Single Drunk Female Episode 10 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where to Watch


Single Drunk Female Episode 10

Single Drunk Female is a show on Freeform about a young woman’s path to recovery after suffering an alcohol addiction. After an embarrassing public incident, Samantha Fink goes from working at a New York media company to moving back in with her mom while she’s on probation.

This single drunk female finds she’s still got a lot to learn when it comes to love, friendship, and living her best life.

The season has just one episode left. So if you’ve followed Sam’s journey up until this point, you probably need to know what happens next in her story!

We have everything you need to know about episode 10 of Single Drunk Female, including its release date, time, and where you can watch it.

Where Can I Watch Single Drunk Female?

Single Drunk Female broadcasts live both on Freeform and on Hulu. If you aren’t able to catch it live, episodes are available on Hulu after they premiere.

Unfortunately, Single Drunk Female isn’t available to viewers in the UK.

Single Drunk Female Episode 10 Release Date

Single Drunk Female episode 10 will broadcast live on Thursday, March 17th at 10:30 p.m. EST. It will be available to stream anytime on Hulu beginning on Friday.

Episode 10 is titled “A Wedding” and will be about 23 minutes long.

How Many Episodes Will Single Drunk Female Season 1 Have?

Season 1 of Single Drunk Female is slotted for 10 episodes total, so we have just one episode left! Do you have any finale predictions?

Is There a Trailer for Single Drunk Female?

Yes! See the trailer for season 1:

There is also a promo for episode 10, which shows Sam doubting James’ reliability and Brit doubting her future.

What Happened in Episode 9?

Episode 9 of Single Drunk Female saw Sam celebrating one year sober and reconciling with her mom. Brit surprisingly bonded with Felicia, but it was over doubts about marrying Joel. Last, we saw James sabotage his recovery by lying to Sam and going to get drinks at a bar.

You can read more about previous episodes in our recaps, where we detail the major plot points and review each installment.

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What do you hope to see as the series continues? What’s been your favorite moment of Single Drunk Female so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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