again – a side effect from changing the future – as he traps Seo-Hae inside the bunker and heads off, determined to save the world. Ironically though, the way to save the world would have been to kill Sigma when he had the chance.

With Sigma in the driving seat, the Control Bureau rally together and track down Tae-Sul. Only, when they find him they realize he’s not with Seo-Hae. Sigma is interrupted though when Tae-Sul rings and tells the boss that he’s going to be calling the shots from now on.

The Control Bureau find Sun while he’s at the restaurant. They demand he go with them, threatening to bring his family back to Korea if he doesn’t. Without much of a choice, Park tags along. There, Sigma invites Sun in and encourages him to team up with them. He hands over two plane tickets and reveals that he only needs Tae-Sul, not Seo-Hae. Sun though, is not ready to betray his friend.

Park awakens at Asiamart and is told by the doctor to rest up ready for the big war to come. Bingbing sees Park about to heed this advice and confronts him, asking outright whether he actually kills his older self in this timeline. Just before he answers, Tae-Sul shows up and asks for a gun. He throws over a bag holding medicine and antibiotics inside, hoping this will help with the future timeline.

With this crucial bag in their possession, Tae-Sul prepares to head out with a handgun stashed in his back pocket. He arrives at Quantum and Time, waltzing in the front door and telling the employees to head home. After, he races off to find Sigma, who antagonizes Tae-Sul and encourages him to come and track the man down.

The Episode Review

We’re nearly there guys, two more episodes left of Sisyphus which has been an experience to say the least. After such a bright and promising start, Sisyphus has really felt like pushing a huge boulder up a hill and stumbling and falling all the way to the bottom every time.

This episode we see Tae-Sul fix the bunker door which, presumably, would save Seo-Hae’s mother. This single act would also drastically change the timeline too, with everything that followed in the post-apocalyptic timeline rendered obsolete.

After all, if Seo-Hae’s Mother survived, Seo-Hae would have no motive to go back and kill Tae-Sul, no personal stakes in this fight and a very different outcome altogether. This would, presumably, see the sniper from the earlier episodes successfully kill Tae-Sul at the summit. Then again, trying to rationale the decisions made here is a headache unto itself.

For now, we’re setting up for a big showdown between Sigma and Tae-Sul. Will Tae-Sul be able to kill the big boss and save the day? I’m sure we’ll find out next week!

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  1. May I just say that I really hate Choi Jae-sun? His character in general. A nosy/persistent, sad boy. Hey, I’m a sad person as well, but if the person doesn’t like me, I really back off. I don’t waste my time trying to please someone. *sigh. He should have just gone to America with the fam.

    *clicks episode 15 link

  2. Ese polvo blanco se compone del los restos de el, es decir de si esqueleto. Al estar en contacto con su otro yo o como ya hemos visto en este mismo episodio con el Asian mart cerca ocurre eso. Eso es lo que el dice paradoja del tiempo.

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