Signs (Znaki) – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Bag Of Money

Episode 6 of Signs begins with Jonasz heading down to the lake with Dorota, who seems to know who murdered Martyna. Just like before, the victim has two bullet holes in their chest. All fingers point to Agata but as she sits playing computer games with Nina, she questions whether it was Radek who killed her. For now, it seems like she’s out the loop and doesn’t know anything.

Back at the station, Ada and Trela discuss the case and decide to head back to the Piotrowski household, just incase they’ve missed something. As we know though, Agata is the one with the bag.

When Trela arrives at the house, Pawel is in a pretty nonchalant mood. Sitting in his underwear eating breakfast, he’s indifferent at Trela arriving and searching the house with a warrant. Trela is smart though and the math work in Kasia’s room adds up to the sum of 75000 – the same amount as that from the bag of money.

He takes Pawel down to the station and asks him again about the bag. When he receives a blank expression, he makes Pawel repeat the same math handwriting and he realizes they’re both the same. Unfortunately the can’t pin anything on Pawel for now but the revelation that Pawel knows about the money is enough for him to work him.

Ada and Trela head out again together following confirmation from the autopsy that the bullet wounds in Martyna match that from Patrycja.

Meanwhile, Zofia heads to the quarry and sits at the dig site refusing to leave. She tells the others that there’s bones buried in the ground and wanders into the cave to look around. Realizing that they could have a problem, Targosz is given instructions to get a pre-paid SIM by Paszke for a future call.

Paszke meanwhile meets Roman, the new Priest in town. The notebooks Roman found in the previous episode hold descriptions for various people around the village and he starts to figure out who they relate to. This sends him back to the church, slapping sticky notes on the front of these notebooks with different names.

Back home Agata speaks to her Father and tells him she knows who killed Martyna – it was Radek. Across this episode, Radek speaks to a prospective buyer and eventually brings up the schematics. He asks him if he’s interested in buying and although he says no, we can deduce that these schematics are the same ones we saw Zofia with in a previous episode.

Trela eventually heads back to speak to Jan and questions him over what happened in the past with Robert. It turns out he visited Robert in prison as he suspected it wasn’t a suicide that claimed his youngest son’s life. Sighing, he asks Trela to help him in his quest to uncover quite who the killer really was.

With a search warrant gained, they head to see Jonasz again and search the place for clues. Unfortunately they find nothing and with no Robert in sight, they leave empty-handed.

Down by the lake however, they do find a crucial clue; the bones dumped in the water from the Quarry. Mulling over what he learned earlier in the episode, Trela speaks to Nina. She doesn’t believe Radek killed Martyna though and for now, Trela seems to believe her.

Not long after, he receives an urgent call and heads up to Radek’s house. He believes Radek knows about the bag of money and asks him just where it is. Unfortunately the other officers find stacks of cash hidden in the bathroom. Given Agata was over earlier in the episode and asked to use the toilet, this paints her in a pretty damning light.

As we cut across to her though, she opens her drawer and seems genuinely surprised when she finds the bag missing… that bag, as it turns out, is actually with Robert who visits Jonasz.

Given how troublesome the case has been, and the lack of substantial evidence, Inspector Janina arrives to take over the case. She gives Trela 2 week’s leave and as we cut to Radek’s father, he passes out on his front garden just as a mysterious figure appears to walk into his house.

The Review Write-Up

With no clues to go on and lots of dead ends, Signs hasn’t been a great murder mystery to follow. The characters are archetypal and the introduction of Janina does nothing for the story either. There just isn’t a lot of excitement or dramatic tension here and it’s made worse by this bubbling teen drama that’s been mulling away in the background.

Signs has been a lukewarm offering at best and doesn’t look like it’s showing any signs of changing going forward. It’s a shame but unfortunately this one is turning out to be quite the forgettable drama.

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