Sisyphus: The Myth – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Fade Away

Episode 10 of Sisyphus: The Myth begins with Dong-Gi heading to the police station, learning more about the Control Bureau. He begins investigating, eventually heading back home. Only, he’s not alone.

In the elevator, he finds himself confronted by a masked man who tries to take him out. Dong-Gi fights him off though and knocks him down. This man happens to work for the Control Bureau, and more specifically is a member of Team 7. It turns out they’re after Seo-Hae and came to his house to do just that.

We then cut back to the Control Bureau. As expected, the water causes all guns to stop working and even opens some of the cell doors too. Seo-Hae fights her way out of the cuffs and handcuffs Hyeon-Gi to the chair instead. As she heads into the hallway though, she begins glitching out as a result of the syringe hit last time.

Tae-Sul waltzes into the Control Bureau HQ (wait, has he got a retinal scanner too?) and shocks all the guards and prisoners lying unconscious on the floor with a live wire.

Tae-Sul eventually manages to find Seo-Hae and collects her up, intending to get away. Seo-Jin helps them into a cell and gives them her ID card. She knows that he paid for the Chairman’s funeral and thanks him for not telling anyone.

When they leave, Seo-Jin rings through to someone and tells them the pair are heading for the back gate and to be ready. Unfortunately this sees Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae captured by all the other guards. CEO Park shows up though and rallies the prisoners with guns pointed at them.

As the rest of the cells open too, the Control Bureau guards shoot with accuracy that would make a stormtrooper blush. Eventually they’re swarmed and taken out.

Anyway, CEO Park and his men successfully thwart the threat and corner Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae together. As he does, Tae-Sul pleads with them, suggesting they leave and head back to the Asia Mart. He eventually agrees but warns him on the way out the doors.

With the whole gang together, Tae-Sul and the others head away from the hospital while chaos erupts outside. Just before Hyeon-Gi shoots them from the balcony overlooking everything, Dong-Gi suddenly shows and takes out Hyeon-Gi. As the group stare in shock, they take off while Seo-Hae remains okay and not glitching too much for now.

The group make it back to Asia Mart where Sun is operated on. The bullet is removed and the surgeon heads off. Only, just before he does, he tells Tae-Sul that there’s no cure for Seo-Hae’s condition.

Tae-Sul immediately confronts Park and demands to know how to help Seo-Hae, switching off all the computers through his technical brilliance. Eventually Park succumbs and admits that she’ll vanish in a few days.

The only only way the save Seo-Hae is through a shadowy figure called Kim Agnes. Only, even if he can bring Seo-Hae back, there’s no guarantee that she’s be the same. And – yep you guessed it – it could also affect her memories. Looks like our amnesia trope is back on the menu!

Well, with the possibility of a cure on the cards, Park keeps Sun as a hostage to make sure Tae-Sul keeps up his side of the bargain. Tae-Sul is given 24 hours to sort this too, and if he doesn’t then Sun, Tae-Sul and Seo-Hae will all be killed.

Meanwhile, Hyeon-Gi awakens to find Dong-Gi waiting for him. He asks about the Control Bureau and Level 7 but it’s no good, he remains silent. This eventually prompts Dong-Gi to hurry out and head back home. There, he warns his wife that they need to leave. Only, Tae-Sul shows up and sits them both down, warning them both about the threats to come.

He mentions how Seo-Hae has been sent back to the present and shows them the necklace. Specifically both versions and how the original data and its copy can’t exist at the same time. As one touches the other, it fades away. Well, on the back of this Tae-Sul brings Dong-Gi in to see Seo-Hae and reveals everything about the nuclear war and what’s to come.

As we skip forward to the year 2035, we see Seo-Hae and her Father together. Seo-Hae wants to go back in time but Dong-Gi warns her not to, including the damning truth that he’s seen her die. On the back of this, Seo-Hae heads out alone with her things packed, deciding to make a difference any way she can.

In the present, Park and Tae-Sul arrive at a children’s home full of illegal entrants. This happens to be where the Director is but she drops a cage on Tae-Sul like a cartoon character. Anyway, as this woman steps forward it’s revealed to be Seo-Jin! It turns out she was on the advance team too. Only, just as she tells him it’s not her fault, Sigma shows and reveals his true identity to Tae-Sul.

The Episode Review

Sisyphus the Myth returns with another episode that advances the plot nicely but also throws up even more questions into the fold. Based on this timeline it seems like Tae-Sul always visited Seo-Hae’s parents.

Only, if that’s the case then why are they both so shocked when nuclear bombs hit? Why did they wait until the last minute to save Seo-Hae and try to skip town? Even if this has always been predestined, if you received word of this would you not try to warn as many people as possible and skip the country for a holiday a week before the bombs drop?

Sisyphus also has a nasty habit of confusing its own lore with convenient little deus-ex-machina moments that completely botch the timeline.

For example, if items can be sent back through time (like the photo and EMP charge for Tae-Sul) is it not possible that a bomb could be sent back to stop North Korea launching nukes? Or even a postal bomb to kill Tae-Sul if that’s the real end-game. Why has no one thought to do that yet?

And then this episode we learn that the original data and its copy can’t exist at the same time. So how does this correlate with sending an item back then? And how does that work with people? If the original and its present-day counterpart come close or touch, will they fade out of existence and become one? Would it cause a huge temporal paradox? Or has everything always existed in this way?

Also, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that the Control Bureau couldn’t hit a barn door with a machine gun. That whole rampage in the Control Bureau basement, with guns firing everywhere, was pretty embarrassing and a bit of a miss. I mean it’s not fellow K-drama Love ft. Marriage and Divorce bad (is anything?) but this really wasn’t great.

Despite all that though, the all-star cast and some intriguing little twists are enough to stick with this one but if you go in and apply even a little bit of logic to the timeline or the plot, Sisyphus is likely to leave you with a mighty headache!

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  1. Are there 2 Seo Jins in this timeline though? Seems Agnes Kim is “styled” differently as if trying to make her look older than the Seo Jin we’ve seen. My understanding was there’s a Seo Jin from the future and a present time Seo Jin.

  2. Agree with review above, also in episode 1 the girl and her dad peacefully said goodbyes in the future and she left to the past.
    But in episode10 there’s whole different scenario lol..

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