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We’ve all got that little voice in our head that tries to convince or detract us from doing certain things. Unfortunately for Karl Pilkington in Sick Of It, this has become a life-size manifestation of himself that only he can see.¬†

The first season did well to introduce this concept across six stand-alone stories woven together by a common thread of Karl’s break-up. That idea of stand-alone stories returns for Season 2, as Karl finds himself facing some serious life issues, while his wise-cracking self-persona retorts with all the usual Pilkington-esque jokes and observations you’d expect.

This time around though the story sees Aunt Norma in the business for a full-time carer. As Ruby enters the scene and Karl feels less relevance and purpose in his life, he stumbles through his cab job looking for meaning, all the while navigating the tricky world of romance. As the season progresses, a poignant, surprising revelation comes in episode 5, before a self-reflective season finale does well to round things out nicely and tease at things to come in the future.

If you’re a fan of the first season, Sick Of It returns for more of the same, with Karl at his best when allowed to go off-script and comment on life. From nature documentaries and biscuits through to romance and crying watching King Kong, there’s a great array of jokes here that play on the usual Karl Pilkington tropes you’d expect from his previous work.

Each of the six episodes clock in at an easily digestible 20 minutes a piece and much like before, have a stand-alone plot. Each of these build up to two common threads here that tie everything together – romance and belonging. Both of these interchange and dance together seamlessly through the entire season and do well to give this a much more reflective feel compared to the first season.

If you’re expecting more of the same with Sick Of It despair not – Karl Pilkington delivers another enjoyable series here, one that surpasses the first in terms of emotion and plotting. The twist toward the end is unexpected too and works well to bring some purpose and drive to the season finale. It’s not perfect, and not all the jokes land, but the ones that do come from Karl being allowed to express his usual hilarious vision of the world around him. As a light, breezy comedy this January, Sick Of It is well worth a watch.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. Very well put together episode 4 with the Night Club Comedian was good and was a turning point for what was to come in the next episode, I do like the lighting of the scenes, his relationship with Ruby and his Buster Keaton motionless Deadpan expression, thought I saw the slightest of smirks when the comic was ripping in to him, young comic was good actor!

    More please

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