She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Jen Waits For A Text

Episode 7 of She-Hulk starts with Jen messaging Josh and getting ready to head out and meet him. The pair get along like a house on fire, with Jen even dipping out on working as a lawyer by focusing all her attention on Josh instead.

After a 4 minute montage, Jen returns to work where Nikki tells her she’s been nominated for Female lawyer of the year. She doesn’t care though and after belittling those criticising her online, Jen focuses intently on receiving a message back from Josh. He’s not texting her though and that gets Jen frustrated and angry.

From Friday across to Sunday, she waits for a message. Jen receives a call early on as there’s been a malfunction alert on Blonsky’s inhibitor. Jen is encouraged to head up and help but she’s not particularly happy about it. As we’ve found out from the past episodes, Jen only cares about Jen.

Chuck recalibrates his inhibitor and leaves, with Jen still sticking behind. Only, suddenly a creature called ManBull arrives, fighting El Aguila. They’re working through some identity issues together but Jen is not happy that they’re smashed up her car. She wants financial compensation. Hey, remember when Jen smashed up a whole wedding last episode and didn’t care?

With the tow-truck not able to show up until later on in the day, Jen is forced to stick around on the ranch. Blonksy shows her around, deciding this is probably what she needs, but Jen doesn’t agree.

We get another montage of her trying to get a Wi-Fi signal but as she stumbles into a meeting, where a number of different heroes discuss their problems. Among them happens to be a guy called Wrecker, the man who attacked Jen behind her apartment. Jen doesn’t control her anger and turns into She-Hulk, slamming him across the room.

Eventually Jen sits down and explains what’s happening. She and Josh have been on 3 dates and after sleeping together, she’s been waiting for him to text back, as we know. Now, Jen actually insecurely messaged him again, telling him she was worried and hoped he’s okay, along with a blushing smile emoji.

After working through her issues, the tow-truck shows up and Jen heads back home. However, this time we cut back 3 days earlier and see things from Josh’s perspective. Shock! Horror! It turns out Josh isn’t actually a good guy after all. Who would have guessed it, eh?

After copying Jen’s details from her phone and snapping a pic of her sleeping, Josh sends a message with emojis, basically confirming he’s taken her blood.

The Episode Review

Another week, another pointless She-Hulk episode. It’s no surprise that this show is nowhere near the Nielsen top ratings for shows every week. The writing is poor, the plot is just non-existent and this week confirms what we’ve all suspected since the first chapter – Jen is an alcoholic. Who takes a shot before going on a date? In the middle of the day no less. And that’s before mentioning how she got so drunk she threw up last week.

But then beyond that, this episode is literally “Jen waits for a text.” Sure there’s a “twist” at the end but anyone could have seen that from a mile off.

As the writers themselves have already pointed out, they don’t know how to write law-drama and for a show literally called “Attorney At Law”, we’ve had less than a handful of those moments. But then, these writers can’t actually write characters either. Everyone here is one-dimensional while Jen is just not a nice character. She’s insecure while at the same time arrogant, she’s also narcissistic, only cares about herself and bizarrely sleeps with men on the first date.

Perhaps that’s hardly surprising given the creators didn’t read the She-Hulk comics and believe most of them are “boring and predictable.” (Their words, not mine.) Ultimately, this episode confirms that the writers are self-inserting their own problems and issues into this show – and it doesn’t work.

She-Hulk has been an abomination from start to finish and it’s no wonder that critics were only given the first 4 episodes (hence why there’s no full season review from us, we’ll save that until after we’ve watched the finale!)

These later chapters have been poor and anyone still watching must be doing so to see Daredevil. Based on the writing so far, I certainly wouldn’t get your hopes up that it’ll be anything but a complete mess.

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2 thoughts on “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. I’m loving it.
    But I find it very interesting how some people, when they see something that is not how they would like it to be, automatically classify it as dreadfull.
    News frightens people who are used to a monochromatic view.
    And that’s okay!
    I’m glad that a lot of shows are being produced for people other than just colorblind people.

  2. Dreadful.. just dreadful

    No jeopardy.. no humour.. poor writing.. what could of been a great series has just been silly in places and terrible in others

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