Sing 2 Ending Explained: Does Buster manage to put on his big show?

Sing 2 Plot Synopsis

Sing 2’s story largely takes the same ideas from the first – including the best jokes – and spins that into a plot that tests each of our characters in different ways. All the usual suspects are back, led by Buster Moon who itches for bigger things beyond his small theatre back home.

When an opportunity to impress an out-of-town critic goes amiss, Buster convinces the gang to up and move to the big city, determined to impress the notoriously strict and business savvy Mr. Crystal.

Buster wants them to perform for the big crowds, and Crystal is the gatekeeper here to allow that to happen. Unfortunately, Buster’s promise of a big show also comes with the unwanted pressure of convincing retired rock-star Clay Calloway to come back and join them. As one may expect, everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

Does Buster Moon manage to convince Clay Calloway to join the group?

Most of the drama in Sing 2 centers on Clay Calloway, and bringing the retired star to sing in Buster Moon’s grand-finale of his big show. In fact, the entire show’s livelihood rests on Buster’s earlier promise to Crystal, promising to bring the star in to perform.

After chasing off Miss Crawly earlier in the movie (who misplaces her eye and hilariously replaces it with an apple instead) it falls to Buster and Ash to head there and convince Clay in person.

Clay’s reasons for retiring stem back to the death of his wife, who was always his rock and inspiration for singing in the first place. Since her death, Clay has been unable to sing or even play the guitar again. Given all of his songs are about her, the memories are just too painful.

Thankfully, Ash helps turn him around and after spending some time with him alone, while Buster heads back to the city, Clay agrees to join the group for the big finale.

Does Buster’s show manage to go ahead?

A lot of drama ensues between bringing Clay onboard and the show going ahead. Most notably, Mr Crystal finds out about Buster “firing” his daughter Porsha from the lead role. He also finds out about Buster’s deception too and almost throws him off the roof.

Thinking twice about it, he eventually throws the koala in his closet and locks the door. Thankfully, our trusted critic Suki, arrives and frees Buster, giving him time to gather the troops and put on the show – but everyone is called in to help make that happen.

Johnny gets in touch with his dad, who’s out of prison now and ready to rumble. He gathers his buddies and arrives at the theatre, serving as makeshift security personnel.

Rosita has her piglets cause a big ruckus in the dining area, which in turn brings all the security guards in the building racing over to try and stop them from causing complete carnage.

With everything set, Buster hijacks communications and encourages a large crowd to gather in the main auditorium for the big show. He also promises Clay Calloway will be there too, which helps speed along the big crowd.

When Mr Crystal finds out about Buster’s deception, he’s livid. He races down to confront Buster, who outsmarts him and traps the man in a cage. At least temporarily anyway.

Do Johnny and Meena manage to overcome their fears?

As the big show goes ahead, all of our characters have their individual subplots resolved in a suitable musical number.

Johnny manages to overcome his sniffy, abusive teacher with a dazzling display of dancing, courtesy of Nooshy’s teachings. This then sees the teacher bowing and accepting Johnny’s credentials.

Meena also overcomes her fears, pulling off her duet by imagining her counterpart is the ice-cream vendor she’s taken a fancy to outside, Alfonso. After her song, she even asks him out on a date, which is a big part of her story given she’s been too afraid to approach him until this point.

Does Rosita make the jump? Or does she choke again?

Rosita’s subplot, and third musical number, is one of the most important in the show. Early on in Sing 2, she had trouble making a big leap from the top of a platform.

Despite being on wires, the pressure was too much and she subsequently lost her place as the lead-star to Porsha, Mr Crystal’s daughter. With big question marks over whether she’d even be involved in the show, Buster “firing” Porsha (he basically relegated her to a lesser-role but she misinterpreted what he said) from the lead role, this allows Rosita to jump back into the role she was initially meant to have.

The big moment arrives and Rosita once again freezes. That is, until she sees Buster in trouble. With Mr Crystal freed from his cage, he throws Buster off the top of a large scaffolding structure.

As he tumbles to his doom, Rosita makes a bold decision and leaps off the platform, saving Buster and conquering her fears. Of course, this could also be interpreted as Rosita taking a “leap of faith” and conquering her initial fears of being in the limelight. It’s a wonderful metaphor to showcase this and a nice way to round out her character.

Does Clay Calloway sing?

The big finale of the show arrives and with it, Clay Calloway’s time to shine. He freezes en-route to the stage, leaving it to Ash to head out there first, beginning to play the guitar before he courageously steps out and joins her.

Part of Clay’s decision here comes from seeing a vision of his deceased wife by his side. This is enough to spark him into action and begin playing.

In playing songs dedicated to her, Clay realizes he can keep the memory of his wife alive and well; instead of playing solely for her, he can now keep her memory alive through the music as a tribute to her life.

What happens to Jimmy Crystal?

After breaking free from his cage and attempting to kill Buster Moon, Mr Crystal soon changes his tone when he learns that the show is a big success.

Crystal immediately heads out on stage, reveling in the applause very much not directed at him and takes the credit for everything. The thing is, when he turns around he notices the entire group have disappeared off the stage – including his daughter Porsha. The crowd break out into rapturous laughter, leaving Crystal with egg on his face.

Disgraced and with his true colours revealed, Mr Crystal is eventually arrested for attempting to murder Buster Moon. Presumably these charges will also extend to his rooftop antics where he tried to throw Moon off to his death earlier in the movie too.

In the end though, Crystal loses his business and the show, along with his credibility as a businessman.

How does Sing 2 end?

With the show a big success, Buster Moon and the gang hop aboard a bus back home. Suki shows up and hurriedly stops the bus, trying to get Buster’s attention. This is a nice throwback to the opening sequence of the movie, where Buster rode his bicycle up to her car on the road.

Suki confirms that The Majestic are interested in signing the group – with confirmed new members Clay, Porsha and Nooshy involved too. Clay nods in approval as the rest of the group agree to go as well. The group are a big hit and it looks like the sky’s the limit for our group.

As the movie fades to credits, it’s also worth noting that there’s no mid or post-credit sequence. There is an amusing little animation of Miss Crawly searching for her eyeball though, which is amusing enough to stick around for if you enjoyed the movie!

Could there be a Sing 3 though? By the way this film ends it certainly looks that way but we’ll have to wait and see if Illuminations greenlight a sequel!


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