Shangri-La Frontier – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Sunraku meets Vash as a special event after the rabbit finds out he’s going to fight Wethermon. The player knows it’s crucial to get his approval, so he thinks carefully about what he’s going to say. He explains he’s only going to act as a support and that it’s to help a friend. The Boss accepts and gives him information about the unique monster, like that it’s an undead type.

Sunraku is proud of himself for clearing the event. They go meet Bilac, another of Vash’s daughters. She says enigmatically that Sunraku reminds her of Evelle. He takes out his vorpal blades at Vash’s request and gives them to the rabbit. The Boss says he’s going to ascend them (a form of level-up that lets the weapon take a new form).

Vash asks if Sunraku has any valuable material of an enemy that’s hard to defeat. The player thinks about it a lot and gives him part of the beetle he fought in the forest.

Bilac says Sunraku is lucky because Vash hadn’t picked up his hammer in a while. Emul says he is a blacksmith and not only that, he’s one of the greats, called a Divine Craftsman. 

After Vash takes out the blade from the fire, he starts hammering it. Things like magical circles get out of them when he hits, but they come back to the blade right after. The rabbit starts singing, and everyone listens to him quietly as he works. After a while, he completes his work and makes the blades reach their “true” form.

The Vorpal Chopper turns into two different blades: Moonblade (waxing) and Moonblade (waning). They are completely different from their previous appearance and have new abilities. Waxing gives you a power bonus for your next attack but reduces your HP when you hit successful criticals against enemies of a higher level. Waning restores your HP under the same circumstances. That means they are made to be used together.

Unfortunately, Sunraku needs to reach level 50 to use them, so he needs to level up a lot before fighting Wethermon.

Sunraku goes to his meeting with Katzo and Pencilgon, but he has something weird around his neck. The other two are very angry as he is three hours late. However, when Sunraku says he has new information on Wetheermon, Pencilgon forgives him. She says it makes sense that the unique monster is an undead and she can probably do something about that. She needs to take care of some things before.

Before leaving, Pencilgon tells them to grind levels in the Iron Ruins. She gives them a map and a fishing rod and says they will understand later. As she goes out, she realizes Emul is hiding behind Sunraku’s neck. She asks if he thinks that is actually working, but pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. A few moments later, Katzo also realizes and says he wants unique stuff too.

As they reach the Iron Ruins, they talk about how different they are from the rest of the game. The episode ends when they are going to enter it.

The Episode Review

Sunraku receiving a new weapon is very cool. You get almost as excited as him to see what the blades are going to become. Vash’s scene starts out great, the sound editing is well done and the animation is pretty. However, it’s too long. It’s hard not to stare at it and realize the scene shouldn’t be more than a minute long. His singing isn’t bad but doesn’t help.

Even so, when the new blades are actually there, it’s worth it. Their designs are beautiful and their abilities are amazing. It’ll be awesome seeing Sunraku using them against Wethermon and their effects working (although hitting a lot of criticals will be hard). As it’s mentioned in almost every review, the thing this anime keeps getting right is to make you feel like you’re in a game. Not only the ambient or specific things like meme costumes but the abilities too. The Moonblades are creative and have the feel of something you would see when playing an RPG.

Although their meeting is short, it’s nice to see Katzo will receive more screen time in the next episode. Up until now, all of his scenes have been fun, so it’s a good decision to make us see more of his dynamic with the protagonist.

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