Shoshimin: How to Become Ordinary – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Shoshimin: How to Become Ordinary Season 1 begins with our male protagonist, Kobato Jogoro, wandering Funato High School’s environment. He receives a text from his female friend, Yuki Osanai, asking where he is. Kobato notices Yuki by a sign and she asks him if he got accepted into Funato High School. The former says he did and he learns Yuki was accepted too.

Yuki suggests they head somewhere to celebrate their shared achievements. Then, Kobato’s former classmate named, Kengo, greets him. Kengo confirms he got accepted into Funato High School and Kobato introduces him to Yuki. He confirms he’s known Kobato since elementary school and has known Yuki since middle school. 

Then, Kobato and Yuki visit a restaurant. They discuss Yuki’s love of sweets and her concerns about Kengo. Kobato says Kengo isn’t an ordinary person but he promises her he’s a nice guy. Later, the two discuss “Alice,” a shop that sells strawberry tarts. Yuki wants to attend “Alice” with Kobato since they have a strawberry tarts sale.

The former says the last time she visited “Alice,” they didn’t have her preferred dessert in stock. Kobato’s up for it but Kengo calls Kobato and asks for his help. Yuki’s upset but she promises she’ll wait. Kobato meets with Kengo and his friends. Kengo wants him to find a female classmate named Yoshiguchi’s pochette because someone stole it. 

Yoshiguchi shares more details about her pochette and Kengo departs with his friends to find it. He asks Kobato to check the second floor as he and the others plan to search different floors. Kobato asks Yoshiguchi to search around the school’s female-exclusive areas. While Kobato searches for Yoshiguchi’s pochette, we cut away to Yuki, taking notes on her phone.

Later, Kengo and Kobato regroup at the school to report on any discoveries. Kobato checks the time and wants to tell Kengo that he’d like to take a break so he can attend “Alice” with Yuki. Then, Kengo receives a phone call from Takada, another friend of his. He thinks Takada has important intel to share, so he suggests they all regroup at the same location they were at earlier.

Upon regrouping, Kengo suggests they report Yoshiguchi’s stolen pochette incident to the police, much to Takada’s discomfort. After that, Kengo suggests they call it quits for today. This allows Kobato to regroup with Yuki at the school. Before they go to “Alice,” Kobato wants Yuki to help him with this Yoshiguchi pochette problem. 

The two visit a location and Kobato shares a theory he has about Yoshiguchi’s stolen pochette. He argues Takada stole it and lists several reasons why he thinks Takada’s the culprit. Kobato wants Yuki to be a witness to support his argument because Yuki says she saw Kobato acting strangely at school. Yuki and Kobato visit a location and find the pochette somewhere. 

Kobato searches through the pochette and discovers a letter inside. Then, Takada spots the two holding the pochette. Yuki grabs the pochette and warns Takada not to come closer. Otherwise, Yuki plans to hand this letter and pochette over to Yoshiguchi. Takada apologizes and reveals he’s the culprit. Yuki hands Takada Yoshiguchi’s letter and her pochette. 

Yuki realizes that Takada’s letter to Yoshiguchi was a love letter and explains why he did what he did to Takada and Kobato. Yuki and Kobato leave the scene because she wants to make it to Alice on time. While Yuki and Kobato head to Alice, they share their theories on Takada’s next moves. After that, Kobato checks the time and realizes the two may not make it to Alice on time. 

Nevertheless, the two continue their journey but use a faster path that could get them in trouble with the authorities. During their journey, our pair discuss Takada’s “dating” statement. Both state that they don’t plan to date each other or anyone in particular. Moreover, Yuki and Kobato want to live mundane lives. Then, the two arrive at “Alice,” and Yuki and Kobato order a strawberry tart. 

Next, Kobato and Yuki visit another store to buy things. The former eavesdrops on a conversation between several male students. Then, one of the students named Sakagami, steals his bike. During this short chase sequence, Yuki and Kobato’s strawberry tarts fall on the ground. Kobato returns and stares at the ruined strawberry tarts.

The episode closes with Yuki staring at the strawberry tarts in shock. 

The Episode Review

Hyouka is a Kyoto Animation Studios anime many want to see receive another season one day. For now, it may be best for them to tune in and watch Shoshimin: How to Become Ordinary as it’s penned by the same mind behind that. This introductory chapter was an interesting one. It contained mild drama, a grounded mystery for our pair to resolve, and some tidbits about their goals. 

Unfortunately, the episode doesn’t offer critical details about Yuki and Kobato’s relationship. We receive minuscule tidbits, but nothing too alluring about their past experiences. Hopefully, future episodes will flesh our characters out more, giving us juicy information regarding their first encounter, how they developed this strong connection with each other and other details. 

Moreover, the mystery itself, while grounded, was solved conveniently. While it replicates moments when folks coincidentally stumble upon important items in the most obvious places, some may not like how Kobato solved this chapter’s mystery. Also, we didn’t see what happened between Takada and Yoshiguchi, which is a buzzkill.

Overall, this was an interesting start to Shoshimin: How to Become Ordinary


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