Shangri-La Frontier – Season 1 Episode 16 Recap & Review

Episode 16

Before the battle, Pencilgon shows Sunraku and Katzo the Rebirth Tearjewels she bought. Each player will have four of them and another 5 items that will let them revive half of their HP. If one of them dies, the other two will be responsible for resurrecting them. That way, they can increase their chances of survival.

Now, as Sunraku is revived, Katzo tags in until he’s ready to fight again. After seeing his weapon doesn’t have enough durability, Sunraku gets his Marsh Daggers. He switches with his friend and goes back to the battle. Unfortunately, Wethermon starts using a new attack right away, Thunderclap. It calls a barrage of insta-kill lightning.

Everyone manages to avoid it, but they must do that for 5 seconds. When Sunraku thinks he’s getting the hang of it, Wethermon uses Nimbus Fist, which transforms its hand into a cloud and kills him. Katzo and Sunraku keep switching and fighting, but both die a few more times.

Pencilgon is messing with scales, so Katzo asks what she’s gonna do with that. Then, as they hit the ten minutes and finish phase 1, she says they’ll use it soon. Wethermon stops completely before summoning Kirin, its horse. If they combine, the players won’t stand a chance, so Katzo will deal with the robotic animal.

Katzo is having problems dodging the horse’s missiles, so he thinks about how meticulous SLF is with its world-building and tries to find leads that’ll give him the solution. As Kirin is a machine, it needs maintenance, and that means a maintenance ladder. As soon as he finds it, he runs up to it and binds the horse with his whip.

Meanwhile, Pencilgon is finally activating the Reward Scales. You can get various perks by sacrificing items to it, so she offers a “dish” of around 30,000,000 Mahni (the game’s coin). After that, she gives more stat points to everyone. Sunraku receives more stamina and luck, so he uses Hand of Fortune, a skill that depends solely on the character’s luck.  As Wethermon is about to use Wind Slash, he punches the monster’s sword away.

Katzo almost can’t hold the whip anymore, so Pencilgons tells him to hold on, as there still are four minutes in Phase 2. His equipment breaks, but he says he has a great idea. When Sunraku realizes, Wethermon is centimeters away from him using a new attack, Tidal Rush. He avoids it, but in a way that Pencilgon ends up being the target for the samurai’s next attack.

As it rushes to Pencilgon, Sunraku uses its sword to attack Wethermon. Unfortunately, not only it doesn’t do any damage, but the unique monster easily grabs and kills the player.

Pencilgon revives Sunraku and says they only have to hold on for another minute. When she looks behind her, she sees Katzo’s strategy is binding himself to the horse with what’s left of his whip. 

When Phase 2 ends, Wethermon kneels, and cracks start forming on its armor. Pencilgon says Ashura Kai only reached that phase once, and everyone was wiped out, as the monster unleashes a shock wave across the entire field. However, she might have an answer this time.

As Vash referred to it as “a living corpse,” she thinks Wethermon is an undead type. Pencilgon throws holy water at it, and the cracks start to seal. As it cries, the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Shangri-La Frontier has a lot of fluid and interesting action scenes, but Wethermon’s fight already beats all of them. And, to make things better, it hasn’t even finished yet. The anime doesn’t get scared of killing the characters and establishing how inferior they are to the monster. That gives us diverse scenes, not only the cast dodging and attacking for 20 minutes.

What helps that even more is Pencilgon’s role as the strategist and the difference between Phase 1 and 2. Speaking of which, we also have the best joke of the season. Seriously, Katzo binding himself to the horse while it tries to shake him off violently is a masterpiece. It’s impossible not to laugh at that. 

Another highlight is Wethermon using Tidal Rush for the first time. It approaches Sunraku slowly, and the animation almost seems like a moving panel, which makes the monster feel more threatening than ever. The sound effects are also great, as you start only by hearing the noises of a wave.

This fight has everything to be one of the greatest of the series, so the team only needs to keep up the same pace. It’ll be incredible to see how the characters will behave in the next episodes, as they are in uncharted territory now.

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