She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Will They/Won’t They

Episode 15 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A’s return forms being processed at the company. She admits she’s missed home and decides to head back to Korea. This catches us up to the moments last episode as Hyun-Seung walks away from Song-A at the crossing.

Song-A heads home and speaks to Ha-Young, who greets her warmly and suggests they head out for something to eat.

We then jump back two years prior during the winter. Despite Song-A’s leave starting the following day, she’s forced to cancel her trip to go to London for work. This disappoints Hyun-Seung but he’s okay with it for now. This spat of cancellations continue though, with Hyun-Seung stood up numerous times.

Song-A eventually does show after a year and a half of absence but it leads Song-A to ask him exactly who she is to him. Because of how hard this period of absence has been, she decided to break up. This then explains why he walked away.

Now we cut back to the present. At work things are awkward as Song-A and Hyun-Seung are forced into the same room together for an upcoming interview. He’s very standoffish with her – understandably so – but Song-A tries to stay open-minded and admits that she just wants him to be happy.

Ironically, the only opening at work happens to be on Hyun-Seung’s team and eventually Song-A does agree to join him. The only one who isn’t very chatty when she arrives to greet Song-A is Hyun-Seung, who takes up his usual spot opposite his ex but remains quiet and distant.

Thankfully though, a trip down memory lane helps as they go out and start trying on make-up together. He rejects her idea of dinner though and bids her goodnight.

Hyun-Seung finds her blind drunk at the bus-stop after the team meal he didn’t attend. Hyun-Seung arrives and picks her up as she looks fondly at him and apologizes, telling him she still loves him.

Meanwhile, Hyo-Joo and Ji-Seung start to grow closer together. The former admits that her date was awful (referring to seeing Jae-Shin) and claims that she’s over him now.

Well, this couple wind up face to face as Jae-Shin desperately needs a studio lot to shoot in. Thankfully she allows him to do just that and the photos come out really well. Jae-Shin decides to repay her kindness and the pair head out for a drink after work.

At the same time, it seems like Woo-Hyun and Yeon-Seung are getting along better now, with Woo-Hyun cooking food and spending time at home. He even suggests they go on holiday together as a couple, just them two.

In the morning, Song-A awakens with no memory of the previous night. With no calls logged on her phone, she slowly starts to remember what happened, including how she confessed her feelings for Hyun-Seung. The next day at work is awkward, as Song-A apologizes for what happened and admits that what she said is true. She promises not to bother Hyun-Seung anymore though and walks away.

That evening, the fire alarm goes off. Song-A isn’t aware of this though and grabs Hyun-Seung, leading him by the hand down the stair well. She’s obviously embarrassed, but as she leaves she accidentally knocks her heel off and hurries away. Hyun-Seung tries to contain his amusement as the two get the elevator downstairs.

The next day at work, Hyun-Seung softens up a bit and as everyone squeezes in the elevator together, both Hyun-Seung and Song-A find themselves in each others arms.

Afterward, the two attend meetings together but Song-A can sense that Hyun-Seung isn’t feeling well and decides to drive for him. While they’re together, he tells her to try and win him over if she can try.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know continues to valiantly march on, delivering some inconsequential drama before the inevitable finish tomorrow. While it’s not quite as boring and indifferent as Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), She Would Never Know is a series that started pretty brightly but has now slowly lost its sparkle over the weeks.

It doesn’t help that the show has run out of steam and story, instead trying hard to cling to different clichés and ideas to sustain the 16 episode run-time.

It’s a shame too because the acting is actually really good and the chemistry between the various different actors really helps this one shine. It’s just a pity that everything else around that is just so lackadaisical.

This has certainly not been a show to remember but we’re in the home stretch now; there’s still time for this one to pull off a really satisfying conclusion to its tale!

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