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The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 5 “Taking Shots” Recap & Review

Taking Shots

In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Episode 5, the suitemates plan on living it up all week at Theta’s themed winter parties.

Kimberly doesn’t get all that much out of partying, however. Every day that week, she has Leighton inject her with hormones so her body can make more eggs.

Bela enjoys the party life–although she doesn’t like running into Eric with another girl. Although she’s always claimed she wanted a non-monogamous relationship, it makes her jealous.

She enlists a random guy to be her date to a Theta party to make Aaron jealous as well. But Aaron sees through this, so Bela has to confess her true feelings. She thought she wanted them to see other people, but what she really wants is for Eric to be her boyfriend. Eric agrees.

Whitney continues to try her best in biochemistry, even though the TA rubs her the wrong way. When he continues to mix her up with the only other Black girl in the class, Whitney gently corrects him. But she regrets this when he volleys back with tears and assurances that he’s not racist.

Wanting to prove himself a good ally, the TA tries to prove how informed he is about race relations to Whitney. To which Whitney replies that that’s not their relationship. She doesn’t want their relationship to be about how she is Black and he is White. She just wants them to be student and TA.

Leighton agrees to go with Kimberly to Boston for her procedure. Before she leaves, her mathematics classmates invite her to be on their team for Hackathon, where students spend all day trying to solve a PhD level equation. Leighton denies their invitation, but she spends the entire ride to Boston live-streaming the Hackathon.

Kimberly’s procedure to donate eggs goes well. When she and Leighton get back to the dorm, Leighton says she just wants to hang out with Kimberly. But Kimberly sees through her and encourages her to go to Hackathon.

Leighton leaves Kimberly alone, which leads Kimberly to lock herself out of the dorm when she goes to the restroom. Jackson notices her standing outside her dorm, so he invites her to rest in his dorm until Whitney can pick her up.

Leighton gets out of Hackathon the next morning looking ruffled and sleep-deprived. It’s the worst moment for a run-in with someone whose description fits Leighton’s earlier explanation of her ideal women–someone almost exactly like Leighton herself.

The Episode Review

This episode had a lot of surprisingly sweet moments (I am here for the developing friendship between Leighton and Kimberly).

Mostly, however, I’m just happy about Bela realizing her feelings for Eric. Theirs is a quirky, fun relationship with loads of chemistry and banter. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see that build too much here, but the conclusion is a sweet one, nonetheless.

I’m also a fan of how this episode ended. Leighton’s attraction to her carbon copy is comical to say the least–and it’s almost certainly going to get her into trouble.

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