Signs (Znaki) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Episode 4 begins with Jonasz watching Zofia’s house from afar, that same house Dorota pointed out last episode. While Zofia leaves, Jonasz seizes his opportunity and slips in to look around the house. There, he finds a room full of candles but is forced to hide when Zofia returns home. Just before Jonasz leaves out the back, he snaps photos of strange schematics tucked away in a chest.

Blazej meanwhile returns home and stamps down his authority. Given he and Ada aren’t actually divorced yet, he still owns half the house. Angry and frustrated, Ada’s emotions spill over to the police station too as she sits grumpily with Trela in his office.

Given police officers are supposed to keep their emotions in check, Trela berates her for the unprofessional behaviour. It’s just what she needed too as she gets her mind back on the task at hand. She manages to obtain Targosz’s laptop but it’s been completely wiped clean with no software. That definitely looks suspicious and combined with some big cash withdrawals, paints the company in a suspicious light.

Quizzing him about this, Targosz eventually caves and admits to the police that he was the one who withdrew money for Patrycja. Before he answers any more questions though, he tells them he’s going to have to do so in the presence of a lawyer.

 Targosz hurries down to the Quarry after and feeds back the bad news to the Mayor. He admits that the police know about the withdrawals and it certainly rattles Paszke. Meanwhile, Blazej starts bugging his house.

The new priest arrives at the church and sets to work doing some DIY. It turns out he also has a hobby for photography too and had met Father Wincenty before. Sobczyk agrees to show the priest around but suggests they do it the following day – with Nina.

In the meantime, the Priest looks around and down in the basement finds a book that holds some less-than-flattering words.

Back home, Nina speaks to Kasia and finds a bag of her stuff all packed up and ready to go. When Nina asks her about it, it turns out she and Patrycja were planning a trip away. That’s certainly not a coincidence and Nina realizes as much. She feeds this straight back to Ada and Trela while they sit talking together.

Only, because Blazej has the place bugged he hears all of this take place. With this revealed, he feeds it back to Jan whom he seems to be working with now. It turns out Blazej knew about Patrycja’s trip and she tried to convince him to go with her. She had 75,000 stashed away too and Blazej happens to know where it is. Leading Jan to the hiding spot, when he checks he realizes it’s gone. Someone has stolen the money.

Meanwhile, Trela and Ada confront the Mayor over his son Robert and try to get information about Laura’s murder. It’s no good though and they come up against another brick wall.

It turns out Jonasz’s findings with the schematics relate to a large Nazi construction project, a “Wunderwaffe”. However, the designs he found aren’t complete. The rest of the schematics happen to be with Radek at the construction site, who finds a notebook holding the Nazi symbol across the top. Before he can look into this any further however, Martyna calls him down to the lake where she wraps her arms around him and kisses the dumbfounded boy.

The Review Write-Up

So on top of the murders we also have Nazi weapon schematics. The case itself is starting to derail now too and with the duo looking into both cases at the same time, Signs is becoming a bit messy and convoluted. Even worse, the show hasn’t given us many clues to go on despite numerous different possible killers to go on.

It also doesn’t help that Ada has been completely overwhelmed by emotions this entire episode. This doesn’t paint her in a particularly professional light and while I appreciate her familial issues are tough, seeing them spill out like this at work isn’t great.

Hopefully things improve going forward but Signs is so far becoming a pretty forgettable murder mystery.

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