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She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 16 (Finale) Recap & Review

A Predictable But Sweet Ending

Episode 16 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A seeking advice from Ha-Young over how to win over Hyun-Seung. Well, she decides to put on make-up and get herself dolled up, shooting glances at Hyun-Seung in the elevator at work.

She tells him she likes him when they’re alone together and wishes him a good day. In a lovely little throwback to the past, Hyun-Seung and Song-A switch roles for when they first started flirting together.

That evening, she shows up with fried chicken as the two cozy up and enjoy their takeaway together. Not long after, she phones through to her Mum and reminds her she has a check-up soon. However, she’s out with her friends, which certainly makes Song-A happy.

Meanwhile, Ji-Seung and Jae-Woon prepare for their marriage, with a belated proposal initiated by the former. Jae-Woon struggles to hold back tears, hugging her and telling Jae-ShiN’s sister that he loves her.

By comparison, Hyo-Joo starts to get closer to Jae-Shin, this time away from the overbearing eyes of the chairman and her brother. He leaves her an umbrella which prompts her to think. Well, they eventually head out for a drink, where Hyo-Joo admits that she’s over the breakup now and thanks him for calling off the engagement. Had he not done that, she wouldn’t have been able to feel free and live on her own terms.

The team head out for dinner but the talk soon turns to that of long distance relationships. It’s an awkward affair, especially given what Myung-Jin says, prompting the pair to talk in private.

Song-A apologizes again and admits she didn’t realize how badly it would hurt Hyun-Seung. She’s not giving up though and hopes she can make things better between them. In fact, she wants another chance to do just that. This is enough for Hyun-Seung, who leans over and kisses her.

After sleeping with her (no, not like that guys), Hyun-Seung and Song-A look longingly at each other… until Song-A’s stomach growls. The two spend a lot of time together, enjoying the other’s company and having a good time.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Seung and Woo-Hyun head out for their stroll together. They walk down the beach, listening as the waves slowly crash against the rocks, talking about how they feel. Woo-Hyun admits he’s always felt suffocated but thanks to Yeon-Seung she’s been his rock through the tough times.

For now, he’s going to try and tackle his feelings head on, and that means going it alone for the time being. Ha-Eun predictably, does not take this well.

In fact, she rings Hyun-Seung and lets him know that Yeon-Seung and Woo-Hyun are getting a divorce. For now, she’s going to stay with Hyun-Seung, leaving the two sisters to talk it out. Hyun-Seung takes his niece out and explains that her parents will always love her no matter what.

Jae-Shin learns about Jae-Woon’s wedding and calls Jae-Woon to reconcile their differences and head out for a drink together. Jae-Shin congratulates his friend and thanks him sincerely for his help and being there for him in the past.

With everything seemingly resolved, Hyun-Seung and Song-A head out and meet on the crosswalk. They begin kissing and hold up the traffic. As we skip forward in time, we see the pair getting married as this k-drama comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Out of all the plots in She Would Never Know, it’s the storyline between Woo-Hyun and Yeon-Seung that should have been given the most attention.

Their whole dynamic is so fascinating and interesting, far away from the cookie cutter will they/won’t they of Song-A and Hyun-Seung. It’s a shame too because there’s lot of potential with this story and it’s been pushed to the sidelines as a subplot. Where’s that show?! I want that drama! What about Chef Ryu? Is Woo Hyun going to embrace his real feelings? How will Ha-Eun handle the divorce?

Meanwhile, the rest of She Would Never Know closes out its storylines in a relatively predictably fashion. We all knew that Hyun-Seung and Song-A would hook up again at the end. Still, it was nice to see them happy together and the ending montage was pretty good too.

For all the positives though, this show has been 6 episodes too long. As a tight-knit 10 episodes series, this could easily have been a really solid romcom but stretched out to 16 this has been one of those inoffensively bland and mediocre offerings. It feels quite reminiscent of Dinner Mates in some ways, propped up by the chemistry between actors but failing to leave a lasting impression.

In the end, She Would Never Know bows out with a good enough finale but also one that struggles to find its rhythm at times. The fluffy ending does help though and at least there’s a satisfying enough conclusion.


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5 thoughts on “She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 16 (Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. Hello, your review is amazing. I am having two questions. We are having 3 years time jump, is there any other time jump in this? The couple reconciled and got back together. They kissed in the crosswalk in ep 16 telling, “They would experience every season every year together”. After that we got the marriage scene. Is there any time jump before that? Cause in some other review, I read that the couple got married after 2 years, but I haven’t see any subtitles like that in the drama. What do you think?

    My second question is, after passionately kissing in the car, they went home and just spent the night together. They didn’t had s*x, right? Imo, if they did means the director would have shown them both undressed and covered in blanket. But Hyun Seung is clearly dressed and Song ah too. So I think like that. Even you too said the same in your review, but in some comment they said the other.

  2. “…After sleeping with her (no, not like that guys),..” Yes, like that! You can tell by their closeness, giddiness, and embracing while cooking breakfast the next morning that they did indeed “seal the deal”. I’m glad that Song-Ah was the first one to say “I love you.” Hyun-Seung has loved her from the start. I know that this series was not given a glowing review, but I found it to be very good. 4.5 stars/5.

  3. Hi Greg,

    Love your review and especially the comment about your own experience (and positive thinking) regarding divorce.

    Just finished binge watching the whole series and while there’s no plot twists or anything special, I still enjoy it and would put it in the same category as “Do you like Brahms”. You know, that kind of drama/movie which would let you feel relaxed after those thrillers.

    The female sunbae-male hoobae relationship is also another reason I followed it. Since I used to be in the same situation, I know how it feels and still remember those fluttering moments in the office.

    Tbh, this drama is a little bit surreal in terms of long-distance relationship as 9/10 times, the two would break up sooner or later and never end up being together again. There’s nothing wrong with choosing career over love but at least, they also need to know that most of the time, having both is nearly impossible. And Yoonah was pretty silly when she decided to part their ways just because she felt like being a burden to Hyunseung.

    After all, still a comfortable drama to watch without having to think too much about it. Last but not least, I still favor DYLB with its musical theme and meaningful lessons about life and love eventhough it’s pretty slow-paced.

  4. Hey Susan,

    Thanks for commenting. As someone who’s been through a divorce myself and with two kids, I think the key is communication. The fact that Woo-Hyun was so distant and quiet about his real feelings just compounded the issues that Ha-Eun felt and I think that’s why she was so crushed. Had they both just told her how they felt and didn’t make a big thing about it then perhaps it would have been a bit better.

    I think the two year time jump means they had lots of time to think over their future but I agree, they should have told their daughter when they first started feeling this way. At least then they could have eased her into coming around to the idea. From personal experience, me and my ex wife made it a really exciting proposition, telling our kids that now they get two homes, two Christmases etc. and that eventually made them really excited.

    Thanks for commenting though Susan, did you enjoy the series?

    -Greg W

  5. I thought Woo Hyun will finally tell his wife that he will not divorce Hyeon Seung and his feelings for her is real . I pity the daughter. It hurts so much when i see kids affected by the divorce. I hope the parents would really think hard before jumping into getting a divorce.

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