Should I Watch: Guardian: Lonely and Great God?

Should I Watch Guardian: Lonely and Great God?

Yes, you should definitely give Guardian: Lonely and Great God a watch! It’s regarded as one of the best Korean dramas out there and it definitely lives up to expectations. The show blends mystery, drama and fantasy elements together, with an incredible opening episode to get you hooked right away.

The middle portion of episodes do slow down a bit until the final act roars into life and delivers a fantastic conclusion to this tale.

How Long Is This Show?

Guardian: Lonely and Great God is a 16 episode Korean drama with episodes ranging between 60-75 minutes. At the time of writing, there are no plans for season 2 of Goblin.

What Is Guardian: Lonely and Great God Actually About?

The show is quite complicated in truth but while the main crux of drama takes place in modern Korea, we actually start in ancient times.

Kim Shin is an unbeaten General who’s betrayed by a jealous young King. After killing everyone Kim Shin holds dear, the King then kills Kim Shin in a fit of rage. However, he comes back to life as a Dokkaebi (Goblin); an entity possessing immortality.

900 years later, Kim Shin awaits his bride who’s fabled to remove the sword wedged in his chest and bring a merciful end to his endless life. After saving a dying pregnant woman who’s supposed to die, offsetting the balance of fate with a disgruntled Grim Reaper, this pregnant lady gives birth to a young girl called Ji Eun-Tak.

As fate would have it, Eun-Tak grows up able to see ghosts and is commonly referred to as “Miscellaneously Omitted Person” by this same Grim Reaper, who just so happens to be Kim Shin’s best friend. With Kim Shin destined to be joined with Eun-Tak, the former is able to summon the Goblin every time she blows out a candle.

Believing herself to be the Goblin’s bride, this 19 year old is whisked up on an unforgettable journey of love, heartache and laughter across 16 unforgettable episodes.

What Language Is This In?

Guardian: Lonely and Great God is a Korean drama, with audio in Korean. There are subtitles available for a range of different countries but no options for dubbing.

Where Can I Watch Guardian: Lonely and Great God?

This K-Drama is available to stream on Viki. However, some regions including India have reported that this is available to stream on Netflix. Depending on where you are in the world, check Netflix first.

Is There A Trailer For This?

Absolutely, you can check it out here:

What Do I Need To Know Before Watching Goblin?

Nothing! The only tidbit of knowledge comes from the abbreviated name of this K-drama, which is often shortened down to Goblin. Prior knowledge of Korean history is not required, although there are a few moments late on that hold references to Korean deities.

What’s The Age Rating?

The age rating for Goblin is TV-14. There are a few mild scenes of horror, a couple of suspenseful scenes and a pretty shocking car crash toward the end of the show. There is absolutely no swearing or gore, although a few light bits of blood show up on screen.

Who Are The Main Stars?

Gong Yoo plays Kim Shin, the immortal Goblin himself. Kim Go-Eun plays the plucky teenager thrust in the middle of this fantasy epic while Lee Dong-Wook plays the Grim Reaper.

There is also a strong supporting role presence for Yoo In-Na, who plays Sunny while Yook Sung-Jae brings in the comedic edge as a spoilt grandson.  The crackling chemistry between the characters is partly why this show works so well.

What Other Shows Are Like Guardian: Lonely and Great God?

Goblin is a very unique drama and a difficult show to find similar titles for. However, K-drama enthusiasts should find a lot to like with Hotel Del Luna, My Love From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea, which all tackle similar ideas of the afterlife and love.

For pure chemistry between characters, Crash Landing On You is another good one to check out.

Our Thoughts:

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