Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 Episode 6

Shangri-La Frontier is a new fantasy and videogame anime based on a popular manga of the same name. It follows Rakurou Hizutome, an ordinary high-school boy obsessed with playing trash games.

After finishing one of the worst he has ever played, he tries a good one instead and starts Shangri-La Frontier. It has a good comedic side and a lot of potential to be one of the funniest anime of the season.

If you plan on following it, you might want to know when episode 6 comes out, right? Let’s find out together! We’ll show you everything we know about the release date and where to watch Shangri-La Frontier.

Where Can I Watch Shangri-La Frontier Season 1

Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 releases on MBS and TBS channels. If you live outside Japan, you can watch it weekly on Crunchyroll, the most popular anime streaming website.

Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 Episode 6 will be released on Sunday 15th October at 5pm (JST). It’ll be available for people outside of Japan to watch at approximately 3am (CT)/ 8am (GMT) / 1pm (IST) and on the 16th at 1am (PT/BST).

There is no official release date for the dubbed version, but Crunchyroll confirmed that Shangri-La Frontier will be available in English at some point.

How Many Episodes Will Shangri-La Frontier Season 1 Have?

The first season of Shangri-La Frontier will have 12 episodes, like most recent anime, ending in December. After this week, we only have 7 episodes left. But, for those already sad, know you’ll be able to continue the story by reading the manga.

Is There A Trailer For Shangri-La Frontier Season 1?

Yes! If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check the trailer for Shangri-La Frontier below.

What Happened In Episode 5?

In the first half, Sunraku and Emul face Mud Digger, the boss on the way to Thirdrema. Fighting together, they can solve the problem of the mud making them slower. Emul proves herself to be quite useful in battles, knowing powerful magic skills to attack and support.

 When they think Mud Digger is dead, it traps Sunraku and launches him into the air. It’s a plan to make the player die by fall damage being unable to do anything about it. However, Emul teleports both of them, and Sunraku gets a lucky strike on the monster, finally killing it.

When they get to the city, we find out Sunraku is pretty famous now. What starts as a talk about his pet Vorpal Bunny quickly becomes a discussion to see who is gonna get to him first and learn more about Lycagon. Many clans and players are interested in him and will probably play some kind of role in the future.

The episode ends when Arthur Pencilgon, an acquaintance of Sunraku who is a level 99 player, arrives to fight him in Thirdrema.

We’ve got an episode recap with a review discussing everything that happens in Episode 5. You can check it out here:

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