Silo – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Relic” Recap & Review

The Relic

Episode 6 of Silo starts with Juliette breaking into Trumbull’s apartment, determined to find anything that may lead to why he killed Marnes. But of course, we know this is one big ruse. She’s joined by her new Deputy Chief, Billings, who finds the Pez dispenser, the one that Juliette planted ahead of time.

Further flashbacks show Juliette and George’s intimate relationship, and it soon becomes obvious as to what’s fueling Juliette’s desire to find out what happened to him – and figure out what other secrets the Silo may be hiding.

Juliette fixes up George’s watch in these flashbacks too, as Juliette explains that she did so because it makes her feel good to know that he’s feeling good. This also helps to shed light on why she’s so adamant about wearing the watch and keeping it with her.

In the office, Juliette searches the archives to try and find evidence of the Pez Dispenser. However, Billings shows and he’s pretty jittery, explaining to Juliette that keeping a relic beyond its 12 hour period and not handing it over to Judicial is a serious crime. However, a note comes in for Juliette from Ellie, telling her she doesn’t know what Juliette is looking for but will keep her updated if that changes. She hurriedly shreds the letter after reading it.

Juliette does eventually head over to Judicial where she’s reacquainted with the Judge. She brings up the relic and uses this as a way of trying to broach the subject of opening a new investigation into relics that haven’t yet been documented. Sims agrees… but under the pretense that Paul joins her through the whole investigation.

Outside the office, Billings warns that Judicial are going to be watching Juliette like a hawk as a result of this so she needs to be careful. As for Sims, he pores over the relic and begins looking through the archives himself, which includes a large, locked safe with numerous red bags and a whole bunch of folders.

Billings and Juliette show up to see Regina Jackson, who recognizes George Wilkins’ watch. She claims it belonged “to her boyfriend”. When she finds out George is dead, she’s not particularly torn up about it and is more interested in the watch. She puts two and two together when Juliette mentions she worked with George in Mechanical.

Regina explains that her relationship to George wasn’t Sanctioned but she’s wiped her hands of this, pointing out that George has a good way with words and went down to Mechanical to explore “the big questions”. Just before they leave, Regina hits one more proverbial dart to the chest, asking Juliette if “she believes George when he told her he loved her.” It throws everything Juliette knew about the man into question, and she begins doubting herself.

Bernard and Sims confront Juliette about the Relic thereafter and want answers. They point out that this relic belongs to George Wilkins and they did a thorough search of his place before he died and found nothing. It seems a bit suspect that this dispenser would just inexplicably show up in Trumbull’s apartment. They indirectly accuse Juliette of planting evidence (something we know they’re not above doing), but Bernard actually stands up for Juliette, pointing out that Trumbull may have taken the relic for himself, especially if he was part of the search team.

Bernard shrugs it off in the end, deciding to leave the mystery unsolved, but does give a side-eyed glance to Juliette when he leaves, seemingly believing that he’s covering for her.

Billings is not happy at the quickness Juliette would throw him under the bus, given his name was immediately brought up in the conversation regarding the relic. Billings wants Juliette to trust him, pointing out that he has a family and could have been sent to clean outside because of her carelessness.

That night, Juliette reflects over George’s “illegal questions”. These, as we soon come to learn, stem from the ultimate mystery that hovers over this entire series. What if everything here is all one big lie and illusion? Juliette isn’t sure what to do but realizes she’s in over her head, especially as George has lied to her the whole time. She radios through to Martha, telling her this is a complete waste of time. Martha though, retorts back that time is much more important than that and she needs to decide what sort of person she is.

Juliette heads back to see Regina that night, who points out there’s more going on here than Juliette knows. Judicial come during the day and ask the easy questions but “the man who knows everything” comes at night. Turning on the fan to mask her voice, Regina brings up how Judicial know exactly what’s going on, and this shadowy figure actually recited all the names of people she’d spoken to each day.

Scaring her half to death, Regina gave up all the names for Relic dealers she knew to save her mother and protect her family. And that included George Wilkins too, connecting all of this together.

Juliette asks about the hard drive when Regina brings it up casually, but despite not seeing it, she admits she exchanged the hard drive for a Relic that predates the rebellion. In fact, this is so ancient and secret that if she reveals what’s inside this envelope to anyone else, it’ll get her killed.

Hurriedly heading back to her apartment, Juliette opens up the package to find a book, called the “Amazing adventures of Georgia”. Inside happen to be a whole bunch of incredible sights on offer. And it’s signed by everyone that this book has been passed down to over time.

However, as the camera zooms out, we see that someone in a control room is watching all of this unfold on a whole bunch of monitors. He turns to his partner and tells him to “wake him up” to see this.

The Episode Review

What an insane ending! It’s now clear that this whole thing within the Silo is an experiment but it’s still unclear whether this is an experiment conducted by those inside the Silo who are watching everything unfold, or if this is a control room outside the underground building. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

One thing’s for sure though, Silo has done a great job with its mystery and we learn a lot more about judicial and their role to play in this, along with George’s ties with Juliette in the past, which is nicely spread across the episode.

That cliffhanger is going to leave a lot of people wondering what’s happening here and how the next few episodes are going to play out. One thing’s for sure, next week’s chapter is going to be an absolute must-watch!

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6 thoughts on “Silo – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Relic” Recap & Review”

  1. I was thinking that we would have to wait a long time before we met the characters from the second book in the trilogy. I love they way they throw us into that world! Can’t wait for everyone to learn what it means to “wake Him up!”

  2. It was a real disappointment. Same old social drama sold as a ‘science fiction’ movie. I mean the whole episode is a vague dive into ‘was her love George a manipulator’? has no real connection with the story – who Cares really! It’s soap opera masquerading as a thinking science fiction story. In episodes! One clip to the story line at the very end. ” the core denizens are secretly being watched”. A whole episode for that. I was and am very angry as this is happening all the time in shows = sell me this / give me that.

  3. ”It’s now clear that this whole thing within the Silo is an experiment” – it’s not actually so clear, it might be a measure of control aka total surveillance of population and restrtiction of information flow as it happens in totalitarian regimes. Or both. It could have started as experiment and turn into this authoritarian regime of total surveillance and complete secrecy over time.

  4. Adam, she didn’t take the book to her office, she took it to her sheriff’s apartment – but yes, your point still stands, it’s still stupidly dangerous and risky (to quote Juliette herself)

  5. Nice review! However, there is one very important detail! The monitors in this new control room are much more modern than anything inside the silo!
    In the silo they have small 80s-90s style CRTs and in the new control room they have new, large 16:9 thin-bezel bright LCDs with much better image quality, and also lets not forget the cameras they do this. They are much better than the “sensor” or the “simple sensor” they use for creating IDs. As the old mechanical lady that Juliette gave the camcorder to,mentions,that it is complex, this is yet another proof that modern technology exists, it is just barred from residents.
    I’m wondering why Juliette didn’t take the book down to the bottom hatch, to the secret room with the large drill. Opening such a thing, even carrying it to her public office was a risk and she must have known that.

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