Signs (Znaki) – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Bloodied Shirt

At the start of the episode, Mayor Paszke tries to keep the bones a secret and convinces Targosz not to say anything for now. Heading back to the dig site, they begin examining the various different bone fragments.

Trela releases Blazej from police custody and he returns home. Things are just a little awkward on the drive home with Ada. Eventually when they pull up at the house, she tells him to collect his stuff and leave.

Back at the station Sobczyk questions the Chief over his decision to release Blazej from custody. This is stirred up further by Sobczyk’s insistence that he’s allergic to dust, going on to comment about the previous Chief’s work.

Jonasz heads up to the farm and speaks to Dorota, asking whose blood is stained across her shirt. She remains distracted though, chasing chickens around instead. Eventually he takes her inside and gives her a bottle of water – presumably one laced with the ecstacy. While she gulps it down hungrily, Jonasz tries again to get through to her.

The bones found at the Quarry certainly aren’t a deterrent for the Mayor though. He holds a meeting with the townsfolk and decides to press ahead with the construction plans. Ada arrives while rapturous applause grips the room and demands to speak to Targosz.

In private, they discuss Patrycja and Ada asks whether she was afraid of anyone. “It’s a small town, you can’t hide anything,” He reveals ironically before agreeing to hand over her work laptop. According to him, Patrycja wasn’t acting strangely during the time leading up to her death.

On the back of this, the pressure is too much for Targosz to cope with and he admits to feeling cold feet about the project to the Mayor. The Mayor however, organises for the bones to be dumped away from the dig-site.

In hospital, Agata’s boyfriend Radek arrives to check on the girl Agata beat up. The only thing this hospitalized girl wants though is a rematch, especially after the under-handed tactics she used.

Agata speaks to her psychologist who presses her on what she did the previous evening. Nina is brought in to serve up an alibi and agrees to cover for her. This prompts Agata to send a text later on thanking her for what she did.

Trela and Jan meet at the police station and this time they get along much better. They drive out to the spot Laura was killed and try to piece together what happened.

At the time, the only lead they had to go on was a guy called Gawron who murdered two women in Lower Silesia. He confessed to all the murders he committed but this one he didn’t. It’s also doubtful he did this given the ballistics don’t match; there were two completely different firearms used between the murders.

After pressing the police for answers and leads earlier in the episode, Zofia receives a letter in the post. As she opens it, she finds a couple of notes. “Finally,” She mutters before walking back inside. It’s a small scene but one that leaves lots of questions hanging over just what this means.

Trela heads out with Sobczyk and questions him over Jan’s behaviour – in particular his credentials as the Chief. The suspicions continue to grow with Ada too, who confronts Targosz about the work laptop he’s been reluctant to hand over.

Meanwhile, the Mayor heads up to meet Jonasz where it’s revealed that the blonde-haired boy who’s been working with him all episode is actually the Mayor’s son. He’s living there free of charge but in exchange, helping to fix up some of the building work for them. Out in the church grounds, Jonasz quietly buries Dorota’s bloodied shirt while Jan convinces Blazej to return home so they can continue the investigation, which is where the episode ends.

The Review Write-Up

A bloodied shirt, inconsistent stories and plenty of dark secrets – episode 3 of Signs is starting to show some really promise of a juicy mystery ahead. Of course, the series still suffers from some slow pacing but the various plot-lines are just starting to come together to form a bigger picture. 

This certainly sets up an intriguing set of episodes ahead with one big question hanging over this one – are we looking at the same killer or is there a copycat out there? Only time will tell!

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