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After the Spanish flavoured karaoke competition last month, Sing on! is back with more songs and a slightly different European vibe. Turning the attention east to Germany, Sing on! Germany essentially takes the same format seen in Spain but adds a different set of contestants and a slightly different comedic tone with its host Palina Rojinski. If you were a fan of Sing On Spain, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

For those unaware, Sing On’s competition is relatively straight forward and combines elements of game shows like Don’t Forget The Lyrics with a more straight forward elimination format. At its core, Sing On is all about, well, singing. Specifically singing in-tune and hitting the right vocal tones. 

Each of the 6 contestants are tasked with singing popular songs and the one among them who manages to nail the song the best, hits the top spot and is exempt from elimination in that round. The rest however, have to vote amongst themselves to decide who should leave.

This continues through until the final round where the remaining song is left up to the voice analysis system to determine who wins and who goes home with the cash.

Interestingly, this cash prize is calculated throughout the show by the number of perfect notes hit and that is, again, determined by the super computer calculating all the different vocal inflections and tonal shifts. It’s pure karaoke with a twist but to be honest it does feel quite similar to games like Guitar Hero.

The white dot bounces across the screen distracting from the performance as it gauges whether contestants hit the notes or not. This in itself poses a particular problem as notes are exaggerated and oftentimes rise or fall in pitch unnaturally against the original song…and yet the computer registers that as correct.

Even if you’re in the mood for something lighthearted and breezy, Sing On is a difficult one to recommend. Some of the songs are painfully butchered while the lack of star power prevents the show ever reaching the same star power as something like X-Factor or The Voice.

The voting is uneven and oftentimes you’ll find the same tactics here as you would in other game-shows. Sometimes contestants gang up on the best singer to improve their own chances while the voice analysis system doesn’t always reflect what you’re hearing with your naked ear.

Overall, Sing On! Germany is essentially the German-flavoured edition to the Karaoke competition. While the contestants are different, the overall vibe is nigh-on identical to Sing On! Spain. The result is something that will immediately feel right at home for fans of that previous karaoke competition but for everyone else, this is more likely to hit some serious bum notes.

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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