Shoreline – To Figure Out | Album Review

Track Listing

Green Paint 
Yuppie Kids 
Pen Name 
Don’t Feed 
Lose Contacts 
Cold Feet  

Intelligent wordplay is interwoven into this loud album with a nod to a story fuelled by rage. Shoreline is a band which tackles their world head-on, balancing love and hate, offering music that features many anecdotes depicting times spent pondering over a happy life. However, that happiness becomes cornered and pulverized by the common theme of pain.  

Every strum and every guitar moment works, and the band knows how to create musical structures that reverberate on a fiery scale. Lyrically, mental health hits hard, pushing the band to the brink of their broken existence. Love has no place here either, as the lyrics convey a man on the warpath through decay and destruction.  

‘Needles’ starts the record in a loud manner with a progressive riff proving the band has the knack of designing moments of magic. The past has been brought back into the equation.

As the lyrics describe suffering, ‘Health’ has a brilliant drumbeat progressively leading the guitar in with eagerness. Again, the band is hurting and stinging.  

‘Don’t Feel’ is a poppy song that bashfully echoes. The hurt is real, and Shoreline is feeling the brunt. Together they’re stuck in despair.

Another highlight of the album is ‘Green Paint,’ which offers an abrasive musical foundation with vocals that don’t alienate the guitar wizardly. 

Shoreline keeps it real with To Figure Out. They’re on the right track to take their sombre songs to the biggest platform. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10