Sharon Van Etten – We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong | Album Review

Track List

Darkness Fades
Home to Me
I’ll Try
Come Back
Far Away


Searching for solace in this blackening world takes strength, and trying to break through the barricades that hold you in and make you feel isolated takes immense character. These days, hearts whimper under the weight of pressure and hope carries so many burdens it’s hard to make that journey to the summit of use. Music is the one thing that makes some people keep sane, and ready to take on the plights, the fights, and the trials and tribulations.

Music like this, sounds which keeps our private hell from burning too much, are welcomed with excitement and relief. And there’s a singer/songwriter out there, pushing the boundaries to spearhead this – and that’s Sharon Van Etten. The American trailblazer is back with her sixth album, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong, and it’s a piece of wonder; a melancholic push for courage, even when it seems to be vanishing piece by piece.

Etten’s voice angelically makes harmonious sounds, with echoes that reverberate softly and then elevate to a louder pace. Her ability to rise to the occasion makes her one of the most sought after songwriters, and her knack at creating an atmospheric belt around her songs shows she’s ultimately talented. These 10 songs all interweave to create the most remarkable story imaginable, one that isn’t fully optimistic but slants towards sentimentality.

‘Darkness Fades’ kicks off the album in a slow build-up. Etten’s voice captivates in an acoustic buzz. She’s honest here about holding someone close, and the music carries the story. ‘Born’ starts with a piano laden tinge, and it carries on throughout the track, complementing Etten’s gracious vocals. She sings with elegance, although the track is far from joyous. It has a dark pattern.

‘Mistakes’ is a song grooved up. Here, Etten sings with more of an edge and her lyrics burst out as she describes making mistakes and dancing through blustery winds.

Ultimately though, Sharon Van Etten truly shines here. We’ve Being Going About This All Wrong startles, and the lyrical qualities create a fable worthy of the big screen.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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