She Came To Me (2023) Ending Explained – Is Steven in love with Katrina?

Plot Summary

She Came To Me tells the story of Steven Laudden, a composer who is struggling to write his next opera due to writer’s block. His wife Patricia tries to support him during this troublesome time but she isn’t able to relieve him of his creative blockage.

Thank goodness for Katrina then. Steven meets her while having a drink in a bar and learns that she is a tugboat captain. After a brief tour of her boat, the two have sex, which Steven enjoys at the time but not so much afterwards due to feelings of guilt.

But despite the feeling that he has done something wrong, he begins to feel creatively open again. He looks upon Katrina as his muse and writes an opera based on their fling. At the end of the story, we see the two of them living together on the boat. Are they now in love?

Let’s take a closer look at the movie.

What is Katrina’s story?

After boarding the tugboat, Steven learns more about Katrina. She tells him that she is addicted to romance and that she was once arrested for stalking a man. Despite this red flag, Steven allows himself to be drawn in by her anyway and they have sex.

We don’t know much more about Katrina’s past but we do learn that she is trying to become a better person. To this end, she has attended self-help groups for people with sex and romance addiction to help her overcome her problem.

What happens after Steven and Katrina’s first meeting?

After leaving the boat, Steven begins the walk home. But when the horn of the boat blares out, he loses his footing and falls into the water. While in the water, he has a moment of clarity and begins to get an idea for his next opera. 

Following this event, Steven writes an opera based on his encounter with Katrina. He sees her as his muse, although we aren’t entirely sure if he has romantic feelings towards her. When Katrina attends the opera and tells Steven that she has fallen for him, he rebuffs her advances and leaves for home. Is he afraid that he might have feelings for her? 

Who else do we meet in this story?

While the movie is largely centred around Steven and Katrina, there are other characters whose lives we follow. 

These include Patricia, Steven’s wife. She is a therapist who needs to feel in control of her surroundings. When she learns of Steven’s affair with Katrina, her perfectly ordered life is upended. However, she is able to take control of her life again by leaving Steven and pursuing her dream of becoming a nun.

We also meet Julian, the 18-year-old son of Patricia and Steven.

Julian is in love with a 16-year-old girl named Teresa, much to the regret of Magdalena, her mother. Magdalena also happens to be Patricia’s housekeeper. She had also fallen in love with somebody when she was young and had become pregnant with Teresa. Her past and her lower-class status causes her to worry about Julian and Teresa’s relationship.

Magdalena’s worries are deepened when she finds lewd photos of Teresa in Julian’s room. When she shows these photos to Trey, her husband, he wants to go to the police and file a rape charge against Julian, even though his daughter’s relationship with the boy is consensual.

What happens to Julian and Teresa?

The only way for them to escape criminal charges is to get married. As Teresa is only 16, they cannot get married in New York. But Magdalena discovers they can get married in Delaware with parental consent. 

Towards the end of the movie, Steven seeks Katrina’s help for the sake of Julian and Teresa. She gets ordained as a minister online and performs the ceremony for the two lovers. 

Following the marriage, Steven is inspired to write another opera, this one based on the story of the young lovebirds. 

Does Steven fall in love with Katrina?

The fact that Katrina was prepared to go the extra mile to help his son seemed to cement any romantic feelings Steven had for her. These feelings likely started when she became his muse after they had sex. 

At the end of the movie, we see them living together on the tugboat. As implausible as it might seem, considering Steven’s knowledge of her romance addiction, it can be assumed that Steven does share the romantic feelings that Katrina has towards him. 


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