She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Healing Wounds

Episode 10 of She Would Never Know begins with Hyun-Seung and Song-A sitting inside drinking hot tea, deliberating over exactly whether they’re in a relationship or not.

Hyun-Seung holds her hand and thanks Song-A for coming. He eventually drives Song-A home where she discusses her Mother and the strained relationship the pair have.

Meanwhile, Jae-Shin and Jae-Woon discuss the Europe Project and Jae-Shin’s upcoming  marriage. Only, he’s interrupted by a call from the hospital as his father is rushed into the ER in a critical condition. In fact, when Jae-Shin shows up he watches as he goes into cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately Jae-Shin’s Father passes away. While Jae-Shin is there paying his respects, he shoos Hyo-Joo away and tells her to leave for now. It’s awful timing, right on the eve of the wedding, prompting Jae-Shin to slip further into despair.

As he does, Song-A shows up after everyone has gone. He admits that the last thing he said was to stay out of his life, which prompts Jae-Shin to admit he’s struggling and feels completely empty now.

At work, Hyun-Seung receives a call from BM Seo who wants their product calendar. As Hyun-Seung is the youngest employee it explains why he asked him for it. Hyun-Seung can’t say no.

After handing it over, he receives a message from Song-A asking to head off for food, where she has big news.

Song-A attends the hospital with her Mother during her check-up. The doctor advises that she prep for surgery. While she can’t confirm whether it’s serious or not, it’s better safe than sorry.

As we soon see from flashbacks, Song-A’s Mother was aware that her husband may well have been unfaithful but decided to turn a blind eye. When he died, she slipped into a depressive state and took her anger out on Song-A.

Despite all this though, Song-A heads over and decides to take care of her Mother. At exactly 6pm though, Hyun-Seung leaves work and heads over to have dinner with her.

Afterwards, they return to the hospital together where Song-A’s mother meets Hyun-Seung for the first time.

Instead of introducing himself as her boyfriend though, he instead claims to be her junior and a representative at the company. It seems to work, despite her suspicions, as Hyun-Seung heads home alone.

Speaking of dinner, Yeon-Seung and Woo-Hyun have a pleasant evening together before she admits that she’s started getting friendly with Chef Ryu. She decides to set a future date to have dinner together, as her husband smiles weakly.

On the subject of being worried, Jae-Woon heads over to see Ji-Seung but Ha-Eul is not best pleased to see her. In fact, she outright admits that he’s a fail and that he needs to be tall, handsome and younger to have any chance.

Jae-Woon eventually shows the girl his ID to show that he’s younger, and also admits that he likes her, prompting Ha-Eun to eventually give him the green-light.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Seung receives a call from BM Seo who invites him out drinking. He’s hesitant to down the shots of whiskey as BM Seo tries to coerce him into their way of thinking.

Hyun-Seung refuses to fall for their tricks though and warns the pair against using the company credit card.

At work, Hyun-Seung is hard at work after winning the presentation, giving interviews and dodging questions about the nature of his relationship with Song-a. Only, his nervous laughter definitely gives him away.

Back in the hospital, Song-A and her Mother have their long-awaited talk about the past. Song-A admits that her depressive state is hard to take as the two get some sleep for the night. In the morning, Song-A’s Mother struggles to let go of the past, smashing pictures at her house.

Hyun-Seung and Song-A head out camping together where Hyun-Seung admits that he’ll do everything to risk love. He eventually leans forward and kisses her.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know returns for a pretty mellow hour of drama aside from Jae-Shin’s father dying. It was perhaps obvious this was going to happen but it’s still quite a dramatic moment to liven up some of the vanilla material in this show.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this Korean drama but there’s also not exactly anything outstanding or incredible either.

This is one of those shows that just sort of passes by without much fanfare or enthusiasm. It’s an inoffensively pleasant drama but also one that doesn’t have a lot of substance to it.

If you’ve made it this far though, chance are you’ll see it through to the end.

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