Sexy Beasts Season 1 Review – Interesting premise ruined by beautiful contestants

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Ever since Netflix dropped the trailer to this bizarre, intergalactic dating show a few months ago, the internet has been abuzz with amusement. After the success of Love is Blind however, Netflix upped the ante to blend that with the concept of Blind Date and the mystery of The Masked Singer. The ensuing result is Sexy Beasts, a show with an interesting premise and a pretty terrible execution.

Before we get to the issues, the structure of each episode follows a pretty similar format so it’s easy to dip in and out of this one. Each episode is a delightful bitesize 25 minutes and all the hallmarks of reality TV are here.

After being introduced to our main girl or guy, three prospective matches are taken out for a round of speed dating at the local bar. One is then eliminated before more imaginative and longer dates allow these guys to get to know each other. The ending then sees a big reveal as the masks are taken off and the biggest problem with this show revealed.

Yes, in a show that reinforces constantly how important personality is, every single person across the six episodes are good looking. From ex-models to muscly men, there’s absolutely no imperfections to any of them. And to make matters worse, the narrator reinforces this with quips like: “She’s gone from drop-jaw to jaw-dropping, oh dear James!” when a contestant is eliminated.

It’s amusingly ironic, in the same way as Amazon giving a speech on worker’s rights. Sure, the intention may be good but it rings hollow when that message isn’t backed up.

Personally, a better concept could have been to have one really good looking guy or girl and three very average looking people. That way personality would absolutely shine because by the end of each episode these guys would actually be matched with people by their personality. Instead, we get heavy sighs of relief from our contestants.

The material that is here does help to shine a spotlight on how important personality is and the dates are pretty authentic across the board. Getting to know these people is easily the best part of the show, while the elimination rounds do help to spice things up. However, this too causes issues when you have contestants (looking at you James the Beaver) commenting how nice the bodies are to these women.

When it comes to dating shows, there are a plethora of different options out there. Some are admittedly better than others and Sexy Beasts does get some brownie points for at least trying to be original. Much like Love is Blind though, this show suffers from its inability to cast anyone who isn’t stunning, undermining its own premise.

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  • - 4/10

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