Signs (Znaki) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Past & Present

Episode 2 of Signs spends most of its time tying the past and present together. All of this culminates in a (literal) explosive end where secrets are revealed.

Ada tries to compose herself at the start of the episode as she hears the news about Patrycja and heads up to the crime scene. There, she learns the death took place between 8pm and midnight, along with the reveal that two bullet wounds were found in her chest; an eerily similar coincidence to that of the body 10 years prior.

Given the town never managed to solve the case back then, it certainly looks like the same killer may be on the loose.

This poses a particular problem for the local businessmen at the Quarry, including Targosz who asks anxiously whether they can continue with their explosive extraction. Given this is now a crime scene, the answer is unsurprisingly no.

Trela instead turns his attention to Ada’s partner Blazej, who had close ties to Patrycja and may be responsible. While he heads to the station, Ada breaks the bad news to Patrycja’s family but struggles to keep her emotions in check.

This is especially evident when she returns to work, as the other officers look at her with concerned expressions.

In a room nearby, Blazej is interviewed. He claims to have been out hunting that night but after a failed attempt to hunt deer, he was heading home and hit one out on the road.

“Did Patrycja threaten you?” Trela asks suddenly and the question catches Blazej off-guard. Despite telling the Chief he had nothing in common with her, Trela reveals the bombshell truth that he saw them sleeping together.

Finally co-operating, Blazej gives his DNA samples to the police before Ada finds out the truth about her best friend’s affair. He pleads innocence, telling her he didn’t kill the girl but struggles to get through to Ada over what he’s done. The bubbling emotions are just too much for her and she storms out.

Trela isn’t the only chief in town and the former police commissioner – Jan Dzikowski – arrives at the station. He’s well respected by his peers and brings back the silent, seemingly indoctrinated Dorota who was wandering around town.

As we later find out, she’s actually a woman with the mind of a 6 year old girl. This small act of kindness brings Ada before Jonasz where she reluctantly allows him to leave. Only, when they head home Dorota removes her coat to show blood stained across the front of her shirt. When Jonasz sees, he shoots her a pretty concerned look.

When Trela finds out what Ada’s done, he confronts her and eventually spills what he believes to be what happened. Blazej didn’t hit a deer but instead hit Patrycja and covered it up.

In the wake of this, Dzikowski and Trela briefly mention the case he worked on 10 years ago and the lack of closure he had to this. Eventually Trela heads up to the quarry and is shown around by Targosz. Once there, he learns Patrycja was actually working as a PA for the company. Alas, the plot thickens.

Ada returns home after being attacked by Pawel at their house. Battered and bruised, she sits with Nina and brushes away her “work-related accident” while swigging vodka.

Agata meanwhile heads out for her scheduled fight that evening. After the match is over, Agata proceeds to kick the girl square in the jaw, watching in glee as blood spatters on the floor. As the young girl breathes heavily on the ground, she’s taken away.

As the episode closes out, the Mayor presses the charges down in the Quarry to begin the explosives demolishing the rock. Only, as the camera pans up it reveals bones hidden in the rubble. Could these be bones linked to the incident 10 years ago?

The Review Write-Up

With the past and present starting to tie together now, Jan’s inclusion offers up a nice power dynamic for Trela to deal with. Jonasz’s cult almost certainly has something to do with what’s going on too and there’s no denying that this lot are a pretty shady bunch.

Speaking of shady, the reveal of the bones at the quarry toward the end is a tantalizing cliffhanger that should keep you coming back to find out what happens next.

This, coupled with the pockets of melodrama starting to show up now, is ever-so-slightly moving this series forward in a positive way. Let’s hope that continues going forward!

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