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Hero’s High

Episode 1 of Shy Season 2 begins with Teru (Shy: Japan’s assigned hero) recapping important facts about her world to the audience. Before Teru goes for a jog, N. Villio (Shrimpy) asks her to buy tofu at the store. Then, we cut away to a random country. There, Piltz (Lady Black: Switzerland’s assigned hero) informs someone about the disaster that happened here via a phone call.

Piltz says they need more money for relief supplies. Piltz tells this person that this country doesn’t have a hero yet and wants her ally to gather funds and supplies. Piltz ends the call. Then, we cut away to Tony (Stardust: England’s assigned hero). He’s currently chatting with a man named Davie in a studio.

Tony asks Davie to wire 50 million dollars from Tony’s account to the Black Cross. That is Doctor Schwartz’s medical organization Tony and Piltz are part of. Tony also wants Davie to have his allies gather donations. Moreover, Tony wants Davie to open up his work schedule. Meanwhile, Pepesha (Spirit: Russia’s assigned hero) visits a cafe and inserts some coins inside a jar. The old woman worker thanks Pepesha for stopping by and Pepesha says she doesn’t mind. 

Pepesha departs and greets everyone she stumbles upon during her stroll. Then, we cut away to Mingming (Mianlong: China’s assigned hero) training somewhere. His friends want him to stop training and travel with them somewhere. Next, we follow a general training at a military base. One of his comrades tells him several kids arrived to participate in a disaster rescue activity with him.

The general greets the kids and we learn he’s named Adam Rockwell. Adam’s hero’s name is Century and he’s America’s assigned hero. After that, we return to following Teru. Teru’s tired from all the jogging she did. Then, Teru receives a text from Iko. Iko sent Teru a picture of something Daigo (Iko’s brother) bought. Teru’s embarrassed because Daigo purchased a Shy t-shirt.

Meanwhile, Piltz tends to some citizens’ injuries. One citizen is concerned nothing good will come their way, but Piltz tells this citizen that she and the Black Cross will do everything they can to help them. Meanwhile, a monkey steals Mingming’s lunch. Before Mingming clashes with the monkey, we cut away to Pepesha at a bar. Pepesha eavesdrops on two men who are discussing a nearby robbery that’s going on in Russia.

While Pepesha leaves to assist Russia’s officers, one of Adam’s sergeants informs him about a nearby problem. Adam asks his sergeant to look after the kids so he can handle this issue. Then, something happens to a girl in Teru’s location. We receive a shot of all the heroes we’ve been introduced to and re-introduced to. They all use their hero rings to transform into their superhero/superheroine personas. 

Every hero and heroine saves the day. While everyone receives admirable praise, the girl Teru saved asks her who she is. Embarrassed, Teru tells the girl she’s named Shy. Teru leaves the scene and returns home. Shrimpy welcomes Teru home and asks her if she brought the tofu home. Teru tells Shrimpy she forgot to get it. 

Then, a female reporter named Tojiko interviews Teru at a restaurant. Teru can’t believe she’s being interviewed again. We enter a flashback set sometime before this interview. There, Tojiko’s working on something for the Akita Press. Tojiko hands her report to Natsukawa, her boss.  Natsukawa tells Tokjiko that this report is filled with issues. Natsukawa tells Tojiko that he wants her to write a new article. 

Tojiko flees somewhere to look for inspiration. Despite struggling, Tojiko notices Teru save a child from getting hit by a truck. Then, we return to the prior scene featuring Tojiko interviewing Teru about her hero work. Tojiko says Teru can order whatever she likes as long as she’s willing to go through with this interview. Teru accepts and shares details about herself and her duties to Tojiko. 

Unfortunately, Teru doesn’t give Tojiko any juicy details about herself that would help Tojiko produce an incredible article about her. Teru enjoys her sweets in front of Tojiko, making Tojiko realize heroes aren’t too different from normal humans. Teru asks Tojiko why she became a reporter. Tojiko says she doesn’t have a clear reason but argues she just felt like it was a nice job to have. 

Teru points toward Tojiko’s planner. Tojiko picks it up and recalls her grandmother inspiring her to become a reporter. She deems herself a failure but Teru reassures Tojiko that she’s not and lists reasons why. Teru claims Tojiko can be considered a hero to some folks. Tojiko understands, shares kind remarks with Teru, and continues interviewing her. 

Next, Tojiko approaches Natsukawa, asking him if she can create a new article. Natsukawa gives her the greenlight and is happy Tojiko’s motivated about this piece of hers. Tojiko sits at her desk and says she’ll dedicate this article to Teru and her grandmother. A few weeks pass. Teru and Iko visit a store and notice Tojiko’s article released. 

Iko reads the piece, much to Teru’s embarrassment. Teru says she wants to buy all the magazines in the shop. Meanwhile, we see Uni-lord discuss Stigma and his group called Amarariruku. Unilord wonders what Stigma plans to do. Then, we cut away to Stigma and his colleagues discussing Tzveta (Pepesha’s mother) and the heroes at their base. 

Stigma wants to rid the world of heroes. Then, we cut away to a random girl. She’s on a train that’s heading to Japan. The episode closes with the girl stating that she’s excited to meet Shy (Teru). 

The Episode Review

Shy returns with a recap-focused episode. This chapter reintroduces fans to the show’s protagonists and antagonists (to some degree). It also introduces a couple of new characters like Adam and Tojiko. Whether those characters will serve bigger roles this season, begs to be seen.

Also, this episode offers fans a touching stance on heroism. From Teru’s interview with Tojiko to Tony’s remarks he shared with Davie, these two discussions will remind audiences that you don’t need fancy powers or costumes to feel like a hero. Simply contributing to society in magnificent ways will earn you that mantle.

Touching messages aside, this episode also had some fun comedic moments. Some examples include Mingming’s fight with the monkey and Teru’s anxious reactions toward things. On top of providing audiences with a short teaser involving the undisclosed female character’s desire to meet Shy (Teru), this was an enjoyable way to reintroduce fans to Shy.

While the visuals are mildly dull and nothing too significant happened in this episode, plot-wise, we’re optimistic that the next few chapters will offer incredible content. 

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