Single Drunk Female – Season 1 Episode 3 “I’m Sorry, But?” Recap & Review

I’m Sorry, But?

Episode 3 of Single Drunk Female begins with Sam partying with Felicia and spending way too much money on club sodas.

In just two days, she’ll receive a token for 30 days of being sober, but she’s still feeling down. Spending time with Felicia at the bar doesn’t feel the same any more.

Olivia encourages Sam to find joy in things that won’t trigger her and to keep busy in ways that don’t involve bars. That’s the first step. The next will be to make amends with friends whom she’s hurt.

Sam wants to skip a few steps, though. She discovers from social media that Brit and Joel will be at the roller rink for Brit’s birthday. So, she invites Felicia and her son Zach to go roller skating with her so that she can run into Brit.

Sam’s apology to Brit doesn’t go as planned. She ends up placing just as much blame on Brit as she does herself.

Added to that, Felicia becomes upset when she realizes that Sam was just using her for a ride. She accuses Sam of only thinking of her as a “bar buddy,” when she is much more than that.

Meanwhile, Carol preps for her next book club meeting. She’s anxious about the club finding out about Sam’s recovery, so it complicates things when Sam’s probation officer shows up to the house in the middle of a book club discussion.

Bob invites Officer Gail inside, much to Carol’s chagrin. This leads to the truth coming out about Sam. Everyone encourages Carol to express her true feelings. She says she feels angry, picks up the food tray, and tosses it on the ground. The club praises her and comforts her.

Sam receives her token for being 30 days sober. As she hands it to her, Olivia tells her to show up for the people who matter, and they will start showing up for her.

This inspires Sam to find Felicia at the bar and apologize to her. She took her for granted as a friend and is determined to make up for it. They hug and make up.

The episode ends with the two of them singing karaoke. Felicia proudly declares to the audience that her friend is 30 days sober.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 adds depth to Felicia’s character that was sorely lacking in prior episodes. Rather than casting her as the “dud” friend who only wanted to drink with Sam, it turns out that she’s a complex character with responsibilities as a mother and loyalties to Sam. I thought the arc of the two friends in this episode was touching and well-drawn.

Carol’s arc, on the other hand, was almost unbearably cheesy. Hopefully, though, her cathartic experience will lead to reconciliation between her and Sam.

Sam made it 30 days without drinking! Do you think she can keep this up? Will she and Brit ever make amends?

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