The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 2 “Frat Problems” Recap & Review

Frat Problems

In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Episode 2, Bela conspires a way of getting Theta back on their good side. When the girls unsuccessfully try to throw a party of their own, they realize they need Theta’s approval back if they’re ever going to have a social life at Essex. So, Bela decides to help Theta out by throwing them a fundraiser party. If it works to get Theta out of trouble with the administration, the guys will start letting them go to parties again.

Meanwhile, Kimberly is invited to a dinner party at Professor Hennessey’s house. She takes the opportunity to ask her professor if she will cosign her loan.

Fortunately, Professor Hennessey agrees. But later at the party, Hennessey’s husband suggests Kimberly should have sex with him, and Kimberly is too shocked to say “no” outright.

Bela throws an excellent male strip show party for the Theta fundraiser. It almost gets shut down by the dean, who relents when she hears how much money they’re making.

Theta is grateful that the girls made their frat look charitable–which means the suitemates’ social lives are back.

The girls have fun partying, although Leighton feels bad for splitting up with a girl for being too clingy. But Willow points out to her that she’s become one of the hottest queer girls on campus, making Leighton feel much better about herself.

Meanwhile, Whitney admits to Canaan that she’s been feeling jealous of his new coworker Zoe. She also confesses that she overheard him talking about how she doesn’t have anything going on right now.

Canaan assures her that she doesn’t have to be jealous about Zoe. Whitney is his dream girl. He also apologizes for what he said earlier. But both agree that Whitney has too much time on her hands.

The episode ends with Kimberly thanking Professor Hennessey in her office. Hennessy, however, has to decline to cosign the loan.

Thinking this is about her husband, Kimberly apologizes and assures her she’d never do anything sexual with him. But that wasn’t what the professor was talking about. As Hennessy yells at her husband over the phone for coming onto a student, Kimberly quietly ducks out of the room.

The Episode Review

It’s always fun to see Bela’s charm in action, and her witty maneuvers definitely shine in this episode. Saving Theta was a big ask, and Bela did it in a way that was fun, quirky, and just believable enough.

The rest of the episode felt a bit off-kilter, however. It sweeps under the rug Leighton’s well-established struggle with her coming out, and the inappropriate nature of what Kimberly experienced from her professor’s husband. It also seems to too-quickly resolve the problem of Canaan’s talking behind Whitney’s back.

It’s possible these issues will be addressed in further episodes–but this one certainly didn’t do enough to touch on any of them.

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