Signs (Znaki) – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Real Killer?

Episode 7 of Signs begins with us at at the quarry as Targosz pleads in vain with the construction workers to keep digging. Given they’ve found even more bones inside the tunnels, they hang up their hard hats and walk away.

Back at the station, Janina takes over but Ada clearly isn’t happy. With no fieldwork for now, it looks like the case is taking a very different approach going forward.

Radek’s Father is rudely awoken by Paszke who confronts him over Radek and the money. At the station, Janina interviews Radek and discusses his resourcefulness. Before she can continue and probe deeper about the money, Joanna arrives and stops her.

Meanwhile, Agata speaks to Robert and asks him about the bag of money. It’s here she gives him an ultimatum – hand over the money or she’ll phone Trela and tell him everything. Eventually he caves and throws the bag across the room in disgust.

Targosz and Paszke continue to feel the heat when Joanna shows up at the office and reveals her law firm is suspending all legal custody of the investment. It turns out Tagosz lied and they have overdue invoices that haven’t been paid.

Tellman, the investor we saw speaking to Radek a few episodes ago, heads up to visit Jonasz and they discuss a lucrative deal moving forward. Jonasz drives a hard bargain though and tries to talk him up to 10,000.

Unfortunately this doesn’t go down too well and Tellman smacks Jonasz square across the jaw and walks away. Outside though, the cultists grab him and stick a noose around his neck. Just before things turn sour, Jonasz saves him and they sit and talk properly.

It turns out the schematics are for a super weapon that could have changed the outcome of World War II. Tellman intends to sell these plans, preferably outside Europe, but needs the whole device in order to do so.

However, they’re interrupted by Dorota who suddenly starts lashing out erratically until she’s finally subdued. Tellman tells Jonasz gravely that he needs to put her in care but he vehemently declines.

Meanwhile, Nina hangs out with Agata but when she tries to use the bathroom she notices Robert in the shower. Heading back, she asks just who this man is but Agata remains tight-lipped.

She doesn’t have long to think though as Trela races over to Agata’s house after finding out Nina has been bunking off school. When he arrives to get her, Kasia happens to show up too.

Trela thinks nothing of this but back home finds Radek waiting for him. He question him over the papers and asks why he took them. Keeping quiet, he listens to the boy as he offers him a deal. In the aftermath of this, Trela heads in to see Targosz at the office and drags him up to the quarry, demanding answers.

And answers are exactly what he gets too. He speaks to Paszke and cryptically mentions the tunnel. Although he’s told to leave, before Trela goes he mentions how Targosz is bankrupt and the bailiff is taking his stuff away as they speak.

Meanwhile, Pawel takes the dead deer (the one we saw a scene of early in the season) and burns it, along with a whole load of clothes too. As he watches the flames, he begins crying.

One day on the job and already Janina has done a better job than every officer in this town. She heads up to the hills – those same hills Roman has been frequenting – and examines the new crosses put down. It turns out they have traces of blood on them meaning they may well have the killer’s DNA. However, it’s not in the database.

Furthermore, a forensics scientist arrives in town to examine the bones they found that washed up on shore. These date all the way back to World War II and the man concludes they haven’t been in the water for long, hinting that someone has put them there.

Dorota starts remembering crucial details from the past in her dreams. As these fragmented memories come through, she stands over the bloodied body of Patrycja while she bleeds out. As she whispers for help, Dorota kneels down and holds her mouth shut, killing the woman. The real question here though is just who shot her?

Up on the hill we appear to find out; Trela speaks to Robert who admits to killing “her”. That “her” remains intentionally cryptic though as the episode closes out on a big cliffhanger.

The Review Write-Up

As the plot points are starting to come together it seems clear now that this whole World War II narrative is pretty contrived and shoehorned into the story. There seems to be no conclusive reason for this to be added other than to add a bit more drama to the quarry saga.

The murder mystery elements are okay, but Dorota’s involvement has basically been scripted since the early episodes which is a bit disappointing. I was hoping this was a bit of a red herring but alas, that’s not the case. 

The finale is up next though and all eyes now turn to whether this one will wrap things up cleanly or whether we’ll be graced with a trademark Netflix cliffhanger. Only time will tell!

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