She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

A Shopping Trip & The Intern

Episode 12 of She Would Never Know begins with Hyo-Joo confronting Song-A and asking just where Jae-Shin is. Song-A tries to feign ignorance but Hyo-Joo is enraged. Thankfully Jae-Woon steps in to calm things down. Hyo-Joo directs her frustration toward him, asking just where his friend is. Jae-Woon has no answers.

In the wake of this, Jae-Woon speaks to Song-A at work the next day, asking quite why Hyo-Joo confronted her. Here, Song-A admits the truth that she and Jae-Shin dated for ages. She even brings up the fact it was quite recently too.

His sister is the reason they broke up, prompting Jae-Woon to sigh loudly and tell her she can leave. Just before she walks out though, Song-A finds out about Jae-Shin’s letter of resignation.

Rumours are abuzz around the office but thankfully the girls in her team have Song-A’s back and convince her that things will die down soon. This gives Song-A lots to think about, especially when she’s offered a new job role at an assistant manager-level ABM at a foreign company.

While she’s involved in a meeting, all the other members of Song-A’s team admit to Hyun-Seung that they knew about him and Song-A for a long time.

That evening Song-A and Hyun-Seung head out for dinner, where Song-A tells him about her big job opportunity and contemplates whether to take it or not.

Meanwhile, Chef Ryu decides to focus on his restaurant and cuts out the lessons. He speaks to Woo-Hyun and informs him that he’s broken things off with the class. While they talk about their feelings, Ryu admits that he likes him.

Woo-Hyun tells him that what happened in college was a “one-time thing” as Yeon-Seung listens from the doorway, realizing what their connection is. When Woo-Hyun opens up the door, she becomes flustered and walks away.

Well, things with Hyo-Joo are only intensifying. When the Chairman finds out what’s happened, he’s livid and tells Jae-Won they need to sort this out. He’s enraged, telling him that if Hyo-Joo makes a scene like that again then he’ll disown her. Following this, announcements ping around the computers at work. With Jae-Shin gone, Manager Kwon is made acting BM for the time being.

To make matters worse, the team run into bad PR when a YouTuber starts leaving bad reviews for their face creams. It turns out she has a history of doing this too, as the team decide they need to concentrate on collecting evidence in order to take her down. First off though, Song-A and Hyun-Seung decide to watch her videos and see if there’s any sort of consistency or anything they can use.

As night turns to day, Song-A seems to find something. Back at work she prints out the purchase history list and notices discrepancies. This woman has left good reviews for their company but online has said the exact opposite. These discrepancies are brought up, prompting her to scoff and claim she’s going to do another video regardless. Song’-A challenges her to do just that.

The woman eventually apologizes online as the video is taken down and the public image of the brand is kept intact. After the meeting, Jae-Woon keeps Song-A behind and asks about the job offer she received. He hopes she won’t leave and admits she’s a real asset to the company.

Adding more drama to the office is the prospect of a brand new intern joining them too, a man named Myung-Jin. Ironically, Hyun-Seung is the one teaching him. Myung-Jin makes it quite clear that he’s not there to make friends, admitting that he intends to join another company when he’s done with his time there. Hyun-Seung remains positive though.

The next day though, Myung-Jin agrees to let Hyun-Seung buy him lunch the next day. Afterwards, Hyun-Seung picks up Ha-Eun from school who happens to be holding hands with another boy. Hyun-Seung takes her out where she meets Song-A for the first time.

The two get along really well, shopping for food and eventually ending with her calling Song-A Auntie too… which certainly takes her aback! Well, the evening goes really well, ending with Ji-Seung picking her up and deciding they should head out for dinner together soon.

When all this settles, Jae-Shin suddenly shows up and confronts the pair. He apologizes for showing up and asks Song-A if they can talk. Alone. Hyun-Seung eventually agrees to this and walks home.

Jae-Shin speaks to Song-A and admits everything. He claims that with her he could really be himself and not be scared like he is now. He was afraid of telling the truth as he didn’t want to lose her, but ironically has lost her anyway. Jae-Shin is now going to start again from the bottom.

Song-A and Jae-Shin go their separate ways, having cleared the air, as Song-A heads over to Hyun-Seung’s house and hugs him tightly. Eventually, the pair kiss.

The Episode Review

There are some dramas that have way too much plot, even for 16 episodes. We’ve seen rushed endings a lot in the k-drama world and given the time we spend with these characters, it’s perhaps more of a hammer blow when things do go wrong.

Here though, She Would Never Know is the complete opposite. This show has probably had enough story for about 10 episodes but somehow strung itself out for longer than it should. To take a Lord Of The Rings quote, it’s like spreading butter too thinly over bread; there’s just not enough here to justify the run-time.

This week’s double bill has absolutely proven this, with episode 12 in particular taken up with a shopping trip, tiny fragments of Ji-Seung and Jae-Woon talking and Jae-Shin presumably having wrapped up his plot line by starting from the bottom again.

The idea of an intern coming in and learning from Hyun-Seung is a lovely bit of ironic drama but it’s just a shame that the plot around this drama  hasn’t quite clicked as well as it could do. And believe it or not, we’ve still got 2 more weeks of this show!

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