She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Long Awaited Time Jump

Episode 14 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A talking through her choice to Hyun-Seung while they sit in a café together. She apologizes for being selfish and believes this is the right decision for her. Hyun-Seung eventually decides to support her and offers video calls and staying in touch as much as they can. When they part ways, it’s clear this is affecting Hyun-Seung quite a lot.

In the conference room the following day, the team are told about Song-A’s transfer and discuss a farewell party for her while organizing the staff in the team. After, Song-A breaks the news to her Mother while they’re out having dinner together. When she finds out about Europe, her face drops and through a strained smile, tells her daughter that she’s happy for her. She promises not to be unreasonable anymore and decides offers to stay in Seoul until she leaves.

After a brief meeting between Ji-Seung and Jae-Woon, Song-A and Hyun-Seung discuss the move again. Hyun-Seung even offers to look after her Mother while she’s gone.

They soon head out for the day but BM Choi rings midway through, interrupting them as Song-A charges up to the office for an emergency briefing. She heads into the office where Choi encourages her to do more work on the project there and then. Of course, Hyun-Seung is waiting outside in the parking lot. Song-A rings and tells him to wait at home. He does no such thing though, and as day turns to night Hyun-Seung falls asleep in his car.

Speaking of gone, with the romance gone from their relationship, Woo-Hyun breaks the news about the divorce to his parents. Only, in doing so he receives a swift slap to the face for his troubles. This slap brings a pretty nasty red mark, which he shows Yeon-Seung when they return home. Woo-Hyun admits to his wife that he did get curious in college but definitely doesn’t like men. With Ha-Eun suspecting something is up, she encourages him to stop sleeping in the study room for now.

The next day, the team at KLAR Cosmetics run into another problem in the form of the Renew stick. It turns out it has a faulty element and it’s substandard to what they’ve made. In order to try and quell any issues, they decide to settle on some freebie gifts.

Meanwhile, Jae-Shin runs into his own problems, with Director Lee making it incredibly difficult for him to find any investors willing to hear him out. While Jae-Shin suffers, so too does Yeon-Seung who shows up and talks to her sister about the marital issues she’s going through. She believes she has been deceived for the last 8 years and eventually decides to sign the divorce papers.

Song-A and Hyun-Seung get their final day together too, eating and watching scary movies before eventually falling asleep in one another’s arms. Song-A then eventually heads abroad.

And here it is! The moment we’ve all been expecting – it’s time jump time. It’s not the predicted 5 year gap though, as instead we skip forward 3 years to see Hyun-Seung exceling at work and attending meetings. Hyo-Joo bumps into Jae-Shin at a hotel, who’s now a CEO and seemingly able to bag a job despite all the issues Jae-Woon promised for him. After his meeting, Jae-Shin bumps into Hyo-Joo outside and she admits she’s doing well without him.

Just like that though, we cut back to Hyun-Seung and Song-A finally seeing each other across the street. Only, Hyun-Seung walks away from her rather than joining his girlfriend.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know jumps forward 3 years and with it, throws away the loose threads that were holding this show together. Not only do we get a rushed and weird break-up between Song-A and Hyun-Seung off-screen (Unless I missed something of course!) we also had to wait for the episode 15 preview to find out what’s happening.

Jae-Shin’s non-issues are also completely resolved with little conflict, with the man addressing him as CEO Shin seemingly proving that these issues have been cleared up.

The other subplots continue to just crop up as busywork, lurking in the background. Beyond that though, there really isn’t anything else worth getting excited about by this drama. The time jump has done this one absolutely no favours, leaving the final week ready to limp over the finish line.

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1 thought on “She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. Thank you so much for explaining! I liked this show and found it quite cute and such until this episode. I was kinda confused whether they were together or not. I know he was saying not to feel guilty and every time they talked it seemed like they were going to work it out and do the long distance thing, but I guess that fell off somewhere? Maybe there’s a flashback that we’ll get next episode. I really would have liked it if they would have at least tried doing the long distance or something. I mean they went through all of this going back and forth about emotions and getting rid of your ex to only date for like a month.

    Meanwhile, Jae-shin and Hyo-Joo’s relationship has been so exhausting and annoying to me (Mainly Hyo-Joo tbh)! I understand that she was in love and what not, but her brother had to literally beg him to marry her. Like that should tell you right there that it really isn’t love. He told her that he didn’t wanna be together and literally called off the wedding and left you high and damn dry. THEN she requested that he come tell her to her face that he didn’t want her because was doing some kind of hunger struck. Just damn dumb. Even then, as to why the brother (Director Lee) thought that him and Jae-shin were actual genuine friends is just beyond me.

    Anywhooo, your review is spot on! I will be painfully limping to the finish line of this series because wheeewwww. 🙂

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