She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Time Apart

Episode 13 of She Would Never Know begins with Yeon-Seung questioning her husband and asking if he likes Chef Ryu. In fact, she even tells him to keep his distance now that she knows the truth. She even goes one step further and asks if he loves her.

Whispering, Woo-Hyun tells her he does. It’s still awkward for Yeon-Seung though and after putting Ha-Eun down to sleep, she struggles to even look at her husband.

Back at work, Hyun-Seung continues to teach his intern while attending a meeting with the managers about the new product. They notice BM Choi arriving, as it turns out she’s the one taking over the Europe Project.

While she begins settling into her role, Hyun-Seung heads down to the lobby where she sees Song-A’s Mother lurking about. He introduces himself to her and offers to give the girl a ride home. While he does, he lavishes praise on Song-A, informing her just how talented and ambitious she is.

On the way, he hears her stomach growling and takes her out for dinner. She immediately begins asking if he’s dating someone but Hyun-Seung dances around the truth and continues to put food on her plate.

At the same time, Song-A heads out for food with BM Choi who discusses Europe and her job. She admits it’s a shame that Song-A didn’t tag along and offers her a new position. She wants her on the team as a colour make-up expert if she’s interested. This gets Song-A thinking as she walks home.

Eventually she bumps into her Mother and Hyun-Seung. It turns out she’s tired of staying alone and she’s going to hang out with Song-A for a few days. This time though Song-A doesn’t mind too much, as the conversation turns to Hyun-Seung. Predictably, Song-A changes the subject.

After ringing Hyun-Seung that evening, Song-A predictably doesn’t say anything about the Europe project. In the morning though she heads to the office where Choi hands over the forms for joining the team. Song-A deliberates over signing though, instead heading out for dinner with Hyun-Seung. He talks about the cherry blossoms and spending time through the seasons but she’s obviously conflicted over what to do about work.

Afterwards, Hyun-Seung heads out for dinner with Ji-Seung who breaks the news about her dating Jae-Woon. A moody Yeon-Seung shows up afterwards, still reeling over what’s happening with her husband. She’s quiet, refusing to engage with her siblings. In fact, she believes they’re keeping her in the dark. Eventually Yeon-Seung has enough and heads home.

Meanwhile, Jae-Woon meets Jae-Shin and smacks him in the face down by the river. He’s obviously irate about him breaking things off with Hyo-Joo. Jae-Shin bites back, telling him he felt trapped and didn’t want to pretend to be his friend anymore.

Jae-Woon is obviously not happy and promises he’s going to ruin Jae-Shin for what he’s done. He even warns Jae-Shin not to go near Hyo-Jin. Hyo-Jin however, is refusing to eat until Jae-Shin shows his face. This leads Jae-Shin to eventually show up. He talks to her about the emotional manipulation and how she’s treating others.

That day, Song-A and Hyun-Seung attend the group product launch but there’s drama when Myung-Jin seems to have messed up the barcode scanning and failed to get the inventory right.

On top of that, Hyun-Seung also notices the transfer papers in Song-A’s car. His face instantly drops. He promises to talk about it later, which eventually leads to the two coming to blows after work.

Song-A mentions that she’s still thinking about it but if she does decide to go then it’s five years away from him. Hyun-Seung is obviously not happy about it, but Song-A apologizes for not telling him sooner. He promises that if she does go then he won’t break up with her.

Speaking of which, Woo-Hyun heads home with a divorce agreement and hands it over to Yeon-Seung. She simply rips it up though and tells him not to be a coward.

That evening, Song-A speaks to Manager Yoo as they head out for a hot drink together. She’s completely torn over what to do and it’s only made worse by Hyun-Seung telling her he’s not confident enough to let her go. He wants her to stay, and as snow falls around them, he holds her hand and asks Song-A not to go. She, however, pulls away and apologizes. Song-A is going to go to Europe and better her career, completely crushing Hyun-Seung.

The Episode Review

It looks like we’re gearing up for a 5 year time jump guys In all seriousness though, this episode doubles down on the emotional drama and does a pretty good job shifting the focus across to Yeon-Seung and Woo-Hyun’s issues. It must be difficult to hear about her husband but ripping up the divorce papers should be evidence enough that she still cares for him and wants to be together.

Jae-Shin’s drama seems like it’s completely finished now too so I’d imagine he’ll still be lurking about until the finale not doing very much. Elsewhere, Song-A and Hyun-Seung’s relationship looks like it’s going to be tested and pushed to the limit now, especially in the wake of Song-A heading abroad. It’s definitely the right move for her and if she doesn’t go then Song-A will regret it for the rest of her life.

Despite all that though this show just feels so sluggish, chugging along without a care in the world but failing to bring a compelling amount of drama with it, which is a real shame.

Overall though She Would Never Know bows out with a better episode this week, with a late rally of drama as we near the end of this show.

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