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Released on Fuji TV from October-December 2022, silent, streaming now on Viki, is a Japanese drama about a cute high school couple who – seemingly out of nowhere – break up by text when Sakura, goes to university. Tsumugi eventually moves on but when, years later, she spots Sakura unexpectedly, she can’t help but start to, once again, wonder what went wrong.

It only takes one meeting to find the answer. Sakura has lost his hearing and even though Tsumugi is now dating someone else, she’s determined to reconnect with Sakura and proceeds to learn sign language so she can unravel the mystery of what happened years ago.

Things get complicated when Tsumugi’s boyfriend Minato – previously Sakura’s best friend, also abandoned – starts to believe the former couple should rekindle. With determination, he proceeds to drag Sakura back into their world, one outing at a time.

However, Sakura has a new life now, one with friends who are also hearing-impaired. And the thing that had once connected him to Tsumugi – music – is now not the same for him, so he can’t fathom how they can be happy together, or rather, how Tsumugi can be happy with him.

The romance drama is beautifully done, with a nicely wrapped package of angst and competing interests, each character working toward their perceived best and most appropriate ending.

Led by veteran actress Kawaguchi Haruna as Tsumugi and J-pop supergroup Snow Man’s Ren Meguro as Sakura, the slice-of-life is a gentle story with some bumps and lots of discovery along the road.

Meguro learned sign language especially for the role. He talks to TheReviewGeek about how he was hooked by the script and had to become Sakura. Known for Japanese BL-drama, My Love Mix-Up! (Viki), he also leads upcoming Japanese movie, My Happy Marriage. See the interview here.

Director Kazama Hiroki, who also directed the Cherry Magic movie and screenwriter Ubukata Miku, made sure Meguro couldn’t refuse by creating a character with many of Meguro’s same likes and dislikes, from Sakura’s interest in football and music to his style of dress and favorite drinks. Meguro told us the story was so well-written he had to see where it would go.

It’s a sweet, slow-moving tale with a lot of attention to detail giving it a very personal feel. While the tragedy is sad and every character feels frustration at some point, it’s very respectful and positively yet sensitively done.

Special attention is paid to each character’s signed dialogue too and having learned the language for the drama, Meguro was inspired enough to ensure it featured in a recent Snow Man video for hit AIKOTOBA.

While the drama isn’t entirely unpredictable, it’s still a lovely, heartfelt watch – a bit of relief from the more violent content out right now.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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