She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Fever & Ice Cream

Episode 9 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A telling Hyun-Seung not to give up. Just as she does, Song-A and Hyun-Seung are both called out for their respective meetings. After, Hyun-Seung heads home where he finds himself mulling over what Song-A mentioned earlier in the day, deliberating over her telling him not to distance himself from her.

At work the next day, Song-A makes a coffee for Hyun-Seung. Only, things are awkward between them until he receives some advice from an unlikely source – Ha-Eun.

Back at work, BM Seo starts sizing up their area, believing he’ll be the one to lead the team going forward. While this is still being finalized, Hyo-Joo shows up to see her Father while a very awkward Jae-Shin sits and listens to his Father-in-law grunt disapprovingly. At dinner though, Jae-Shin and the Chairman exchange drinks as he’s told to report directly to him over the Europe Project.

Meanwhile, various different men and women present their products ahead of the eager investors sitting around discussing their concepts. Hyun-Seung eventually steps up and discusses his eye cream, delivering his presentation with confidence and a few well-timed jokes.

His presentation seems to go well, much like Chef Ryu’s too, who nails his lesson for the impressed ladies. Back home though, Yeon-Seung shows her husband what she’s learned but he’s not exactly thrilled with the amount of time she’s spending with Ryu. This also looks to take a turn later in the episode when Yeon-Seung asks Ryu to be her friend.

Elsewhere, Hyun-Seung returns to the office and reveals to everyone that he’s won the presentation. Song-A mouths “good job” to him and they all head out for beef BBQ. This time though, Song-A and Hyun-Seung are tellingly seated together. While there, Song-A is hooked up with one of Min-Sung’s friends but despite politely declining, Min-Sung is insistent.

Anyway, the evening draws on and Hyun-Seung starts to come down with a fever. Song-A notices he has a high temperature and takes him home. She eventually buys him medicine but struggles to get through to him, as it turns out he’s passed out inside.

Thankfully Song-A remembers his passcode and lets herself in. She finds him passed out in bed and helps nurse him back to health. She falls asleep though, allowing Hyun-Seung time to wake up and put a blanket over her. He tentatively brushes a strand of hair from her face and this seems to wake her up. Forward as ever, Hyun-Seung tells her that if she decides to comes to him, he’ll show her the best love ever.

Meanwhile, Jae-Woon is just “passing by” the bridal shop and brings Ji-Seung some flowers. He’s smooth, trying to become her boyfriend before getting sized up for a suit. Well, that soon leads to a kiss as the pair look set to start their relationship together.

Jae-Shin continues to turn away from his family though, despite news about his Mother, and leaves his Father standing under a bridge as he drives away. He’s not alone though, Song-A also bails on her Mother too, despite her cooking for Song-A back home.

Song-A eventually cancels her plans and heads home, uncomfortably eating food with her. As she mentions a boyfriend, Song-A looks set to walk away…until her mother admits that she has cancer. Or, well, a small chance of having it anyway.

The two come to blows over their past, eventually ending with Ga-Young returning home and Song-A leaving her Mother to sit on the sofa.

Heading out, she eventually walks off to get some ice cream where she bumps into Hyun-Seung. He senses something up with her and holds Song-Aclose, promising to allow her to cry so no one can see. After crying, Song-A eventually admits she likes him too.

The Episode Review

With more of the past revealed and a lot more clarity around the fractured relationship Song-A has with her Father, a lot of this episode develops the supporting characters alongside Hyun-Seung and Song-A’s growing affection for one another.

Unfortunately these subplots are nowhere near as strong as the central conflict we’ve got here and feel like padding for the most part. The scenes inside the cosmetics company are quite good though and the show certainly does a decent job with its comedic and romantic elements. Beyond the main couple though, there just isn’t a whole lot of depth to this one – especially the Jae-Shin/Hyo-Joo relationship which really does feel a bit tacked on to this.

Despite that though, She Would Never Know continues to deliver entertaining drama, leaving the door wide open for tomorrow’s episode.

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