Siren Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review


The Fallout

Returning this week after a couple of months on leave, Siren picks up right where it left off during the dramatic mid-season finale. With the oil rig suspended for now and Xander’s boat awash with flames, we return to Ben scrambling to save Xander from the fire. Coughing and spluttering, he manages to drag him to safety while the mermaids say goodbye to Sarge after his unfortunate death. Most of the episode from here tackles the humans above the sea and dealing with the fallout of their actions.

Ben and Maddie find themselves torn over the best way to deal with Ryn’s absence until Maddie asks to listen to the siren song to help take the edge off. Ben begrudgingly agrees, and the two sit and listen to the calming voices before Ryn herself shows up at the door. It’s been tough for her out in the water but Ben and Maddie tell her they need her too. Ben’s Mum is sick and as they head to the hospital, Ryn wanders through the corridors before approaching Ben’s Mum and singing the siren song to her in a bid to try and soothe her pain. 

After being told of Sarge’s death by Ryn before she left for Ben’s, Helen spends the episode with Rick, as they head off on a road trip together. Suffice to say, the events that transpire here may well prove to be a big part of drama going forward.

With Xander’s situation looking bleak following his boat being destroyed, he’s offered a job at the bar which he accepts while Nicole continues to dive deeper into investigating the research being done by Decker. Unfortunately, Ben’s dad has research of his own in the form of footage from the night of the drill ship. He sees one of the mermaids diving at 2100 feet and as he deliberates over what he’s seen, a reporter probes him to try and get answers, telling him he knows there’s a video.

As the ripple effects of this spread across the town, the final parts of the episode see Ryn make good on her previous arrangement, promising to go with Nicole to the military laboratory while Ben and Maddie follow, unaware quite what this means for them going forward.

Easing back into the story, Siren picks up right where it left off from before with all the usual rapid editing and intriguing characterisation from before. As a show designed for young adults, Siren does a great job with its story, weaving enough drama and tension through its episodes whilst progressing the characters at a decent rate. While there aren’t many memorable moments this week, Siren does well to pick up the pieces and begin laying the foundation for the story to come. Quite what the military are going to do with Ryn remains to be seen but if I’d hazard a guess – it’s not going to be pretty.


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