Siren Season 2 Episode 8 – Mid Season Finale – Recap & Review



The Mission

After weeks of build up, Siren returns for a dramatic mid-season finale that’s sure to leave fans anxiously waiting for the show’s return in July. As the mermaids and humans put the final touches on their plan, this episode is all about the mission at hand.

The episode itself begins with Ryn cautiously following Nicole into the military complex. After seeing a group of wounded and amputee soldiers, Nicole tells Ryn her mermaid tissue could be the key to helping heal these people. For now, we’re lead to believe this but a later interaction between Nicole and her boss certainly hints at other, more troubling ideas in store for her.

Still, we don’t get long to ponder over this as the Oil Company look set to host an exhibition in the town. The purpose of which, being to educate the town on what they’re looking to do and promote the positive effects on Bristol Cove. Ben inevitably goes along to see what they have planned but in doing so, gets an idea on how to stop them thanks to a scale model on display.

As the humans and mermaids reconvene and go over the plan, the eve of the big day sees both sides say their goodbyes in several touching scenes. Ben, Maddie and Ryn share a fateful night while Sarge and Helen have a heartfelt moment of their own. As the night of the mission approaches, the various forces set their plan into motion.

Everything seems to be going like clockwork until the Oil Company unveil a special surprise – a camera at the bottom of the ocean. The catch? It’s right where the mermaids are intending to cut the drill. As Helen scrambles to get things back on track, Xander has problems of his own as Cami’s anger is too much to contain and she goes after the man responsible for killing her Mum. After narrowly dodging an axe blow to the head, Cami cuts the gas line from the ensuing blow, leading to Xander firing a gun and the ensuing reaction engulfing the boat in flames.

Under the ocean, the mermaids manage to successfully take out the drill but Sarge suffers a fatal blow in the process. A shocking moment for sure and we leave the mermaids swimming into the darkness as Ben’s dad above ground watches the boat collapse. He knows his son had something to do with this and the ensuing chaos that grips the exhibit paves way for a brief musical montage.

We leave Siren with massive questions ahead of its return in July. Will Xander survive the fire on the boat? What will become of the mermaids in the ocean and will we see them again? What consequences does Ben’s dad have in store for his Son? There’s enough here to chew over and credit where it’s due, Siren knows how to put on a good finale. With a fair few months to go before this mermaid drama returns, it’ll be interesting to see what direction this takes going forward but in the meantime, there’s enough here to make for a thrilling finale nonetheless.


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