Sexy Beast – Season 1 Episode 4 “Always Wanted to See That Place” Recap & Review

Always Wanted to See That Place

Sexy Beast Episode 4 begins with Teddy Bass at a luxurious mansion in Spain with an associate called Roger Riley discussing the plan they are to set in motion with Gal and Don. 

Gal and Don are also at the location, and they are introduced to Roger Riley. He tells them all will be revealed at dinner, and Teddy Bass warns them not to f**k it up. 

Gal is loving Spain and says he could see himself living here, but Don hates it. They are walking through the town when Don loses it with Gal, which gets the attention of 2 local police officers. They get involved when Don gets physical and try to arrest him. However, Don headbutts 1 of the officers, with Gal joining in to defend him, and they do a runner and jump on a bus. Gal and Logan get off the bus and have 2 hours to wait for the next one, so they go for a beer. 

The police officers are searching for them and turn up to investigate at the mansion. Teddy Bass is about to knife one of them when they are called away with a lead on Gal and Don’s whereabouts. 

Gal and Don are waiting for a taxi when Gal tells Don that his sister, Cecelia, came to see him. He reveals she wants them to do what she wants, but that might not be the best thing for them. A ball is kicked at the men by kids and they end up playing football with them. However, the police turn up and chase them down again. 

Gal and Don get split up but they get away from the police and agree to meet at a certain church. Gal is lost and it’s getting dark. Don makes his way to the church. Gal soon arrives at the church and they start walking back. 

They miss the meeting with Roger Riley, and Teddy Bass is not impressed. The boys stumble upon a party instead and dance the night away. The next morning, Gal and Don are walking on the beach and rather hungover. Don confides in him over the situation with Dee Dee, and a fight breaks out when Don refers to her as a filthy whore.  Teddy Bass turns up on the beach and points a gun at Gal and confronts him about the security guard they didn’t kill. Don sticks up for Gal and says it was all his idea. Teddy reveals the guard is dead now anyway, and tells them Roger is not happy they missed the meeting. 

Gal and Don eventually meet with Roger and he tells them about the planned heist: It’s all to do with a diamond called the Eye of Bombay, with the target being a dodgy politician. He asks them if they can do it, which they can, and Teddy tells them there’s no turning back now. The police turn up, but 1 of the officers shoots the other one before he can arrest the boys who are being protected by Roger Riley. 

The Episode Review

It feels like Sexy Beast is padding out the story with this rather pointless episode that could’ve been cut completely from the show with the exception of the last 5 minutes. We are teased with the possibility of what the heist might be, and they procrastinate for the whole episode before revealing what it actually is, as Gal and Don go on a stupid chase with the police around Spain.

There are lots of hints at the future, with Gal showing his love for Spain, which is where he eventually ends up in the movie, but the friendship between Gal and Don feels way too manufactured. In the film, it was not implied that these two men were ever really friends. But in the prequel series, they are BFF’s for life. 

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