The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review, & Ending Explained

The Rooming Lottery

Are Bela, Kimberly, Whitney, and Leighton going to room together next year?

In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Episode 10, Kappa elects Leighton the social chair for next year, which will require her to move into the Kappa house.

Whitney and Kimberly decide they want to continue rooming together and to invite Bela too–but Bela already has plans to move in with other Foxy writers.

Does Kimberly have feelings for Canaan?

Kimberly confesses to Lila that she has feelings for Canaan, and Lila tells her not to act on it. Lila doesn’t think Kimberly is his type, and being with him would also complicate things with her friends and coworkers.

So, when Canaan asks Kimberly if he’ll see her at the Theta party tonight, she declines to come.  But later learning that Canaan lied about inviting Zoe to the banquet before he invited Kimberly, she decides to go to the party after all.

Does Whitney break up with Andrew?

Whitney decides to declare her major as Biochemistry and Biophysics, but she worries about being in the same department as Andrew. She finally tells him she wants to break up, which leads to him crying in the middle of his class presentation.

Does Leighton quit Kappa?

Leighton’s mother joins her for the Kappa reunion. When she and another Kappa alumna say offensive things about trans and nonbinary people, Leighton gently corrects them. She then gets pulled aside by another member and is told that she needs to be focusing on getting checks from the alumni rather than challenging their beliefs.

It’s then that Leighton realizes she doesn’t want to be in Kappa anymore. She tells her mom she doesn’t feel like herself there. She apologizes to her, but her mom insists she just wants her to be happy.

Is Bela fired from the Foxy?

Bela’s writers are upset that the article featured her more than the Foxy, so Bela lies about knowing anything about the writer’s decision.

Later, she tells new Foxy writer Jorja that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a comedy writer. Rather than give her feedback, she tells Jorja to quit.

Jorja blasts Bela on social media for being a “misogynistic dictator.” At the Theta party, Evangeline and Jo confront Bela about the post. They say their magazine was created to be a better alternative to The Catullan. But Bela’s not helping to create one. They know she lied about the profile, and they don’t like how brutal she was to Jorja. So, they fire her and decide not to let her live with them next year. 

Do Leighton and Alicia get back together?

Alicia meets Leighton at the Theta party, and Leighton tells her she quit Kappa. She would rather spend time at the women’s center with people she likes. Leighton then hands her a check from her mom. She was going to donate it to Kappa, but decided to donate to the women’s center instead.

Alicia kisses her, then apologizes. But Leighton pulls her back in, confessing that she ended things with Tatum the night of the fundraiser.

What happens between Canaan and Kimberly?

When Canaan leaves for a different party, he invites Kimberly to come along. She initially declines, but later catches up to him and confronts him about lying to her. He admits he wanted to go with her to the banquet, and she kisses him.

Having followed Canaan (wanting to hook up with him herself) Whitney witnesses them kissing. She later asks Kimberly if anything interesting happened to her after the party, but Kimberly doesn’t confess.

How does ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Season 2 End?

Not wanting to room with Kimberly anymore, Whitney decides to take a room at the Kappa house. None the wiser, Kimberly and Leighton assume they will all be rooming together.

Bela doesn’t tell them that she has a meeting with the administration. She lists all the things she’s messed up at Essex: getting kicked out of her new magazine, only having a 1.8 GPA, breaking Eric’s heart. She keeps hurting people. So, she’s decided to transfer from Essex to a different school.

The Episode Review

Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls ends on a similar note as season 1–but it’s even more of an emotional twist this time around. Bela has been through a lot of struggles, many of which are of her own making. I would have liked to see her wrestle more with her guilt, but I’m also hopeful to see more of that in season 3–if Bela remains at Essex, that is!

Kimberly’s whirlwind romance was an interesting surprise. But–just like they failed to do with Whitney and Canaan–writers have failed to construct any compelling scenes that might highlight chemistry between Kimberly and Canaan. I certainly can see a relationship between them going somewhere, but I fear it will be rushed and unsatisfying (as are many of the show’s romantic plot lines).

Leighton’s ending in this finale was surprisingly sweet and satisfying. But we have a lot of drama to look forward to in the future of the other suitemates. Or can we still call them that?

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